2016/17 Statistics

I’ve decided to leave my stats up here as a permanent page because I know that this is the juicy stuff that everyone is after. Everyone knows their stats, but are terrified of putting them out there, because they’re scared that there’s going to be a King of Kong. The unfortunate truth is that there is always a King of Kong. There’s always someone out there who will raise you in every area.

So we’re left with the important concept: competition exists only with yourself. Imagine that you’re at the gym, it’s not about being the strongest guy there, it’s about being stronger than the version of you who stepped in two days ago.

That’s not to say that external competitive influence doesn’t matter, because it provides a lot of motivation and shows you what’s possible, but it’s not worth getting worked up over.

2016: October to December

  • 208 approaches
  • 54 numbers
  • 12 dates
  • 2 lays

2017: Full Year

  • 1430 approaches
  • 400 numbers
  • 67 dates
  • 18 lays

Ratios: Combined

  • 3.6 approaches to each number close
  • 82 approaches to each lay
  • 26% date conversion to lay
    • Average number of dates for the lays: 1.4

N.B. in case that was confusing, that means 26% of girls who came on dates I would eventually fuck; of the girls who I did fuck, it took 1.4 dates to get the lay, on average.


  • Four 8s
  • Twelve 7s
  • Four 6s
    • Average quality: 7
    • Youngest: 18, Oldest: 28, Average: 22.7


FYI, that is all in London since I’ve never travelled for Daygame.

I don’t have multiple years to compare to, so instead I’ll look towards the future. The two areas that I see to be addressed are the date conversion ratio, and the quality, and I can see one affecting the other.

Everyone wants better quality, of course, but how do you get it when you’re only presented with the girls in front of you? You have to become efficient, that’s how, so that when the dice are rolled you’re already in a strong position. My problem in 2017 is that I could get a lot of girls out on dates but wasn’t great at a) managing the period between D2 and D3 and b) busting LMR. Over-escalating contributed to both of these problems, and of course stopped girls from ever coming back out for another date.

My answer, as it has always worked for me so far, is to analyse and introspect. Part of that is already happening, in the date reports I’ve been putting out, and in how I’m going to put data together for my dates. This year I’ll be breaking that down into four categories: dates, kisses, bouncebacks, and lays, which will give me data on, respectively: timewasters, over-escalations, and failed LMR attempts. That data will give me a macro picture of my progression while the date reports will provide the micro part, where I’ll be looking at individual actions.

The corollary to all this dating is that it’s good to have more women in your life for abundance.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown