The London Daygame Podcast: the podcast about London Daygame, by London Daygamers.

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Season One:

#1: Interview with Kaiser Daygame (Being a Semi-Natural and Winning Mindsets)
#2: Interview with Mr O Wild (Mindset Improvement Techniques, Luck and Cold Exposure)
#3: Interview with Mr C (Small City Daygame, Online Dating vs Daygame and Virgins)
#4: Interview with CC PUA (Daygame in Europe versus America)
#5: Interview with Swiss Roller (Non-Monogamous and Monogamous Relationships)
#6: Interview with Craig Cassidy (Gutter Game, The Importance of Being Normal and How To Develop Sexual Intent / Filth)
#7: How To Overcome Approach Anxiety (Bonus Episode)

#8: Belgrade Review with Kaiser Daygame (Bonus Episode)

#9: Intermediate Q&A (Bonus Episode)

#10: Interview with Joe (Daygaming Circa 1996 And Daygame In Your 40s)

Season Two:

#1: The Boys Are Back In Belgrade (with Wolfe Daygame)


You can also listen to five podcasts I recorded in 2019 here