Daygame Infinite Review

Good morning all. Five minutes ago I turned over the last page of Daygame Infinite. Now it’s time to write my review.

Most people expected the book to be a home run, and I was one of them. My expectations were met. The book is excellent and I acknowledge the “Daygame Infinite vibe” when I go out now. As far as generic reviews go, that’s my review.

Whether you should buy Infinite or not depends on where you are, and what you’ve read already. If you’re in your first three months, absolutely not, get Nitro. If you’re in your first year or haven’t read Mastery yet, get Mastery; the knowledge really does follow on from it. Don’t make the mistake I did of buying beyond your experience. I bought Mastery after a couple of months but Nitro would have helped me at that stage more. But…

I suspect that anyone who wants to buy the book has either already done so, or will do in the near future. I don’t think that my words here will affect people’s decision. So instead, I want to go through each section and describe the effect it had on my Daygame and wider life.


The Player’s World

Two things stood out to me from this section. The first is the r/K discussion and how it drew attention to my own behaviours.

I’ve always been quite closed off with my emotions – keeping them to myself – I didn’t know a good way to express them and so didn’t let them out at all. In 2017 I decided to change that and became more open. When I had a chance to express something, I let it out. Infinite drew my attention to the fact that this was because I was swinging towards an r lifestyle.

The expression of emotion has been amplified at work, where I’m surrounded by the K world. I’ve found myself going between states of bouncy happiness and melancholy reverie. I’m no longer answering the question of “how are you?” with the functional answer, and this week a colleague commented that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m allowing my emotional state to rule my actions, which is feminine.

The second thing that stood out was the section on narcissism. Anyone who gets involved in PUA has a higher level of narcissism than average, and then someone who takes their experiences public shows even more of it.

This counteracts the first point: the idealised self vs the true self. Calm vs volatile. Determined vs haphazard.

I’ve not included actionable comments above on purpose; “admitting you have a problem is the first step”.



Unsurprisingly, vibe was my main takeaway from this section. Whereas I don’t always practice it, I try to be more zen while out on the streets; I’ll hum the tune that’s stuck in my head and appreciate a shaft of sunlight between two buildings. I’ve reduced the number of sets I’m doing per session, instead giving myself a time limit, and been focusing on keeping myself happy. At the moment, I am still in transition, though, hence the “don’t always”.

I’m still getting over the “10 sets 2 hours” mantra which pushed me in my first year. A part of me wishes that I could reach 10 sets; sometimes I consider doing sets just to get my numbers up. It’s a work in progress.



The biggest thing that has stuck with me from this chapter is distinguishing girls between seeking experience and seeking status.

Often times I’ll see an attractive girl, but she won’t make my spidey sense tingle, so I won’t approach. Acknowledging the experience vs status divide has given me more ammo in working out why I didn’t feel the urge to approach, and I am now more adept at spotting the signs of either.

What I found interesting about this divide is how it applies to girls in hipster fashion in the same way that it applies to women in work attire. For the former, their outward signs of creativity are actually inward signs of conformity to their own hipster scene. As a rule I now take this to be an IOD:

Screenshot 2018-02-25 at 12.19.57



I went over this in my January ruminations in my section on dominance moves.

What I would add to that post, is that these moves have added a lot more pizzazz to my sets; taking them from solid to exciting. When these sets come around they are a joy.



Nick splits up texting into a series of sections, and then provides real examples of each. Now I have a rough structure to base my texting on.  

He also gives a lot of examples of “Window on my World” (WoMW) pings. You get a flavour of how to structure them and what vibe they should give off: the same vibe you projected on the street. It’s a reminder that texting doesn’t have to be flashy and you don’t need to be leading an extraordinary life. You just project good feelz.


Dating Deconstructed

This is by far the largest chapter of the book and goes into the rawest of detail. It made me think of the rest of the book being an Excel spreadsheet containing a series of (highly informative) pivot tables and this chapter as the sheet containing the raw data.

The date transcripts are correctly pre-framed as a lot to take in at once, and this was the one section of the book I didn’t steamroll through. I was reading a chapter a day and then this one took over a month. It’s not boring, it’s just that you can’t apply it straight away, so I didn’t feel the hunger to churn through the pages.

I imagine I’ll use this chapter more as I attempt to connect the dots of failed dates.


Bubble Bursting

By far I think this chapter covered new material. My first problem in Daygame was getting girls to come out on dates, and there was material to cover that. The problem was that the lays were either coming from first dates or on second dates where the girl was already decided: an abundance of lays with Yes and Strong Maybes. But I wanted more.

I’ve learned a lot about how to manage your messaging between dates and am eager to put it into practice. It’s also put into perspective some girls who I binned after the first date even though they were still replying, just not in a way which made me think it was on.


The Close Date

I’ve only just read this chapter and as mentioned in the last section, most of my lays were coming on the first date. As I get better at managing the time between dates I’ll see more benefit from this chapter.



This chapter was entirely lost on me because I’m already Planet Earth’s Top Lover three years in a row… Okay the dirty talking part helped… a little.


Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

9 thoughts on “Daygame Infinite Review

  1. Not a very unbiased review Thomas!

    I’ve read Mastery and my wing has Infinite. I’d say Krauser is a theorist, a hyper analytical guy who’s very much in his head. He himself says he’s former “gamma” and these kinds of books are suited for that audience. There are IMO much better actual seducers and daygamers infield than Krauser but he is the high IQ guy to read if you want the hyper detail. For most it just gets them in their head and confuses them. I won’t be reading any more books.


    1. Fair enough; do whatever works best for you.
      I want to know the detail. I want to know about every possible tool that could go in your toolbox.
      Also, remember that to be into pick-up, you have to have some of the gamma traits (especially the desire for a secret system).


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