My Favourite Posts

Below is a list of my favourite posts on this site. I’ll update this post each year with my new favourites. 

The Best of Thomas Crown, volume one, is available here, where I added 11,000 words to the original posts.



How to Lose Weight (14 Point Plan)



Belgrade Review

Camden Daygame Review

Clapham Daygame Review

Edinburgh Daygame Review

Manchester Daygame Review

Warsaw Revisited (Daygame City Review)


How to Develop Your Archetype

Levels of Game (And A Football Analogy)

Teasing Up and Down (A Particularly American Problem)

The Dangers of Over-Optimisation and Burnout

Unplugging From The Nine to Five-trix

What Makes A Good Student?


Does Game Work?

How to Improve Your Quality

Kiev Review

Looks vs Game

Momentum Revisited

My Top Ten Lessons From 2021 Daygame

Stoic Daygame

The Daygame Ratios and How to Improve Them

Why Do We Calculate Approach to Lay Ratios: Thinking About Stats and Holding Contradictory Views


40 lbs and Counting: My Weight Loss

Daygame Dopamine Revisited: The Molecule of More

Lee Cho Daygame: 10 Questions with Thomas Crown

Realistic Expectations and Male Quality (2022 Re-draft)

Time Rich, Cash Poor?

What’s Your Multiplier?


Introverted vs Extroverted Daygame

London Mindsets

Prague Review

The Anatomy of a First Venue, Part One

The Anatomy of a First Venue, Part Two

The Anatomy of a First Venue, Part Three

The Anatomy of a First Venue, Part Four

The Horse and Cart Analogy

Warsaw Review

What Makes Someone An Advanced Daygamer?


Harem Manager 2017

High Energy and Low Energy Daygame

What is Game? (Or, Nothing Comes For Free)


Can Vibe-Free Pickup Exist?

Daygame Dopamine

Daygame Endorphins (and Beginner’s State)

Daygame Serotonin


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