August has come and gone (nearly) and it was a Daygame write-off. First there was the oppressive heat and then I went on holiday (non-Game related) which left very little room for notch-hunting. To show for my early August efforts I had a lead who was eager to come out but then said it was too hot and another who I idated but then decided she “wasn’t in a good place right now.” Annoying.

So I had a great idea: how about I go to the gym every day during the heat. I did it and was ill for a few days. I only really felt bad one day and it went away pretty quickly though. I don’t know whether it was something pumped around the airconditioning at the gym or if it was just brought on by seven days’ gym in a row, cardio on five of those days, a calorie deficit and the draining heat. Once I went on holiday and stopped going to the gym it went away near instantaneously so I’m going with the theory that I was overtraining and should have taken away a couple of the cardio sessions and one of the gym sessions.

In other news my diet rolls on and I’m seeing new cuts every week. I went on holiday at just over 237 lbs and returned a week later at 241 lbs. I did some back of the envelope calculations and worked out that I would have gained minimal fat over that period and that the vast majority of that weight gain would have been from water weight.

The reason why it was minimally fat gained was because of the sheer amount of walking I did. Walking, in my opinion, is the best way to burn off calories because it is so low impact and you barely notice you’re doing it.

I’ve heard before that a 155 lb person will burn 100 calories walking one mile. For me, right now, that means 240 / 155 * 100 = 155 calories per mile. So just imagine how many calories I’d burn doing two or three Daygame sessions a week of two to three hours each:

2.5 hours * 2.5 sessions * 2 miles per hour * 155 calories = 1938 calories per week

1938 calories / 3500 calories in a pound of fat * 52 weeks = 28 lbs of fat per year

I’ve used two miles per hour there as an estimate of the speed I walk at while Daygaming while also taking into account stopping for sets and/or standing back while a wing is in set. Those sort of things. You need to also subtract any extra calories I’d consume while out Daygaming but then again those would be logged in My Fitness Pal and everything would be kept constant.

Long story short: Daygame can help to keep you lean.

I’m looking forward to September now. I should crack 20% bodyfat and will begin to see my abs. The temperature seems to have come down to something manageable too and so it will be nice to get some leads going. I’m also looking to do a jaunt at the end of the month / beginning of October. Lastly I’m nearly halfway through writing my new book which will be an intermediate Daygame textbook. The last few months of the year should be good.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown.

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