Daygame Coaching and Testimonials

Are you stuck in your Daygame journey? Tired of doing the same thing, over and over, for months on end, but things just aren’t clicking for you?

If you’re a beginner, you can probably relate to this series of events:

  • Difficulty motivating yourself to go out multiple times a week
  • When you do make it out, you fear approaching girls because you don’t know what to do or say
  • You then aimlessly walk around for hours, trying to pump yourself up to do your first approach
  • Finally you jog up to the next decently attractive girl, but as you come up behind her, your legs go numb and your instincts override your mind

What you need is a structure of how to stop her, what to say to her and how to get her number so you can see her again.

It’s just like going to the gym for the first few times: you would want to know exactly what exercises to do, what sets, reps, and why. 

For beginners, my priority is to teach you a structured approach which allows you to take action consistently, then improve the quality of your interactions:

  • Mindsets and practical tips to accept and beat approach anxiety 
  • How to halt her momentum with commanding stops
  • Playful assumptions to generate fun conversation 
  • Qualifying questions to generate meaningful investment 

If you’re an intermediate, then you are probably well acquainted with:

  • Girls responding “awww… that’s so nice of you” and unintentionally patronising you, before promptly walking off 
  • Long chats where she tells you her life story, only for her to say “I have a boyfriend” when you ask for her number
  • Girls staying a polite distance away from you on dates, ensuring that you can’t escalate properly
  • A graveyard of blue ticks on your Whatsapp 

The quickest way change these results is not to:

  • Search online for fancy openers and witty rejoinders to her shit tests
  • Prepare the perfect stack and mechanically apply it to every girl
  • Endlessly do 10 approaches every day, merely hoping that something will change

Remember that women can easily sense when you are coming off as an incongruent robot. The fate of the human gene pool depends on it!

Yes, verbals and hard work matters, but you must first pass a prerequisite that most men fail: she has to know that you are actually trying to have sex with her. You must first speak to her subconscious mind.

To speak to her subconscious, your subcommunications – the projection, the tone of your voice, facial expression and body language must convey dominance. 

And no, this does not simply mean:

  • Speaking deeper and slower
  • Holding strong eye contact 
  • Gesturing and fidgeting less

That will help, but to bring your subcomms to the next level, intermediate coaching will focus on:

  • Actionable pre-approach strategies to remove rigidity in your tone and body language and to help you pick the girls who are open to your approach
  • Managing and easing into your vibe when out on the streets
  • Tips to develop a dominant archetype and maximise your SMV
  • Applying yourself in an effective and efficient manner which truly displays your intent

I offer coaching in the form of:

Coaching Calls via Telegram or Skype

We will:

  • Discuss your sticking points and future goals
  • Analyse your infields and you will get actionable advice you can immediately implement
  • Discuss any other game related topic (with the exception of “how to get one particular girl” aka your oneitis!)

During each call I take detailed notes which I will send you afterwards. That way you can focus on the conversation we’re having and have something to refer back to later on. 

And if you buy four coaching calls in one go then you’ll receive one month of Telegram support for free (see below).

Please note that the first call I have with any student will be audio only. Further calls can progress to video. Also, I only use Skype or Telegram to communicate and do not give out my phone number unless we have met in person and I trust you (just a heads-up).

Telegram Support

This is a one month program that gives you direct access to me via Telegram. Message me whenever you like and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Just imagine having me, in your pocket, only a message away! This product allows you to get:

  • Quick responses whenever you need motivation
  • Help with leads
  • Real time advice for what to do on dates and how to escalate

It’s also a great option for anyone who needs to be held accountable as we can have daily check-ins to ensure you’re on track, as well as for intermediates who need help troubleshooting unique case studies.

Infield Coaching

Through infield coaching I can teach you the fundamentals of Daygame:

  • Pre-Approach
  • Stopping
  • Attraction
  • Proximity and Kino
  • Comfort and Qualification
  • Closing
  • Sexual Market Value (incl. Vibe)

We will also go through your texting and dating so that you know what to do as you progress.

I have small wireless microphones so that I can listen to you in-set and an inconspicuous wearable camera which I will use to record your non-verbals (which we can review afterwards). After the session I will send you my detailed notes so that you have a complete action plan.

Beginners and lower intermediates can benefit hugely from this form of coaching as it allows them to put the right foot forward and learn the correct technique from the start. This form of coaching is also excellent for intermediates who want to iron out the creases in their Game.

I can provide infield Daygame coaching any time in London but can travel to other cities if we talk far enough in advance (in UK cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and Edinburgh, and in European cities, such as Prague, Warsaw and Belgrade).

Upon receiving your request for infield coaching we will have a short, 15 minute call via Skype or Telegram so I can ensure that my coaching is suitable for you. Please note I do not give out my phone number to someone I’ve not met in person already.

Use the contact form at the bottom of the page so we can get started.

Solo Learning

If you’re more of a solo learner then you can buy my textbook, which covers my 2019 Daygame lays down to every minute detail and is perfect for an intermediate Daygamer who wants to take the next step in their Game. You can also buy my memoir, which contains 20 lay reports and covers my entry into the world of Daygame.


Here are some testimonials from previous students of mine so you get an idea of what coaching with me would be like.

Mr Z Coaching Review

Mr Z

Coaching Review by Bart


Another Warsaw Coaching Review


Warsaw Coaching Review by The “Male 8”


Warsaw Coaching Review Post

DJ Caird

Coaching Review Post

Mr S

Coaching Call Review Post

Brown Daygamer

Coaching Review Post


I had been looking for coaching for a while when the name Thomas Crown popped up from a fellow daygamer. I went straight to his site and started reading his blog and decided to email him about coaching. When the day came to the one to one coaching I was blown away with all the information this guy was telling me. From the very first minute of the session Thomas was talking to me about the approaching aspect on the stop, the assumption stacking and looking for the girls I should be approaching. Thomas made it very easy for me to understand what I was doing wrong, and the changes I could implement to improve my daygame. To anybody that is looking for a coach then I recommend with 100% certainty that Thomas is the guy.  A top coach but also a great guy to walk around the streets of London with. Brilliant!


Coaching Review Post


I decided to book a call with Tom after hearing him speak about his 5 year plan on a podcast. I was pretty intrigued and contacted Tom shortly after that as I wanted to get serious about building my business and break free from the 9-5. On the call itself, Tom was incredibly easy to talk to and the conversation flowed naturally. Tom gave me a wealth of information, great examples and ideas and answered all of my questions. I’m definitely going to make use of Tom’s coaching again to review my 5 year plan once I’ve created it and in the future for help in other areas of my life. Thank you!


I’ve had a few coaching calls with Tom, and so far I’ve been very satisfied with the experience. The descriptor that immediately comes to mind is “natural.” In our most recent session, we did a deep dive into date conversation. Tom read through some of my field reports on his own time and was able to provide actionable feedback on extending conversational threads and qualifying the girl. What I liked most about his feedback was that it was “natural”: conversational skills that don’t reek of PUA tactics, that I could probably use in other areas of my life as well.

Overall, the experience feels like working with an old friend (who is much farther in his game journey) than the traditional coach-client dynamic. After each session, Tom provides a detailed recap of the topics covered, in addition to reading/materials for further study. Though we’ve never met in real life, I get the feeling that Tom is a cool, well-adjusted guy—a rarity in the PUA community, and someone I’d want to emulate.


Had a call with Thomas to talk about getting back into daygame after several long term relationships. He put me in a more positive state and helped me give myself permission to fail by treating the first 200 sets as warm ups in the grand scheme of things. Looking forward to jump on some calls after my first 200 to start honing in on things.

The Red Canadian

I found thomas to be very prossesional in his dealings with me. He has a good grasp of game and at the end of our session he provided me with a document entailing my sticking points and their respective solutions.  I recommend tom to anyone who needs to improve their game!


I had one-hour skype consultation with Thomas, and it was extremely helpful. We discussed the phenomenon of English girls and he gave me extremely useful pieces of advice on what to do during the set with them and how they differ from their Eastern European counterparts. He provided me with some insights into British culture, the English girls’ world, and the other specifics of a local sexual marketplace. So, as a non-native English speaker from the South-Eastern European country, now I am better prepared to daygame in England. In addition, we have discussed the daygame strategies in cities populated by less than a million people. In conclusion, the skype consultation was very insightful and I am thinking to do several hours of infield coaching to identify my technical errors


After the skype coaching a month ago, I decided to do a 4-hour infield coaching with Thomas. We spent 4 hours approaching the girls in London. The coaching session was extremely helpful. First and foremost, Thomas has identified my sticking points in the opener, body language and verbals. Throughout the session, he was thoroughly taking notes. He equipped me with the microphone, so he could hear me during the set. The next day he provided me with detailed feedback and an action plan for the upcoming months. In addition, we have discussed various aspects of texting, inner game, gym, fashion, travelling to Eastern Europe and life beyond daygame. Highly recommended for intermediate daygamers like me. 


I just had a Skype consultation with Tom and can highly recommend it. I was impressed with his attention to detail and ability to explain things more clearly than most generic daygame advice. His approach is both methodical and very practical. We talked over perfecting some basic concepts, as well as more advanced theory, so he would certainly be suitable for all levels of ability.


I wouldn’t hesitate to book another call with Tom. In fact after our call I recommended him to my friends. He was able to answer all my questions. And I found it reassuring to hear from him that my problems were in fact quite common. He’s easy to talk to and knowledgeable on the subject so in my opinion definitely worth the time and money. 


It’s like, while I have been putting my foot on the gas pedal all of these years (approaching hundreds of girls, going on date routines which I thought I had optimized, pulling/closing), I didn’t realize my other foot was sometimes tapping or resting on the brake pedal – until he pointed it out.  I’ve had several “Duh, of course!” and “Hmm, yea I never thought about it that way (from her perspective) before” learning moments as he identified bad/inefficient habits i’ve inadvertently acclimated myself to over the years. Whether you’ve done 50 sets or 1000, it’s worth hiring him even if it’s just 1 online session. He’s not gimmicky, and not one of those “use this line next time, and be more bold!” quick-fix coaches, nor flashy- it’s just normal, sustainable, congruent dating advice that will serve you well.


I would absolutely recommend Tom for coaching.

Mark (full length post available by clicking the link)

I had a Skype call with Thomas, he is very easy to talk to and explained the concepts of the London Daygame Model very clearly and in a simple way making it easy for me to understand, and I am now looking forward to going back out and improving my game. Thomas also talked though topics of messaging and trying Daygame abroad which I found very helpful.


I reached out to Thomas after I had experienced a slump in my game. What I appreciated about my skype session was that Thomas really listened to my story and tried to understand my situation. He not only provided guidance for my specific situation, but he was also able to tie things to his own experiences. Thomas was genuinely helpful and demonstrated professionalism. I highly recommend a session with Thomas if you’re thinking about it.


My first online session with Tom helped me to understand what I have to change in my game in order to get better results. We talked extensively about how to avoid getting frustrated over time, what a good approach to lay ratio is and what I’m might doing wrong in my sets that a Yes/Maybe girl turns into a No girl and how I can change that. Tom listened clearly to the challenges that I’m facing and gave me practical advice to overcome them. I would recommend his coaching to everyone and I will take a second online session after implementing Tom’s advice into my game. 


In our coaching session, Tom pointed out that aside from practicing more sets, inner game and style were two advanced things I could build on after exhausting ‘noobie gains’. Tom gave specific advice on maintaining daygame momentum in sessions, keeping positive vibe, tips on accessories and fashion to suit archetypes, and factors of charisma. Definitely recommend!


I started off with a skype session with Thomas and it was very useful, he listened clearly to the challenges I was facing and came up with actionable steps to follow that I could implement immediately.

As I was very happy with our session, I decided to take some infield coaching afterwards. I found this to be a great experience as Thomas highlighted some improvements that I should be making that I would never recognised myself. Once again, he gave me actionable steps to follow and broke it all down in a way that would be easy to apply.

I highly recommend Thomas for anybody who wants to see an improvement on results in their daygame. 


I reached out to Tom regarding a very specific sticking point for me in game. He was quick to respond and had thought about the topic in great depth and provided me with a few useful strategies and techniques to implement, during our Skype call. After the session, he summarised the discussion in a succinct document which was handy. Tom knows this stuff well and I’d recommend him if you need any advice around game or your own player’s journey.


I was very pleased with Tom’s coaching. He has a calm and methodical approach to daygame. Rather than throwing you into every set possible, he trains you to manage your energy and mood over the course of a daygame session, whilst working on the fine technical points that make a big difference to your approaches. Tom recorded my approaches with a microphone and also had a subtle videocamera so he could give feedback on my front stops and body language. I have made some key realisations about my true sticking points after taking Tom’s advice on board, and I now have increased optimism about my future results.

Mr B

Did a coaching call with Mr. Crown & just signed up for 4 more.  He’s just getting started with his official coaching business and I have a feeling he’ll be successful. I’m a bit more experienced in my journey, and Tom was able to diagnose my issues and offered pretty spot on advice. The most helpful part of the experience were his notes.  He sends a word doc after the call, which I’ve read a few times now to make sure I understand everything.


Thomas has a very nice no-bullshit approach to coaching but at the same time a very wide understanding of all parts of game, from Outer Game, to inner Game and social Dynamics. I felt that Thomas understood in a very short amount of time my main sticking points, on which we were working on, he helped me very fast to understanding my own authentic way of Game, which led to increased success with women, as I was not a hard-case-newbie before I was looking for someone who is way more experienced than me, Thomas was definitely the right choice, especially as an analytical guy as I am,  I was looking for someone who could not only train me the pure pick-up skills but also explain me the way behind all the theory. We also did virtual infield coaching which was a very new and effective experience of improving my game. As I’m now starting a new coaching chapter with Thomas, I can really recommend him also as a coach for non-conventional relationship models.


I had about 7 skype calls with Tom going over in-field recording, talking about theory and inner mindset issues. He is very good at identifying the problem which is 50% solution already and giving practical advice about your sticking points. After each call, I used to receive notes from him telling my sticking points and action plan. The unique that I found extremely helpful with Tom is discussing about your inner game issues which has got nothing to do with theory or technique. I believe to become a bulletproof player theory and techniques are important but having right mindset plays a much bigger role than anything. When it comes to inner mindset issues each player will be having his own unique problem.


I would highly recommend Tom’s coaching. Prior to booking a coaching session I had some experience of daygame which was self- taught but some clear recurring sticking points had emerged. In our session Tom clearly and methodically explained several useful points to work on. But beyond matters of ‘technique’ he also drew on his own significant experience to explain how daygame and approaching regularly can be a sustainable and enjoyable part of a fun life, which is perhaps the hardest  thing to really understand as a beginner. I also found it helpful to discuss how to manage relationships and even an LTR alongside daygame. I imagine Tom’s insight on this point distinguishes him from many other dating coaches as he offered a rounded and considered perspective on game. In addition to the Skype session Tom also sent through some very detailed notes after the call which were tailored to the particular issues we had discussed .


If that all sounds good to you then send me an email at or message me using the below form to get started!