2019 Statistics

EDIT: the people have spoken! This lay counts as a Daygame lay and so I get to incorporate it here.


I’ve been too lazy with writing this post (it’s now June!) but better late than never.

  • Approaches: 570
  • Dates: 41
  • Lays: 12

And the ratios:

  • Approach to date: 14:1
  • Date conversion: 29%
  • Approach to lay: 48:1

Now let’s work through what I think about those numbers, and what’s to come in the future.


I’m happy with the number of approaches I did during 2019. It’s less approaches than I did in 2018 but I think that it decreases over time for most people anyway. In the beginning you’re full of enthusiasm and rattle off a tonne of endorphin fueled sets. Now I’d rather pick my sets much more carefully – a process which started in 2018 – and don’t need to rely on that initial rush of approaching. In practical terms that means I can wait as long as I want before doing my first set. Quite often that will be between 30 minutes and an hour.

In terms of my workrate I never felt like I was overreaching. That’s excluding one silly phase I went through when I came back from Prague and did about 35 sets a week for two weeks “to keep the momentum going.” It was a fool’s errand and I should have stuck to my usual 10 – 15 sets a week on average: less in the Winter, maybe as low as five sets a week, and higher in the summer, maybe as much as 20 sets a week. That’s my sweet spot when it comes to approaching and beyond that I hit the burnout point.


I have pretty much the same number of dates in 2018 as in 2019 so not much to comment on there.


I’m happy with the number of lays. In 2018 I got more but I approached more too. I don’t think that my year would have been drastically better had I equalled the number of lays from 2018.


I’m happy with those figures. Last year the date conversion ratio was 38% and so it dropped considerably this year. On the other hand it was slightly lower than 29% in 2017 so maybe the trend is in the right direction. The golden ratio for top Daygamers is 33% – one lay from every three girls who come out on dates – and so if I can reach that figure in the long run that will be a fine achievement.

When it comes to the approach to lay ratio: it’s better than the year before; down from 58:1 which in practice means one or two less sessions per lay. That’s a sweet time save of up to six hours (though one could argue that’s made up by more time on dates). Anyway, 48:1 is an excellent approach to lay ratio and should be considered another fine achievement.

It could have been even better: I think I over-approached in Prague and should have stuck to the 10 a day rule I used in Warsaw; then when I came back from Prague I did too much; plus I did a lot of sets at the end of the year with nothing to show for it. (EDIT: and with the lay linked at the start of the article now included I can safely say I would have done only a fraction of those end of year sets). These are all lessons learned and by my estimate that’s 80-100 sets I can avoid doing in future.

Now for quality:

  • One 8
  • Seven 7s
  • Four 6s
    • Average quality: 6.75
    • Youngest: 19; Oldest: 31; Average: 23.3

That’s practically the same as for 2018.

What next?

It’s been my long standing goal to stop keeping statistics so I’ve been reducing the amount that I keep each year. So for the next period I would only count approaches and lays and after that just lays.

I also decided to change the calendar by which I keep stats, and so January to December becomes July to June. I did this because at the end of each year us Daygamers like to get “one more lay.” The problem is that it’s one of the worst times of year to achieve that. Why not move that period to June when it’s the best time of year to do that? It also takes the pressure off during the Christmas period where I’d rather be drinking and eating with friends and family.

What I planned on doing was keeping my stats for the first six months of 2020 but look how that turned out… I still mean to push ahead with my plan, though, and so starting on the 1st of July I’ll only be tracking lays. That means each year from now on will all be kept on one page under the statistics header.

Lasting Thoughts

I feel that in 2019 I settled into my groove. I’m at my sweet spot for approaching and don’t see that changing and in realising that I can see how Daygame fits into my life in the medium term. I don’t need a huge amount of lays each year and would much prefer to be more efficient and that’s going to come from making better decisions on dates: I’ve pushed fast my whole Daygame career and now it’s time to dial that back and find the sweet spot for escalation.

I’ll be back with a stats round-up in July 2021. Let’s see how it goes.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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