9/30: Disgust

This leads on from yesterday’s bulletin on Jordan Peterson. One of the biggest revelations I’ve had from consuming his material is finding out about how conscientiousness links to disgust. Now I can’t stop seeing it everywhere I look.

There’s the classic kind of disgust, the kind you feel for something unhygienic. But there’s another kind of disgust which I feel for untidy and illogical ideas. It’s why my body completely turned me off of a feminist last year (not #44). I found out during the Questions Game and once I saw how deep her beliefs went, I could not physically bring myself to escalate on her. I even walked her back to my house and she came in. She was ripe for fucking. But I couldn’t even kiss her because of how I felt. And just to note, this was in the middle of last year, not at the very start of my player’s journey.

It’s fed into my relationships with other men as well. I feel a particular kind of contempt for a man who shows up late. I feel it for people at work who don’t have the same commitment to doing things well, as I like to believe I do. I have high standards for myself, and project them onto other men. When they don’t meet them, it’s like a cage closes around my heart and I start to lose my temper.

I think this disgust dynamic feeds into my pickup results as well. I like things to be clean and orderly, and so I get a good feeling when things go to plan. That good feeling lends itself to a good vibe. The vast majority of my dates have been from first dates and so were relatively tidy. Tying this back to London and r-selection, it can explain a small measure of my conclusions.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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