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I’m putting this page up so that guys can find a wing without having to dig into the weird (and wonderful, but mostly weird) world of PUA forums and Telegram groups. Tom Torero had a page like this on his website and it helped me to find the wings who got me started with Daygame. I hope it can do the same for you and will support the community in the way that Tom’s old post did.

All you need to do is leave your details in the comment section. Let people know your:
1. Name
2. City
3. Email address
4. Level of experience (beginner, lower intermediate, intermediate or advanced)

Use a pseudonym and create a PUA email address if you want to stay anonymous. It’s as simple as that… Just remember to put everything into the comment itself! If you put your email address, for example, into the email address field but not in the comment then people won’t know how to contact you!

I’ll repeat this in its own paragraph: LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENT ITSELF! Any comments without an email address INSIDE THE COMMENT ITSELF won’t be approved. So that means you put it into the email field AND inside the comment.

But this isn’t really the best way to meet a wing: when you see fellow Daygamers out and about, go up and talk to them (but obviously not while they’re in set!). Don’t front stop them or do anything that you think is hilarious, just say hello and chat for a few minutes. Don’t take up much of their time. Be polite. Be normal. Then say goodbye. If you see them out again, reintroduce yourself – this is a simple test to see if they are consistent – and see if they will wing with you in future. Just remember to be normal. The number one compliment I can give a beginner if introducing him to my friends is to say “he’s not weird.”

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

31 thoughts on “Find A Wing

  1. I’m decently well-connected in the daygame scene in New York City and happy to help guys find wings. I have some pretty set wings, but happy to go out with you one or twice, learn your style of game, then connect you with other guys who I think would be a good fit. Call me a matchmaker…

    Contact me via the form on my blog.

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  2. Hi name is Hugh, i am from the UK
    I am looking for a wing. I work remotely. Mostly interested in East Europe(Bulgaria/Romania) or possibly Spain. Looking to find a dedicated wing 4 or 5 nights a week. Happy to discuss any good city really and staying for a few months to get to a good level.


  3. Hey, my name is Jonny and I live London way. I’m Looking for a wingman to hit up the streets of London. I’ve done some approaches in the past but it’s been a while and I’m looking to get back into it. drop me a message on


    1. Hey my name is Justin, I’m from Vancouver, Canada. Looking for wings I can go out with on a semi-regular basis. I’m beginner level and am looking to improve and to make new friends in the community. My email is


  4. I’m Arjun and I live close to Paris. I’m 26 years old pursuing a PhD.
    I’m in between a beginner and intermediate in Daygame.


  5. My name’s George but wings call me Georgie Ace. I’ve been in a relationship for years but love to do a cheeky set now and then just to feel the RUSH!! Sometimes charging around the streets with a cheeky Pret decaff mocha in hand around Farnham, Exeter and even Central London.
    My game level is advanced, very advanced. I trained under Torero and still have his text where he congratulated me on smashing a tidy Ukrainian bird who missed her flight but definitely not her provider boyfriend 😉 If you’re advanced level (READ: No noobs, AFC’s or losers with AA) then drop me a message with your contact details and approach to lay ratio:

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