28/30: Inner Game Books

“Work on my Inner Game” is a phrase that’s bandied around a lot. While it is undeniably important, it’s also an incredibly vague statement. What does “work” entail in this case? Is it a physical activity with a spiritual element? Is it deep introspection while picking out the intricacies of a blank wall? Is it … Continue reading 28/30: Inner Game Books

#47: White Man God Mode (25/30)

Splat! Another jet of water shot up into the air and then crashed back down against the ground. Splat! There went another one. Leicester Square’s crystal plumage danced around its central inhabitant and cooled his brow. It was a warm day, with clear skies. Around 23 degrees celsius. A circle of benches ran around the … Continue reading #47: White Man God Mode (25/30)

24/30: Agency, Biology, Reality Weave, and Costs

Girls are not entirely whirlwinds of chaos. They are mostly, but not entirely. Something I’ve come to accept recently is that, shock horror: girls can make their own decisions and do in fact have a measure of agency. I’ve been attributing more intelligence on their behalf and haven’t been considering their actions as those of … Continue reading 24/30: Agency, Biology, Reality Weave, and Costs

23/30: 2000 Set Statistics

Yesterday I reached 2000 sets. I’ve been Daygaming since October 2016. Here they are: Approaches Phone Numbers Dates Lays 2000 549 98 27 Approach to Number Close: 3.64 Approach to Date: 20 Approach to Lay: 74 What I find interesting about “all time stats” is that they don’t contain much information because they’re too static. … Continue reading 23/30: 2000 Set Statistics

22/30: #46: Great Power/Great Responsibility

Last night I went with my friends to a local restaurant turned club and pulled a girl back to mine. There’s not much to say here apart from that I met her in the smoking area, escalated like it was a date, made nice with her friend, then walked her home. You can see my … Continue reading 22/30: #46: Great Power/Great Responsibility

21/30: Storytelling, In-set Calmness and Dominance

I’ve just been messaging someone about storytelling and said to him that “there’s less to it than is described”. I suppose to be more accurate, there’s less to it than you might think, and a little goes a long way. When I started Daygame I was one of the many people who thought that you … Continue reading 21/30: Storytelling, In-set Calmness and Dominance