Beginner Daygame Advice

For now, this is the closest you’ll get to a beginner’s guide to Daygame on this blog; in reality this page deals more with mindsets than technical advice. It’s a collection of aphorisms which you can take with you while you’re learning the basics.

Familiarise yourself with the London Daygame Model (LDM) and Game (using the Recommended Reading section of this blog, for example, and the links below) while doing your first 200 sets. This should reduce your AA and allow you to get an initial feel for Daygame.

You should also read my beginner’s guide to texting (link here)

Take note of the areas where you appear to fall down in a Player’s Journal and spend the next 800 sets addressing those issues. That will be 1000 sets, and your Daygame apprenticeship, complete.

It’s Better To Do Something Badly Than Not At All

Beginner Daygame Advice Is Designed To…

What’s Best Is What’s Best For You

Daygame Is A Multi-Year Project…

Daygame Is Walking Meditation (Intermediate/Advanced)

Daygame Is Not A Grand Production


Beginner Daygame Instructional Videos:

Nick Krauser and Tom Torero Beginner Daygame Video

Tom Torero Beginner’s Guide to Daygame Video