Beginner Daygame Advice Is Designed To…

Beginner Daygame advice is designed to:

  • Reduce AA, so that you can…
  • Learn the model, which will lead to you collecting…
  • Reference experiences

Beginner Daygame advice is highly structured; it’s completely prescribed: do this, say that. You get phrases like “always be closing” and “approach every girl who turned your head.” Now, I’m not disagreeing with this advice, but I think it’s useful to understand why it is so prescriptive; so black and white.

When you’re a beginner, you need to believe that Game works. It does, but it’s harder to receive the message when you start hearing all the intricacies. And so it needs to be set up as this monolith of knowledge which allows you override a girl’s agency (one of the main lessons of an intermediate onwards is that girls do in fact have agency).

So when you start Daygame you’re given a stock opener, with a stock stack, some stock spikes and a stock close. Now you have the tools, as such, and are encouraged to go out and use them. And use them you should, because in the act of applying them you can achieve the first objective: reduce your AA.

As your AA subsides you begin to see the effect of your stock lines (on some girls who probably liked you for you anyway, or were simply impressed/surprised by your daytime approach) and prove to yourself that ‘this Game thing really works.’ You progress further into the model and you become familiar with each stage: open, stack, vibe, invest, close. Having a familiarity with each stage allows you to progress and to collect…

Reference experiences. Now these might not be in the form of a lay; for most guys just getting the girl to stop will be a victory, and so will each time you progress to a new stage of the model. Reference experiences are the positive feedback which keep you coming back for more. They’re also why you’re told to always say “one more thing before you go,” to always try and override the boyfriend objection, to always go for the close, to always do 10 sets in your session, to always go for the first day lay, etc. It might be highly (highly) unlikely that you succeed but each time you do you collect another positive experience. It’s quite useful that we reframe the negative experiences away too: my favourite one was ‘she knew she wouldn’t come out for a second date because then we’d have sex’ (even if the date went awfully).

That last paragraph explains why I recommend phrases like “always be closing” for beginners (within reason; don’t chase her down the street if she blows you out, for example). If there’s that outside chance you’ll succeed then you should go for it. Then once that person becomes an intermediate Daygamer they can begin to see the intricacies.

You might have heard the phrase ‘the Game Games you,’ and it does: attraction, where you’re told that these few lines can help you get the girl of your dreams or to help you lay industrial quantities of women; comfort, where you use the same thing over and over again to familiarise yourself with the process; seduction, where you collect reference experiences and are fully convinced.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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