Coaching Review From “Darren”

I’ve been working with “Darren” since the start of the year and we meet for a couple hours’ coaching each week. This has really helped him to put the model in action and I’ve seen him come on in leaps and bounds since his first session. Whereas he began by fumbling with his words and eventually getting out “you look really fit” he’s now much calmer in-set and ready to tell any and every girl that they look like a panda, polar or teddy bear. But best to let him describe the experience in his own words!


After reaching out to Tom for some help with my dating life late in 2021 we began meeting up on a weekly basis for some infield coaching. I was relatively well read on the daygame model before meeting Tom and had some experience applying this knowledge infield pre-Covid, however Tom has added a structure and routine to my sessions which was previously lacking.

With Tom, I have worked primarily on managing my approach anxiety (which was at peak levels after 2.5 years of lockdown!), and after cracking the AA, Tom has broken down and targeted each aspect of attraction (the stop, qualification, teasing, etc) for me to work on both during and outside of our sessions. This approach to coaching has been incredibly effective, and I feel that by encouraging me to add to and improve my social skillset piece by piece, Tom has made the full approach much simpler for me.

Daygame is difficult and there were definitely some days at the start when I wondered whether it was worth the effort, however Tom has been incredibly encouraging and I have seen a night and day improvement in my social skills since we began coaching, which motivates me to keep working on what I have learned so far.

Aside from the coaching itself, Tom is a great bloke, the sessions fly by and I am excited to continue to improve under his Miyagi-esque tutelage in 2022…


If you’re interested in Daygame coaching then please contact me here.

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