Book and Daygame Update

Hello folks, I’m putting this very quick post out there today to update you on my progress with my memoir and the beginning of my Daygame year.

After taking Krauser up on his memoir challenge I’ve collated the lay reports, chopped off the fat, and began to “storify” them. So far I’ve got 43,409 words, of which 16,320 have been converted from the old, functional lay report format to something more flowing and enjoyable to read. It’s quite interesting going through my old reports because I can see how over time, my writing ability improved. I need to add a pre-Game introduction, conclusion, and intervening chapters too, so that the first draft will probably come to more than double the number of words already there; that’s a meaty paperback in the making.

My deadline for the first draft is Sunday 28th January and for every day that deadline is missed I’ll post a free chapter. Unfortunately for you I’m an absolute workhorse and should have it ready in time.

Blog-wise I’ll be posting my 2016-17 stats in full for all to see soon, but if you want to know them early you can listen to my podcast with Tom Torero (episode 134). I’ll also be at his film screening tomorrow. I was nervous going into the podcast, hoping I wouldn’t say anything silly, but having listened back I’m proud of myself. I must also say thank-you to the man himself, because my viewing figures have been through the roof in the past few days!

The big one is that my first Daygame session in four weeks is this Friday. I’m sure that will give me lots of inspiration for new posts too.

All in all, it’s looking like a very busy January.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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