Mini-London Number Farm (June 21st – June 24th)

For the past four days I’ve been out Daygaming in London and I thought I would do something a little different and give a field report. I write the date reports and lay reports, both of which include descriptions of the street interactions, but I don’t cover the literal Daygame in nearasmuch detail. This post should give you a view onto how I analyse my own Daygame and plan the next steps.


Thursday 21st

Thursday was an afterwork session and I was winging with S, but it was my first time out in over a week and I just felt a little clunky. My sets never really took off. I did five sets and got two number closes, which sounds good, but I could tell that they weren’t going to go anywhere. One of them just seemed scared and wanted to give her number so that I would go away, which happens when there’s a combination of a physically imposing man and a shy girl. I went home and ended up reading Infinite’s sub-section on shy girls and have taken note for next time.

The other number close was with a Brazilian girl who gave her boyfriend objection at the end of the set. The thing was, it was my best set so far that day and so I decided I try and push through it. I suppose part of that was me being fooled by her latino false positives (their touchy-feely culture) and my overeagerness to get a number close. I forced the number in the end. She actually did respond to my feeler, but flaked on my ping the day after once the bubble had burst.

S made a good point: he was getting his boyfriend objections at the beginning of his sets (indicating No girls) whereas I was getting mine at the end (indicating that she’s interested but unavailable). It reminded me to add more of the dominance moves into the early stages of my sets to speed up the process if she really is unavailable.

Friday 22nd

Five sets and one number, but I could feel that my vibe was freer. I was walking completely at my own pace as there was no need to compensate for a wing (I tend to walk quite slowly while Daygaming). The number close seemed very strong and I immediately filed her away as a Yes girl, but I made an inexcusable mistake later that day of texting her too much. Of course, she was replying just the same, but I think it took some of the magic out of the whole thing. And just to clarify, it wasn’t the messages in and of themselves which were bad, there was just too much of it. I was watching football in a pub with some good beer and it just felt nice to keep replying to her, amongst some regulars and friends. I was getting compliance too: she was opening up and sending pictures of herself.

We agreed a date for today (Sunday), but she messaged today to flake, which has left me wondering whether I was too on over texting that Friday or whether I met her just before her period started. Considering my penchant for detecting girls who are just about to start their periods, and that she was wearing a red top and red sunglasses when I met her, it might just be the case.

She sent a decent paragraph explaining why she couldn’t make it, but didn’t offer an alternative, which I guess is good fractionation on her part (though I’d rather have the short explanation and then an alternative soon after the original date). I consulted V and he pointed out the length of the message and advised not to be salty, so I responded with a photo ping of a busy bee and said “Fair enough. Let’s do another time.” I’ll open up the texting again tomorrow and see if I can build into another date request.

Saturday 23rd

I seem to be the only Daygamer who likes to start his weekend sessions off early. I like to start at 11am and then go through until 2pm, then go home. I find at this time of day the streets are quieter, but you pick up the girls who are on their way to meet their friends or start their shopping. I like how fresh it feels at this time of the day. There’s also my pet theory that girls on shopping streets alone are hornier because they’re partaking in a more masculine activity (solo shopping is a directed activity). Personally, I’m a morning person as well and I can’t stand the heat of the mid-afternoon; it depresses me and I lose any and all pizzazz so that I may as well just be flipping stones.

I did four sets and got two numbers, one of which will be amply described in the upcoming lay report. The other one was an interesting set with an incredibly straightforward girl. The set went along the lines of:

“Excuse me, stop, I want to say that you look quite cute and I liked your stompy walk.”

“Thank you.”

“Mmmm, you must do something very serious.”

“I’m a student. But I’m on my way to work.”


“No. Interior design.”

“Okay so one day it will be your job to tell people what to put in their homes.”

“No, I just help design things.”

“Ah. And your accent, I can’t place where you’re from.”

“Lithuania”. (She’d been saying everything in a deadpan Eastern European accent so far).

“Where do you think I’m from?” My attempt at snowflaking.


“Very good. Wait, lift up your sunglasses. It’s very distracting just looking at my reflection”. She lifts them up.

“I do need to get to work.”

“Okay, well, I can see you’re in a hurry, so another time, let’s have a coffee together. Not where you work of course. Is it that Starbucks over there?” I gesture down the street. She scoffs.

“Yeh. It’s shit.”

“That sucks.” We then exchange numbers. She runs off.

She responded to my feeler and we have a date organised for Tuesday. The set might seem like a dead end but I’ve got a better feeling about her than the naked eye might predict. Right about when she said she was from Lithuania I immediately put her into the “high conscientiousness” box. Or at the least the non-banterous box. She’d already had my laser eye contact slapped onto her sunglasses, and she complied when I told her to lift them up. I think I actually got a small IOI from her as we passed in the street but it was hard to tell considering them. So I’d put her into the conscientious box, and when she said she best be off I just went for it. I don’t think that more time in set would have been worth it.

I followed my own advice over texting, and just pushed forward for the date request. I suggested Monday, she countered with Tuesday, but said that her friends are coming late in the evening. I respond with date logistics and ask how late they will be arriving. She responded saying they would be in Baker Street at midnight so I’ve taken that to mean she’s opened a four hour window to be fucked in.

I’m following my own templates set down in previous lay reports. With regards to the #45, I’ll want to let her break over my frame in the first venue and then show her my hard, dominant side in the second, before bouncing to mine. From #36, I’ll be looking to bounce back no matter what. This might be a case of the girl fucking me even if she doesn’t like me.

Sunday 24th

With the SDDL from Saturday staying over I hit the streets with V with next to zero hunger. I did six sets and got one number from a spider sense skank. I opened her and it turned out that she was drunk, having had six pints while watching the football. Classy, just the way I like em. I suggested a drink later on that day but she said she had an interview at 10pm (wtf?…). I’ve had a look at some of her social media pictures and have decided to progress with the date if she responds to my ping tomorrow. She just seems like such a ho that it looks like fun.

The rest of my sets just went nowhere and I could feel that I was back in stone-flipping mode. V and I were both exhausted. There’s a temptation during the summer to just stay out there, trying to stay Daygaming for hours on end. You think to yourself that it’s sunny and that there will be sets aplenty. Unfortunately, they’re also hiding from the sun or are roaming around in packs because which girl wants to spend such a great day on her own? We should have done our 11-1 session, watched football and then gone home. Oh well.


The results: 20 sets, 6 numbers, and 5 responses to the feelers. One date and a lay from those but SDLs and SDDLs are always a bit of a freak occurrence. A date in the pipeline and two of those five responses are still in play. Plus, a whole bunch of learning points. Let’s see what happens.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

5 thoughts on “Mini-London Number Farm (June 21st – June 24th)

  1. > whereas I was getting mine at the end (indicating that she’s interested but unavailable).
    what is the possibility of her wanting you to push more ? Is there such possibility if she drops BF at the end ?
    Are you saying that pretty much she enjoyed the daygame but she would never bang ?


  2. > whereas I was getting mine at the end (indicating that she’s interested but unavailable).
    what is the possibility of her wanting you to push more ?
    Is there such possibility if she drops BF at the end ?
    Are you saying that pretty much she enjoyed the daygame but she would never bang ?


  3. Interesting that you like the earlier time of day. I’m often approaching from 4 to 6pm. Not for any particular reason, just a habit I guess. I had a SDL recently from a day time approach, will write it up soon.


    1. That’s what you give up by going out earlier (SDL opportunities; they become SDDLs but that introduces more risk). If it were a proper number farm then 11-1 and 6-8 would be good times though it would involve going home then coming back out


      1. I agree going out earlier does present clearer SDL opportunities but it renders me lazy. I go home early thinking I have a high chance of meeting her later in that evening. But of course logistics ruins everything.


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