7/30: Texting Response Times

This is actually something I’ve read very little about. I’ve seen name-PUAs screenshots and so have observed their patterns of response, and I remember Tom Torero’s video on texting (the Dynamo one) where he says take a third longer to reply. But still, very little.

There might be a reason to that: the advice is so obvious that you should know it already. In Daygame textbooks they don’t tell you things like “shower before a date”, after all.

I don’t think that hard and fast rules are very useful once you’ve hit the intermediate stage. For one, the girl can tell if you always respond in the same length as her plus, say, ten minutes. Hard rules like that are logically flawed.

Mazz once said that he thought if she responded within 30 minutes then it was fine to respond as soon as you saw it. I don’t personally think that’s a good idea either, because you need to find out whether she’s a texter or not first. Some girls reply in record speed consistently, which means that your texting is more like a conversation. Other girls take hours to reply, so it’s almost as if you’re sending letters to each other like the olden days, just on ‘roids.

I think finding out if she’s a texter is the first step (I think this is in Mastery as well). I’ve got a feeling that a girl will subconsciously vary the speed with which she replies to see if you respond quickly. That means that she has to respond quickly twice before you know that it’s safe for you to respond quickly as well (you can use that “two quick message” information to start seeing her a texter). I actually fall for this more times than I’d like to admit: I send a message, she responds quickly, I respond quickly, she responds after hours; I took the bait.

In most cases, she’ll reply every few hours. In this case, I try to follow the adage “what would a busy man do?” I don’t think a busy man would wait precisely the number of hours she took to respond to respond himself. He’d probably see the message, and take note that he needs to reply the next time he’s free. In the regular working day, that might mean at around 10:30, 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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