Belgrade Review

I recently came back from Belgrade with Kaiser Daygame and here’s my review of the city. We recorded a podcast on his last day too (link here). 

Let’s start with the stats.


Approaches: 79

Number/Social Media: 23

Dates: 9

Near Misses: 3

Lays: 1

I don’t normally list near misses but on this trip they really stood out. Two of them were with girls who wanted boyfriends and wouldn’t go through with it and the other really wanted it but just couldn’t get over the final forebrain block (she even verbalised this to me, saying roughly “I really want to go through with it but I’m just so nervous”). Two were Serbian and one was Russian and all three gave me the “fuck me” eyes on the date. I think I kissed all three within 15 minutes of sitting down. More on what I think of Serbian girls later.

The lay itself, funnily enough, came with a Russian girl who was the digital nomad type, and was living in Serbia for a month or so. I’d rate her a 7, but I think some would call 8 based on her Instagram. It was funny because based on that, she looked like the kind of girl I think I’d never do well with. I only approached her because compared to me she was comically small (5″2′ versus 6″8′) and I thought it would be a laugh. In the end it seemed that she hadn’t had sex in a while and needed a top-up, and I appeared to have the best Amazon reviews of the products going around town.

Of those 79 approaches very few were blowouts, maybe less than five, certainly less than ten, but I think I did my pre-approach properly (and it helps to be freakishly tall). I think that most guys going to Belgrade who are getting tons of blowouts are probably approaching girls who are way too hot for them or status driven girls and they don’t have the signs of status which those girls want.

One thing I can say about Belgrade was that the levels of English were excellent… Or at least good enough to cause no issues. Of those blowouts the majority were from the girls who couldn’t speak English and for whom I didn’t want to go through the rigmarole of using Google Translate. Nonetheless I spoke slowly and clearly with each girl until I could ascertain that her English was good enough. Sometimes a non-native speaker just needs to have a minute to feel comfortable in a native speaker’s presence before they can communicate properly.

In terms of the contact details the vast majority were phone numbers. I think I took four Instagrams but realistically the girl was just giving me a soft rejection. Of those phone numbers, I didn’t note down how many responded, but I think that the majority of those who did came out on a date. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a strong number to date ratio (here just under 2:1). That felt good since it meant that my work on the street translated quite reliably to dates: if the set went well then she was likely to respond and to come out. 

Lastly, to comment on the dates: two were i-dates, with the rest happening on the day after we met, or the day after that. Typically if the girl was responding consistently then I’d ask her out for that day or the next. One thing I’ve learned from my trips is that you should treat your leads as if you were leaving in the next two days: just get them out ASAP. If she’s responding then test her interest by asking her out. Don’t mess around bantering for multiple days or getting to know each other unless you have a date set. 


It won’t surprise you that I thought that the quality was very good. It’s the highest I’ve seen of all the places I’ve been to, though part of that is that the local look – mediterranean-esque, dark features, wide hips and big boobs – is the opposite to my own: pale skin, blue eyes and ginger hair. Add to that the fact that Serbs are taller on average and I was in my element. 

One thing that stood out to me in Serbia was that the girls were actually curvy, and not just “Twitter curvy” i.e. chubby. Plus, if you’re an older guy, the MILFs there were actual MILFs, and not just an attempted reframe of banging an older woman. 

In terms of character, Serbian girls seem to show more emotion than their slavic counterparts. Passion appears to be a big part of their culture. I got less of the impression that the girls were always trying to maintain their good girl image in public and often saw couples making out. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re easy, of course, because you have to be the guy who’s worthy of that and you have to fit their agenda of casual sex versus boyfriend. The Serbian guys were generally taller and bigger than the guys I’ve seen on my other trips. On previous trips I’ve seen more girls with chode-boyfriends whereas here I thought to myself “yeah that looks like a correct pairing.”

As well as Serbs, you’ll also run into a fair few Russians since Serbia is one of the few countries they can go to right now. I think that out of my approaches maybe five were on Russians, of which one was a lay, one was a near miss and one was a date. 

Funny aside: the girl I had the nearest miss with gave me an IOI on Knez. She said she had seen me on a date the previous day (pre-selection). That’s one benefit to it being a small town. 

Daygame Experience

The thing with Belgrade, like Kiev, is that there’s really only one good place to Daygame: Knez Mihailova (blue line below). As you can see from the map, it’s a small place. The three red circles, going clockwise, represent Kalemegdan, Studentski Park and Republic Square, but you won’t find many sets there. Typically we’d do a lap of Knez then slingshot to one of these places, before doing another lap and then slingshotting to the next, but that was only to keep the scenery interesting. 

Nonetheless, Knez is an amazing street to Daygame on. The traffic is excellent – high enough but not too high – and the architecture is (mostly) very nice. Plus it’s completely pedestrianised: no cars at all. It’s busy until late in the evening too. At the north end is Rajiceva Mall and there’s a supermarket halfway down on a parallel street if you need water, a snack, a cheeky tinny, etc. 

When Kaiser and I were in town the temperature regularly went above 30 degrees during the hottest part of the day. We are both early risers so often we would go and have coffee at 10am and then go for a couple of laps of Knez around 10.30/11am. When it got too hot we would go and have lunch, before taking a break, and re-emerging around 4pm. We would stay out until one of us had a date, or were tired and/or hungry, but you could reasonably Daygame Knez until 10 or 11pm every day if you wanted to, even Monday. 

On top of that, Knez is fantastic for fishing. It’s almost as if those who founded the city, centuries ago, had it in mind. There are many bars and cafes along the street where you can sit in the shade, sip a coffee or beer, and approach when you see the opportunity. This makes it even easier to keep on approaching well into the evening. The best spot was recommended to us by Craig Cassidy – Aurelio Cafe next to Republic Square – which in my opinion must be the best fishing spot in Europe given the multiple lanes of foot traffic passing by. 

A note of other Daygamers / a place getting burned: I have a saying that “a girl can get approached 100 times by other guys… but she hasn’t met me yet.” I genuinely don’t care about other Daygamers unless I’ve met them already and/or can vouch for their skills vicariously. They might as well just be grey blobs in terms of competition. They might be great guys to speak to, but I don’t register them. In fact, about an hour after I got the number from the Russian girl I laid, I saw her talking to another English Daygamer. Guys need to get it out of their head that if a girl gets approached multiple times, that the cat is out of the bag and “it’s not going to work anymore.” That shows that you’re reliant on street approaching as a gimmick. Sure, some girls will get tired of it and won’t give you a shot, but just remember that this whole thing is a value exchange and hypergamy doesn’t care if she’s been approached before. 

In fact, there was one girl who brought up that I was there approaching women – she had a boyfriend – and we had a joke about it. She even saw me in-set a few days later and waved and smiled, and I waved back. Girls enjoy being approached by high value guys. 

Dating Experience

As I said earlier, there seems to be more passion in the air in Serbia compared to the other countries I’ve been to. On one hand, it’s good because you can utilise that trait to get the girl heated up and move her towards the finishing line. On the other hand, it seems to lead to more near misses and almost-chances, where the girl will still draw her line in the sand somewhere before sex. It’s the first city I’ve been to where I really thought that if I lived there that I would have cleaned up (though of course I’m speaking in hypotheticals). 

In terms of coffee versus alcohol dates, it really doesn’t matter. If the girl is there on a date with you then there’s a chance of sex. A lot of girls don’t drink in Belgrade and on probably half the dates I had a beer and she had a soft drink or coffee. You just need to lead and take your chances. 

I used two date venues: City Garden at Rajiceva Mall (nice view, relaxed atmosphere) and Zappa Bar (dark, rock music). I was staying on Kralja Petra (which runs off of Knez at the north end) and so from there it was a quick walk back to my place. Kaiser stayed at the other end of Knez and had no issues himself. Just remember the most important thing is that she’s there meeting you, not that you go to the perfect date location. 

Belgrade Itself

To be honest, there’s not much to do there, or at least nothing stood out so much in my initial research that made me want to do that rather than Daygame. However, a few places I would recommend going to would be D59B for coffee, Smokovica on Kralja for food and the Skadarlija area, also for food. If you’ve already got your lay, a proper walk around Kalemegdan is nice. 

The one non-Daygame thing that we did there was go to Ada beach for a swim, which was nice. It was totally heterosexual so don’t get any ideas…

In terms of costs, things are cheap. A beer is about £2 in the city centre. A main course around £8. A cab from the airport is about £18. I got the bus to the airport when returning, which cost me all of 80p. 

My accommodation was £28 per night but that’s with AirBNB fees included, and so if you had a deal with your host then it would be cheaper. Plus that’s with the currently inflated AirBNB prices. It doesn’t matter where you stay, really, just make sure you’re close to Knez. 

Plus there were small things which I liked in Belgrade. You don’t get charged to withdraw money from an ATM in the city centre. Many restaurants will let you split the bill over multiple cards. And even though the service is slow in bringing you your food/drink the waiting staff were generally pleasant and not grumpy as they have been in other places. 

Would I Go Again?

Absolutely. The quality there is high and the girls like me. It’s cheap. It’s a nice city (certainly nicer to look at than Kiev was last year). I’m going to go to Warsaw later this year to see how I do there (I went last in late 2019) but there’s a real possibility that I will do most of my future trips to Belgrade given that Russia is now off the map. 

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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4 thoughts on “Belgrade Review

  1. Interesting insights as always Mr Crown. Shame Russia is off the radar currently.
    You’re 6’8…give Lithuania a crack. Heard girls there are tall and intimidating to some guys

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Darker features, more passion…I’m liking the sound of Serbia.

    > A lot of girls don’t drink in Belgrade and on probably half the dates I had a beer and she had a soft drink or coffee.

    So when she tells you she doesn’t drink, but still signals interest in the date, do you move to an afternoon coffee date? Or do you still stick with a bar in the evening? How do you acknowledge the constraint without losing ground here?


  3. Always enjoy your content TC. Given I’m in Belgrade myself for the first time I have an extra appreciation for how clear and accurate this is. Keep up the good work.

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