The Three Most Important Things You Need to Become a Good Daygamer

I had an idea recently to go out to nearly every Daygamer I knew and to ask them this question: “What are the three most important things you need to become a good Daygamer?” Today I’m going to relay back to you what they said. I thought that this question was interesting because you only … Continue reading The Three Most Important Things You Need to Become a Good Daygamer

Guest Post: Kaiser’s Warsaw Review

Today’s guest post is from a German, London-based Daygamer called Kaiser. He kindly offered to do a review of his recent trip to Warsaw, where he did exceptionally well! If you would like to write a guest post then send me a message using the contact form here to get started. Background After having killed … Continue reading Guest Post: Kaiser’s Warsaw Review

Maingaining and Workout Questions

I thought I’d put together a separate post on the comments and conversations I’ve had in the past few days from this post. Obviously I’m not any kind of certified health practitioner and what I say here is just what I think currently. I’m also not a personal trainer and don’t do health/fitness/nutrition coaching. I’m … Continue reading Maingaining and Workout Questions

The Hippy Girls Who Just Aren’t Amenable to Daygame

I’ve noticed a weird fashion trend recently: girls dressing up in 70s hippy fashion, with woolen crop tops and flared jeans. Typically any print contains flowers. She might wear John Lennon’s sunglasses as well. Her make up probably includes a lot of work on the eyes and will use bright colours such as green and … Continue reading The Hippy Girls Who Just Aren’t Amenable to Daygame

Westfield (Shepherd’s Bush) Daygame Review

Recently Mr White roped me into going to Westfield shopping centre at Shepherd’s Bush on a rainy day. I thought it would be a great idea for a post: is it really worth leaving central London to travel to zone 2? Will you miss walking up and down exactly the same streets that you have … Continue reading Westfield (Shepherd’s Bush) Daygame Review