Q&A: Is Daygame Harder In London These Days?

I want to address this question because it seems to come up quite a lot. There’s no hard and fast answer here and it’s up to you to decide what the truth is.

On one hand, yes it’s harder, because of demographic shifts after Brexit and the improving economies in Eastern Europe. Less people are migrating from there to the UK these days and Daygame works very well on them because they have a more traditional, male dominant – female submissive culture. When you approach a girl who has that internal schema for male-female relationships then you’re more likely to do well with her. In addition to there being fewer Eastern European girls, there are fewer girls from Europe in general, and so, for example, if you do well with Mediterranean girls, you’ll have less of those to shoot at. On the flipside, those people have been replaced by more Americans (of both the north and south variety, I find) and Asians, and so if you’re into those kinds of girls and do well with them then maybe it’s been a plus.

Then there’s a general culture shift, which has been going on for a long time now, towards hip hop, trap, etc: heavier and more aggressive genres of music. Add to that the number of money laundering operations on Oxford Street and you have a much heavier vibe there which makes it unpleasant to Daygame on. I don’t go to Oxford Street myself these days; it’s no longer this Mecca of approaching.

Then there are the common arguments that due to social media girls have a shorter attention span and so it’s harder to keep a girl’s attention from meeting to texting to dating. Then again, I strongly believe – and have the personal anecdotes to show it – that if a girl likes you and is interested in meeting you then she’ll look out for your message. When it comes to a guy she likes, women “suddenly” become very logical and it’s easy to arrange logistics with them. In my eyes, the “attention spans have shortened” argument is usually just a coping strategy for when a guy gets flaked on.

Next up there are arguments regarding dating apps and the London SMP. London is an incredibly efficient sexual marketplace from a woman’s perspective because it makes it very easy for her to get in contact with a high value guy. She doesn’t have to implicitly use a charisma and confidence filter to start talking to such a guy anymore. But then again, guys have always been approaching girls; if not, how on earth did we procreate to reach the point where we could even invent dating apps! There has always been competition for women and there always will be.

What about specific arguments for Daygame? 10 years ago it was really popular. Maybe 15 years ago it might have been unheard of. 5 years ago there were no Tusk nor Daygame dot com bootcamps. The popularity of Daygame changes over time and if a girl happens to be approached many times, in the same area, over a short period of time, she might see your approach in bad faith. But then again, girls are well aware that guys are out there approaching girls, and don’t think that only Daygamers are doing it during the day. As we all know, attractive girls are getting hit on all the time, both explicitly and implicitly.

And lastly, what about you? If you compare your results to five, ten or however many years ago, you need to think about the fact that you’re five, ten or however many years older. And the older you get, the more important (and harder) it is to keep your looks. Remember that it’s not how old you are, it’s how old you look. In fact, if you’re 40 but can get away with 30, then that’s better than actually just being 30 and looking your age because you have 10 extra years of life experience.

On top of deteriorating looks over time, you can have deteriorating enthusiasm. When guys start Daygame they often describe it as being “like a kid in a candy store.” Even if you’re not getting laid, the freedom and ability to hit on whoever you like is really exciting and fun. Then over time Daygame becomes just another hobby and you lose a bit of that enthusiasm.

Is it possible that it’s you that changed and not London? Or vice versa? Or both? At the end of the day this will always be hard but you have to find the pleasure in the process, and take maximum responsibility for your results.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Is Daygame Harder In London These Days?

  1. > 5 years ago there were no Tusk nor Daygame dot com bootcamps
    Well, not actually correct: I did a bootcamp/resi with Yad himself in 2016 in Tricity. He had already bought the domain from Andy Yosha back then, and made nothing out of it. Now it‘s how many—two, three?—years that this „a brand new experience is coming soon“ static page is there, daygame.com abandoned.
    Yad is a tragic figure, during the resi he always was tired af and wanted to sleep, had around 6 to 8 coffees a day and was out in the night—no, he didn’t betray the craft and got laid in the clubs. He went to the casino to play poker. I think he was not only addicted to bamboozling da gurlz but also to gambling.
    Anyway, good ol sweet memories… he should pass you the domain, you‘re the most active Daygame teacher around nowadays with constant good content, you‘d deserve it and he for sure needs cash desperately.
    😄 Cheers

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  2. Also one final caveat…10 years of experience I can say there is no single formula for what works…once u improve your value beyond a certain point, it is 100% a numbers game.
    I know guys with relative levels of fame, tons of instagram followers etc that get mediocre girls, I know guys with great looks and great careers that get mediocre women, I know guys that are average in all domains that get with stunners….
    I believe that the most important thing is that you have to be the girls ‘type’ which is completely random … some girls like guys with curly hair, and only want that … even if his face is relatively unattractive the fact his hair is curly is what makes her want him. this is the truth of how women view men. They fetishise certain things and exclude all else, there’s no logic to it. If she likes brown guys, then a tall white millionaire will loose out to a chubby average height brown guy….women are active participants in the dating game and their preferences are what dictate your performance.
    So it’s being her type, improving your value and then playing a numbers game – which is where daygame comes in – it is a means to increase your numbers, doing it in a fun way and understanding the psychology to NOT MESS UP GIRLS ALREADY INTO YOU.


  3. As a daygame king, I disagree with a few premises here. Firstly…daygame isn’t easier on E European girls because of their ‘male-female’ culture etc there’s other more obvious reasons why YOU and other westerners find day gaming Eastern European women easier, im sure u can figure out a few of them. I’ll leave it at that.

    Re hiphop/trap/heavier vibe culturally. Interesting observation and the general mood and atmosphere is worse for a bunch of reasons since 9/11 – recessions, covid, me too etc etc however this is a self defeating argument, as it means men are also more heavier and thus the jolly and bold daygamer stands out and is more unique compared to his depressed afc competition (and we can agree there are more AFC’s now compared to 20 years ago)…so the duller vibe of women and men balances out meaning little for daygame difficulty

    Agree that Oxford street in general is going down the drain, closing down of massive shops like topshop, hmv, trocadero (nearby) , the rise of online shopping and all the repetitive candy stores etc has given it a lot less star appeal and people have very little reason to hang around there. Most of the good looking girls are heading to selfridges and there’s little time to entertain a daygamer when you’re thinking about designer bags and spending serious money.

    The other major thing is the rise of smart phones…15 years ago people weren’t constantly taking pics of themselves for Snapchat or keeping up with their DMs which made them more approachable and welcoming to a random conversation. However this again balances out, because less men are able to hold conversations with women and approach effectively, that the good daygamer really stands out to the average 20 year old who can’t spike emotions etc

    Overall I would say daygame is not more difficult, and that it was never an easy thing. But for a physically attractive and confident man, daygame is STILL the best way to meet hot women.. Men that are older daygamers probably struggle integrating with the new culture in terms of fashion, and having a good social media to impress etc and that’s why they find it harder now than before. Instagram is a huge DHV if done right and even a mediocre instagram will kill your chances with any hot girl that’s below 25


    1. Can you explain the “Instagram done right” part further? Or point to any good resources you trust regarding this?



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