Is Daygame Efficient?

I recently got this comment on one of my posts:

I thought it might be a good idea for a post, and then I saw this tweet:

And so I took it as a sign from the universe to write that post. That and I am always open to new content ideas.

My response to the original comment went something like this: last I counted my approach to lay ratio was 50:1. I think I normally do two or three sets per hour in London (let’s disregard time spent Daygaming abroad to keep this simple). That means I spent, on average, 20 hours Daygaming per lay.

Then there’s the dates to consider: let’s say I get a lay in every 3.5 dates. That’s “3.5” girls who come on first dates, but then each lay isn’t a first date lay. On average, I need “1.4” dates to get to a lay. Finally, I don’t usually see a girl twice and then not get the lay, so for each non-laid girl that can count as one date. So per lay that’s just about four dates (“2.5” * 1 + 1 * 1.4). Each date lasts between 1.5 and 2.5 hours, so let’s settle on two hours per date. All told, that’s eight hours on dates.

But what about the texting? That’s harder to estimate, so let’s just go for a simple 30 minutes per girl, which adds another ~2 hours per lay.

That brings the final total to 30 hours per lay. Does that sound like a lot to you? It’s one hour’s effort per day, to get one lay a month.

Let’s do a quick comparison: if you’re a regular guy, going out to de-cloob, then you’re going to be spending three or four hours in that environment, each time you go. Based on the regular guys I know, they are easily going to clock up 30 hours before they luck themselves into a lay. But what if they know Game and are approaching? Well then it might take less than 30 hours, on average, but they are going into a loud and expensive environment to get what they want. Then there’s online, but the costs are hidden. You think it’s less time and effort because you can swipe while you’re on the toilet, but what about the time you spent getting the right pictures, or setting up your account? In both examples, you’ll still be texting girls and so that contributes more time too. And note, in this post, I’m staying away from arguments of quality, but they are a factor too.

Bringing this back to Daygame, those hours are hardly a misery either, and I think it’s important to think of your time Daygaming in this (positive) way to improve your vibe. Every hour I spend Daygaming, even if I open zero sets, is time spent exercising, which means either burning off more fat or giving myself more calories to use later on. Any time spent winging is time well-spent with friends. One of the main benefits of Daygame is that if you make an earnest effort to succeed, and are not weird, then no matter your results, you can build a group of cool friends.

So I think, overall, that Daygame gets a bad rep for being inefficient, and a lot of it is down to two things. First, the fact that Daygamers keep their stats and post them online means that guys are quickly confronted with what appears to be a horrendous failure rate. Which, to be honest, does exist, it’s just that it is more hidden in other types of Game. For example, if you swipe “Yes” on a girl, but she swipes “No” to you, that’s a rejection, of sorts. If you go out to Nightgame, and nothing happens, then the “we’re just lads having fun” positive-reframe is readily available. In the sobre world of Daygame, those “49 failures” sound like they are going to pack a hell of a sting, and that’s some of the best stats, just imagine what a guy thinks when his “49 failures” is really “199 failures.”

Secondly, it’s the fact that each Daygame set is its own, nicely delineated, moment in time. Guys don’t count each swipe as a set, and probably would find it hard to accurately keep track of the number of sets they opened in Nightgame. Therefore, I think, the number of sets and time spent Gaming is underreported in other types of Game.

To cut a long story short, Daygame is efficient, or at least as efficient as other types of Game, when you consider the whole thing.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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6 thoughts on “Is Daygame Efficient?

  1. I think most readers know that dg trumps ng and online game for the reasons listed. Oftentimes the ones complaining about DG efficiency are pushing social circle and ecosystem game, not other forms of cold approaching. DG vs. ecosystems (e.g. ski instructor, party job, salsa, sex club, etc.) would be a more interesting comparison than dg vs ng.

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    1. I think people should tailor their social life to what they will enjoy most. If people enjoy day game, that’s great.
      Personally I think a blended approach is best. Social circle, hobbies, socialising in the evening and opportunistic approaches during the day. These also give you other benefits like for your career.
      I’ve said it before. I think it’s a good idea to reach a basic competence at this, and if you enjoy it as a hobby, I’m happy for you.
      I read this blog because I’m open minded and always interested in learning.
      But 30 hours per month for an activity that doesn’t compound is a big time sink IMO. When you stop approaching, the results stop as well.
      I myself have had results from this, so I understand the rush. But when I looked at the potential results I could get versus the opportunity costs I realised I shouldn’t put much more effort into it.
      Over the past couple of months I’ve come to learn that even the best of the best get 1 result per month / 1 every 30 hours… that just doesn’t compare with what I get when my social life is active in multiple areas.


      1. Do you not think the skills gained through Daygame will bleed out into the rest of your life? Imo the results do not stop when you stop approaching (Game is the gateway drug to self development and all that) But if social circle or other avenues of meeting women are more efficient for you then obviously that’s best


  2. Well well well, this sure was an interesting read… I’m aiming to become nominally good at all 3 areas, but coming from reading books and hiding from socialization I’ve got a long road ahead of me


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