SMV and Downshifting (Time Rich, Cash Poor Part 2)

I think I’ll turn this into a series of posts which I’ll revisit now and again. I’m writing it mainly to map out my own thoughts on changing lifestyle – to keep me focused on the task itself – but there should also be some good information here with regards to the red pill and Game.


In the initial post I said this:

… I think most guys can’t transition to a time rich, cash poor lifestyle because they don’t have the looks or charisma to succeed in it. Obviously people with good looks and charisma can succeed in either sport. The point I’m making is they have more options.

This is something I was talking about on the phone with my Dad earlier today. I didn’t go too deep into it but here is the jist of my argument:

  • Most guys are betas who cannot compete using their looks or charisma because they simply don’t have enough of it
  • This means to have enough SMV to get the girl that they want they need to play the status game. And even then, they’ll be getting recycled units, not ones fresh off the production line.
  • The “system” sees an opportunity and creates the rat race for them; a paradigm whereby they can spend most of their time and in return receive status.
  • The rat race is a perfect system to keep the betas under control because it exploits human nature of always wanting more. You see your neighbour has a slightly better car and so you need to one-up them. This is another way of describing the hedonic treadmill.
  • The betas are indebted to the system and so the system will give them just enough status to keep them involved in the rat race. They especially do not want to give the betas too much as it would ruin the incentive structure for other betas.
  • This contributes to the career focused and consumerist culture

So if you want to step away from the rat race and focus on having more time – and what you can do with it – you are going to have to have value stemming from your looks or charisma. You’ll need to have a personality which can withstand attacks on all fronts which are telling you that you’re “wasting your potential.”

The important thing here is that having SMV outside of status, plus the right personality, gives you more options. You don’t have to be part of the rat race because you can get a girl another way and you can stand to not live a life of luxury. I’m fortunate in myself that I don’t buy big ticket items and am not locked into a pattern of renewing my car, flat, phone, etc. every two years. For me, taking the leap will not be as far as it would be for others.

I imagine it will be hard to go through with the decision, though. You’ll have the majority of people telling you you’re crazy. I’ll earn a fraction of what I do now if I transition to a time rich, cash poor lifestyle. Imagine what my/your parents are going to think? They’ll be worried, that’s for sure, and especially so because this concept of downshifting wasn’t around when they were in their twenties. Then there could be the friends watching on while they’re “safe” in their corporate jobs. Perhaps they are secretly hoping that your plan will fail because otherwise what are they doing with their life? Then what about the trust that people put in you? How about your landlord, is he going to need more rent upfront?

These are all things that I’m going to have to deal with. But overall it just feels more like a waste of potential to be in the rat race than utilising your talents to get out of it.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown


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19 thoughts on “SMV and Downshifting (Time Rich, Cash Poor Part 2)

  1. Great to see you made your decision and are putting it out there to ensure you follow through.

    Looking forward to see how the transition goes and what doors being time rich open up.

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  2. nah mate. i’m assuming, based on your posts, that you’re probably a 6-8 looks wise depending on the individual girl (ie above attractive features, but not universally attractive enough to make a living off your looks, which id classify as 8+). that means, according to the laws of hypergamy, you can get girls 5-7. if you want to get objectively hot girls (ie ones that could POTENTIALLY make a living of their looks), you need the status. that’s point. it’s not about alpha/beta, it’s about the hottest girls demanding more than some charisma and height – because they get that in abundance. they want the whole package, just like the ‘alpha’ guys want the whole package (beautiful, young, feminine with career options)…furthermore, once you hit 37-43, no 22 girl can respect an older dude who has less status than her college friends. you don’t need to be a corporate materialistic slave, but there’s more at play than alpha/beta here


  3. also the average guy, the average ‘beta’ is not as focused on smv, girls, status as the average pua/red piller. to suggest their status symbols and materialism is solely an overcompensation to secure a mate is just out of touch. the average beta/guy would do more for their smv by wearing matching, well fitting clothes, getting a hobby and talking assertively than by securing a lucrative, sexy job. but they don’t do those things, because they just don’t care as much.


    1. A few points I can make from reading your comment:
      – I disagree on status being the clincher. I think it’s rarer to find a guy with great charisma than high status. I obviously agree that having high amounts of status, looks and charisma will get a very high quality lay/girlfriend but this blog is about fast lays, something which I know can be achieved without a focus on status.
      – and in terms of status owning your own business or having passive income streams marks you at as having decent status anyway. Combine that with decent looks and great charisma and it’s a recipe for long term success.
      – lastly I’d say betas are obsessed with survival and replication just like everyone, they just don’t know it as consciously as red pilled guys do. I agree they would benefit from putting a little more attention into their looks and charisma but they don’t because they’re in the rat race/status game and by diverting their attention they lose out there


  4. a beta is, by definition, just someone who has higher agreeableness – ie a stronger desire for social approval and need to fit in. the workplace for most people (non alphas) is a key social environment: it’s basically high school 2.0. most people would be bored with freedom and would rather work and partake in the associated social games eg titles and promotions, buying new items and going on unnecessary holidays. 50 year olds, with little interest in sex, may go on holiday just to brag to work colleagues the week after. the motivation is social acceptance, approval etc and if society became communist, they would be following those rituals instead.


    1. I disagree with that definition. A beta is simply someone who is roughly in the 80th percentile of SMV or lower (let’s not go into stratification like higher/lower beta). Their being agreeable is a chicken and egg situation. And the second half of your comment is proving what I said in the original post as correct: that betas plays the status game.


      1. Not quite. In fact, it makes no sense considering both men and women these days work full time. Work is not just about securing access to sexual partners. Also, alpha and beta traits are independent of SMV (think Putin or Will Smith). Men are hardwired to bond via competition (hence why we enjoy a good debate). Thus, men may still feel compelled to work and compete for status, achievements, money and resources regardless of their high SMV.


      2. It’s all survival and replication. Everything we’ve done and will ever do is with that goal in mind. Men compete for a better chance in both.

        In terms of traits this is why I said it’s a chicken and egg situation. Betas are more agreeable but is it their agreeableness which moves them down the totem pole or is it the only way to fit in given their lower position (in fact, a disagreeable beta might be described as a gamma).


  5. hmm that goes against science. look up the effects of testosterone. more testosterone = more competitiveness for status, more drive and focus. you can observe this in prison, where despite any promise of females, men are hyper territorial and exaggerate status signalling. all arenas of social status are filled and dominated by alpha males. this is because; the top tier women (objective 8+) are attracted to men with status. these girls are not stopping to talk to strangers on the street. they have the potential be in relationships with celebrities.

    PUAs are not attracting objective 8s. also, status is rarer and less subjective than charisma. There are 50 charismatic club promoters for every 1 club owner. Your local park is flooded with mixed gender groups of charismatic men and pretty women. An alpha male is a dominant man who has outcompeted other males for status. Sleeping with many women at or below your smv level is called promiscuity and is actually low status behaviour. Alphas attract above their (pre-status) smv. If you think about it, charisma/game is just mimicking high status behaviour. This won’t work on 8s however. thus the real game has always been self improvement. Summary – the status game is not just for betas and no objective 8 will date a man without status (the great myth of game).


    1. Gotcha, so you’re a Game denialist in hiding then. Unfortunately for you I’ve seen enough evidence that Game works and can get eights. And to then go on and talk about celebrities as your evidence….My question for you is why are you so set on status being the be all end all?

      And in terms of testosterone: men compete in every field to more and better women. The status, looks, etc. are just the middle man.


  6. I repeat – alphas attract above their (pre-status) smv – for example 40-50year old mayweather and leo dicaprio selectively dating 23 year old models. you could say, alphas have reversed the game of hypergamy.


  7. Recently bought a car and all those thoughts you mentioned regarding status and the rat race etc. were running through my mind whilst coming up with the decision if and what car I should by.
    Im very curious what you actually mean with downshifting? Will you reduce your hours at work but keep your job? Live from your investments? Start a business? Thanks


    1. Start a business (Daygame coaching, Skype calls, books, etc). Downshifting to me means reducing my working hours a bit (but whenever you start a business you always seem to end up working a tonne) but more about escaping the liberal agenda and living life/making money for me rather than someone else


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