First Draft Complete!

The first draft of my 2016-17 memoir is complete and shall soon be winging its way to my test readers a la Nick, Nick, and Victor.

I wrote the final sentence and must admit that a wave of relief, pride, and excitement passed through my body.

Relief because now I can go back to regular Daygame/blogging (for a time) and not have to think about this internal deadline which I set for myself (until, of course, I set the next one for the next draft).

Pride, because I checked and have 80,000 words in first draft form. That’s the size of a regular paperback. An incredible achievement in its own right.

Excitement because I want people to read it. I want people to enjoy it and talk to me about it. Of course, part of that is for my ego, but also I want people to admire the prose itself.

Now I need to comb and re-comb the piece so that the ideas are consistent, that everything is explained, and everything is fleshed out in full detail.

The good thing is, though, that the majority of the writing has been completed. Even if parts need to be re-written I already have the skeleton to work from.

What can you, my readers, expect in the meantime? Well, I have a few posts to put out soon:

  • Two date reports
  • A lay report
  • My January statistics and ruminations
  • My Daygame Infinite review

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

2 thoughts on “First Draft Complete!

  1. Congratulations on getting the first draft done. Love to read your blog and follow your journey.

    Keep up the good work!


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