Moving On

I’m sitting in my empty flat and everything’s bare. I’m only able to post this entry because of the wifi hotspot I’m casting from my phone. The flat looks as if a squatter has moved in, except he’s me. A few prized possessions are in a small pile on the ledge for me to remember to take with me tomorrow, because tomorrow I’ll be moving out of my flat. The same flat my ex-girlfriend and I moved into together two and a half years ago. The flat which subsequently housed more than a year and a half of my first foray into true singledom; over 40 lays have happened in the bed I’m sitting on right now.

For the next ten days I’ll be at home, with my parents, with a brief trip to the beach where I hope to remain largely unburned. Then I move into my new place and the shenanigans begin again.

I haven’t been doing much Daygame recently, in fact I haven’t been out since the 7th July, which would make my first planned session on the 29th July a solid three week break. Since I started Daygaming in October 2016 it’s probably the longest break I’ve taken. Though I wouldn’t have taken it if I wasn’t in flux, I can imagine it will do me some good and reset my hormones a little. Just enough so that Daygame doesn’t feel like a very normal thing to do. I can imagine the excitement and nervousness of coming back will provide a spicy little boost.

I want to stay away from using phrases like “when I come back I’m going to hit the streets hard”. It’s not my workrate which is in question. Instead: when I come back I want to get better. Sometimes I look back at sets and realise that I lost the frame and I want to work on that by recording more sessions. Maybe I’ll even put some transcripts into posts. I also realised that I wasn’t fractionating enough with my eyes; I need to do that more. I hope that the temperature will drop a little by then which will mean I can analyse my sets with greater energy; the heat always exhausts me.

I want to bring back some dynamic quality to my Daygame and I feel that this is the right time to do it. Moving home is part of that dynamic quality. I knew that my tenancy was about to come to end and I had a choice: stay in the same place which would be comfortable, or move to a new place and pay a fair bit less. I knew that in the long run, I’d be happy to move to somewhere cheaper, though I acknowledged that in the short run it would involve a lot of hassle, as well as breaking the emotional attachment one feels for a home. Choosing the new flat build compliance momentum, so I think that I should take advantage of it.

In terms of this blog, it will also be on holiday until the 29th July. If I happen to enjoy a sudden burst of inspiration, then I’ll write a post, but I won’t release it until then. For my other writing project, I have just completed the second draft of Demolition Lovers, my 2016-17 memoir. Now I need to send it to an editor, get the cover artwork made, and write a blurb. It feels fitting that me finishing this book comes when I move out of the flat that was home to most of its stories.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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