Coaching and Testimonials

I offer coaching in the form of:

  • Skype consultations, where we can analyse your infields, deal with sticking points, discuss Game, talk about relationships or pretty much anything: £25 per hour.
  • A monthly support package involving four Skype calls which you can allocate as you like and daily email and Telegram chats: £100 per month.
  • Infield coaching *

* For 2021, the pricing is set by you.

If you’re more of a solo learner then you can buy my intermediate textbook, which covers my 2019 Daygame lays down to every minute detail, and my memoir, which contains 20 lay reports and covers my entry into the world of Daygame.

Drop me a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page and we can get started.

Coaching testimonials:

My first online session with Tom helped me to understand what I have to change in my game in order to get better results. We talked extensively about how to avoid getting frustrated over time, what a good approach to lay ratio is and what I’m might doing wrong in my sets that a Yes/Maybe girl turns into a No girl and how I can change that. Tom listened clearly to the challenges that I’m facing and gave me practical advice to overcome them. I would recommend his coaching to everyone and I will take a second online session after implementing Tom’s advice into my game. 


In our coaching session, Tom pointed out that aside from practicing more sets, inner game and style were two advanced things I could build on after exhausting ‘noobie gains’. Tom gave specific advice on maintaining daygame momentum in sessions, keeping positive vibe, tips on accessories and fashion to suit archetypes, and factors of charisma. Definitely recommend and great value for money!


I started off with a skype session with Thomas and it was very useful, he listened clearly to the challenges I was facing and came up with actionable steps to follow that I could implement immediately.

As I was very happy with our session, I decided to take some infield coaching afterwards. I found this to be a great experience as Thomas highlighted some improvements that I should be making that I would never recognised myself. Once again, he gave me actionable steps to follow and broke it all down in a way that would be easy to apply.

I highly recommend Thomas for anybody who wants to see an improvement on results in their daygame. 


I reached out to Tom regarding a very specific sticking point for me in game. He was quick to respond and had thought about the topic in great depth and provided me with a few useful strategies and techniques to implement, during our Skype call. After the session, he summarised the discussion in a succinct document which was handy. Tom knows this stuff well and I’d recommend him if you need any advice around game or your own player’s journey.


I was very pleased with Tom’s coaching. He has a calm and methodical approach to daygame. Rather than throwing you into every set possible, he trains you to manage your energy and mood over the course of a daygame session, whilst working on the fine technical points that make a big difference to your approaches. Tom recorded my approaches with a microphone and also had a subtle videocamera so he could give feedback on my front stops and body language. I have made some key realisations about my true sticking points after taking Tom’s advice on board, and I now have increased optimism about my future results.

Mr B

Did a coaching call with Mr. Crown & just signed up for 4 more.  He’s just getting started with his official coaching business and I have a feeling he’ll be successful. I’m a bit more experienced in my journey, and Tom was able to diagnose my issues and offered pretty spot on advice. The most helpful part of the experience were his notes.  He sends a word doc after the call, which I’ve read a few times now to make sure I understand everything.


Thomas has a very nice no-bullshit approach to coaching but at the same time a very wide understanding of all parts of game, from Outer Game, to inner Game and social Dynamics. I felt that Thomas understood in a very short amount of time my main sticking points, on which we were working on, he helped me very fast to understanding my own authentic way of Game, which led to increased success with women, as I was not a hard-case-newbie before I was looking for someone who is way more experienced than me, Thomas was definitely the right choice, especially as an analytical guy as I am,  I was looking for someone who could not only train me the pure pick-up skills but also explain me the way behind all the theory. We also did virtual infield coaching which was a very new and effective experience of improving my game. As I’m now starting a new coaching chapter with Thomas, I can really recommend him also as a coach for non-conventional relationship models.


I had about 7 skype calls with Tom going over in-field recording, talking about theory and inner mindset issues. He is very good at identifying the problem which is 50% solution already and giving practical advice about your sticking points. After each call, I used to receive notes from him telling my sticking points and action plan. The unique that I found extremely helpful with Tom is discussing about your inner game issues which has got nothing to do with theory or technique. I believe to become a bulletproof player theory and techniques are important but having right mindset plays a much bigger role than anything. When it comes to inner mindset issues each player will be having his own unique problem.


I would highly recommend Tom’s coaching. Prior to booking a coaching session I had some experience of daygame which was self- taught but some clear recurring sticking points had emerged. In our session Tom clearly and methodically explained several useful points to work on. But beyond matters of ‘technique’ he also drew on his own significant experience to explain how daygame and approaching regularly can be a sustainable and enjoyable part of a fun life, which is perhaps the hardest  thing to really understand as a beginner. I also found it helpful to discuss how to manage relationships and even an LTR alongside daygame. I imagine Tom’s insight on this point distinguishes him from many other dating coaches as he offered a rounded and considered perspective on game. Finally, Tom’s coaching was also very good value for money. In addition to the Skype session Tom also sent through some very detailed notes after the call which were tailored to the particular issues we had discussed .