8/30: My Thoughts on Jordan Peterson

To confirm: I like him. I think it was natural that I would get on-board with his message considering that I’ve read about Jung, archetypes, and the monomyth before even hearing about him. I’m currently working my way through his podcasts and also through his lecture series, albeit at a slower pace. I’ve not read his books but plan to.

In terms of PUA, I notice that whenever he’s mentioned in a comment, someone else jumps in and reminds everyone that he married his high school sweetheart and that therefore he likely has zero Game. I agree, his life has been very K, and his story is incredibly K. The vibe I get from those comments, rightly or wrongly, is that we should dismiss him entirely i.e. he’s a straw man and his whole foundation is built on sand. I agree that we wouldn’t learn about r things from him, but it would be silly to dismiss him. There are a lot of Inner Game discoveries you can make by diving into his material.

And even on the K side, there are merits. When I wrote about “London going full r” I said that maybe it was me who had gone full r, and now I was just seeing it everywhere. I wrote that one of the implications is that you become a pump’n’dumper, and that seeing girls after you’ve fucked them becomes less likely. If that situation is distasteful to you, then you need to introduce more K stimuli back into your life.

For example, one of Peterson’s famous rules advises you to clean your room. Pointless if you’re going after pure r experiences, but not so much if you want more K in your life. As it happens, my room is nearly always very tidy, but I noticed that my draining board and sink wasn’t so. I’d leave washing up overnight or for a day, and then the drying up for days after that. My “messy sink” was my equivalent of his messy room. So I made myself a promise to keep it clean and I’ve been doing very well with that. I think that over time, doing more classically K things (the stimuli) will feed into my behaviours. Then I can read the effect, whether I like it or not, and whether to introduce more or scale it back.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

One thought on “8/30: My Thoughts on Jordan Peterson

  1. If I remember correctly, from a video taped lecture I saw on youtube, Peterson mentioned to “Clean your room first” to people that were trying to save the world (I think he said “Clean your room before you save the world”)

    Effectively, he was trying to say that it is ironic to try to save the world if you can’t even save your self. It looks like a person who doesn’t put his needs first, but someone elses needs first. If you think about it, it is somehow a RedPill advice. Especially for people who have some sort of Savior Schema and think saving a woman will save them too.

    There are indeed many Inner Game stuff on him. He is a psychiatrist. Who else has seen more Codependency and Beta behaviours than him.


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