Who is Thomas Crown?

1- Who are you?

Hello reader and welcome to my blog. 

Having broken up with my first proper girlfriend in late 2016 – a relationship of three years – I was left feeling confused at my lack of sadness over events. The truth was that I knew that one girl was not enough. I’d also heard about this Game thing here and there from my friends and from TV shows. In one hand I had my problem, and in the other, my solution.

2- Why Daygame?

I chose Daygame because it gives what I want in life the most: freedom. There’s no reliance on the club or the bar to get what you want; it’s out there on the street, freely available. It’s pretty darn healthy too when you consider all the walking. Most of all it’s so challenging and that’s why I love it.

3- Why should I read your blog?

Pick your own reason – that’s the best one – but here’s what what I like to write: I like to write a mixture of theory and practice. I like to dive deep into topics and try to incorporate other topics outside of Game into what we do. I like to write functionally and practically. I like to ask myself “what are the good rules of thumb to follow here?”

And what’s in it for me? I get to write down my thoughts and understand them better, which benefits everyone. It’s win – win.

4- What this blog is

I think that’s pretty much covered already: a mixture of theory and infields. This is a blog for the person who’s both a thinker and a doer.

5- What this blog is not

This blog is not a how-to, front-to-back guide for Daygame. I recommend others for full A-Z guides, such as those mentioned in my recommended reading. When I was a beginner I personally learned a tonne from Tom Torero and Nick Krauser. 

That’s all I have to say here. Enjoy!

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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