#50: The Nifty Fifty

What has the phrase ‘Nifty Fifty’ got to do with this lay? Was the girl Indian? (The equity benchmark for India is the Nifty Fifty). She wasn’t, she was a 20 year old English girl. Or perhaps it’s related to the large cap stocks which carried this as a nickname in the 1960s and 70s? Nope, not that either. Although her tits were 34G, so maybe I could be referencing her large baps? In all honesty, I couldn’t think of a better pun and I like this little combination of words anyway, but it’s still fitting.

This is lifetime lay number 50. At the sweet and tender age of 25. On September 1st 2016 I was at three.

Here’s the story of how I tried to SDL Charlotte, and her humongous baps, then sealed the deal a couple of days later. In particular I was using deep rapport. It’s a tool I’ve not looked at much until now, unless I was using it accidentally. You’ll see it pop-up in a couple of places.

This report focuses more on the technical aspects of the lay rather than as a story. I guess my mind has been frazzled by writing my book and I’m tired of describing how a “penetrating shaft of moonlight made her moist pussy glisten”. It’s time to mix things up and start saying how I did X to get to Y so I could have my P in her V.


Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve been upping my sets recently, and going for more SDLs. Irregular readers of this blog should eat more fibre. It’s quite interesting the effect that it has had on my mindset: rather than scanning the streets looking for sets, now I feel as if I’m scanning the street looking for sex. The connection between what I do in-set and the end product is a lot stronger. The experience feels very different to winged Daygame where the objective is to number farm and the hope is that you’ll generate strong leads. When I’m out alone, and entertaining SDLs much more, then those strong leads will become i-dates given a favourable logistical setup.

I’m looking for a few things in particular:

  1. The most important: nothing to do; this is more important than strong interest in this case, which brings me onto…
  2. Strong interest, characterised by…
    1. Accepting my movements into her proximity
    2. Accepting my kino

In essence, I’m looking for extreme passivity in both her logistics and her interest. My good friend Mr White (sales trick!) wrote a great lay report recently which shows this exact same phenomena. Which was previously available to read for $9000 but now is only $49.95!

It was a Wednesday evening at around 8pm; in London at this time of year the sun sets around 8:30, so it was getting dark. The temperature had dropped from its highs, thankfully, and my leather jacket could make a comeback with only minimal sweat along my neckline.

I was strolling up Tottenham Court Road more cocksure than ever as I knew this was the secret street for SDLs. Perhaps not so secret anymore… oops! It’s got a good population of girls going home from work or from Oxford Street. It seems to attract many people who have the most important factor: nothing to do. It’s also got pubs and coffee shops up and down it so you can easily bounce for the i-date.

As I got past Goodge Street I spotted a potential set in the distance, but as I got closer I could see that she was older than I hoped. Oh well, let’s carry on. Lucky I did as I saw Charlotte coming towards me, with those huge boobies swinging from side to side. She was wearing an all black outfit and looked a little bit like a bank robber just before they pull on the balaclava. There was something about her face and her outfit that made me think she was more sexual than the average girl. I let her go past me, counted to three, then ran back.

“Excuse me, I know this is really random but I just wanted to say I thought you looked very cute.”

“Oh wow. Thanks!” She was flustered. “This is so random.” She conferred with herself quietly.

I can’t remember my stack or tease but it doesn’t matter anyway. The key point was that as I took little steps into and out of her private space she didn’t flinch, and when I did my standard kino of touching her lightly with my fingertips on her shoulders and then later on gently pinching the end of her hair she accepted it. The killer moment came when I asked her what she was up to:

“Nothing really.” Bingo.

“You know what, and I know this is random, but let’s go grab a quick drink. I’ve got 15 minutes. C’mon let’s have a quick one.”

I started turning down the street and corralling her along. She was initially hesitant, I think because of the nature of the situation, but then caught up with me and walked alongside. Every now and then she’d pipe up to verbalise her surprise at the whole thing.

I took her to a pub just off of Tottenham Court Road where we stood outside against the window with a couple of drinks. I ran through all of the usual escalation topics and the physical escalation too. She made it easy by saying her hands were cold. I kissed her after about 15 minutes of conversation.

I went into deep rapport as well by using some barnum statements as launchpads:

  • “You know what, I bet you’re the sort of person who would rather have a small group of really loyal friends.” And from there, once she’s talked about herself, I can DHV about my own little rat pack.
  • “Are you the sort of person who was a bit shy when they were growing up but who has more confidence now?” Then I can tell her about my own weight loss story and how it affected my confidence, and we can talk about introversion/extroversion and where she sits.

Now these are both THOMAS CROWN DIRTY TRICKS ™ Copyright 2018 so if you even think about stealing them then you’ve got another thing comin to ya. Anyway… the parts about me are both true and it’s an effective way to get someone to open up about themselves.

Charlotte was a Yes girl for certain, so don’t read into my abilities too much. She might not have been as willing to share information about herself but later on in this report you can see the effect it had. Another thing I want to to draw attention to here is that the SDL was the right thing to go for rather than having just taken a strong number and carried on with my session.

We finished our drinks but we were still in central London and not near my flat, so I sold her on the idea of seeing “the best view in London”. The catch being that it would take about 15 minutes to get there.

“Do we need to take the train?”

“Yes but it’s only a couple of stops.”

“Okay, sure, I’ve got my Oyster Card.” Game on.

Now when I say “the best view”, I actually mean the back of a Travelodge and some bins, but the big reveal is too good to give up on.

We got there and sat on two stools and I started the Questions Game and made out with her more. It got very sexual and we were talking about what turned us on. Charlotte was a dirty birdy indeed. Though at this point she gave her first resistance of the night when I started to rub her tits with the back of my fingers.

“Not tonight,” she said as she moved my hands away. I shrugged and smirked and carried on probing her sexual fantasies.

When we finished our drinks I led her to mine (ostensibly “for a walk”); she came over the threshold of my door but wouldn’t come upstairs to my flat. Now I had some work to do. My thinking was as follows: acting all coy now and letting her go with a nonchalant air would be the bad thing to do; it would give the wrong vibe and would reek of arrogance, and not in a good way. At this point I needed to concede some ground and make things appear more normal which I could achieve my making some small “errors” in the seduction process. My solution was (sharp intake of beta fueled breath): pizza at a place at the end of my street the next day. That’s right, I was going to take her out for dinner. It’s official: Thomas Crown has K-holed. Jokes aside, the pizza is about £7 maximum and the whole place has a young buzz about it. You sit on these stools and drink cocktails and eat pizza. It seemed like exactly the sort of thing a natural would do: chode in his own way.

As we went by I pointed it out and suggested that we go there the next day. I got Charlotte to look at the menu while I looked at her tits rising and falling; I thought that it would get her to invest because it was a decision she could mull over.

“And I love this idea as well,” I told her as we walked back to the station, “that you wear something really pretty and I look like this.” I gestured to my ripped jeans and leather jacket. It was all in the name of getting her to invest so that she would see me again.

Another thing to point out is that I suggested the very next day. But that’s going to appear over eager! You might say. Normally, yes, but I think the story of a SDL is so topsy turvy that you must break the rules in this manner. I had got her to my doorstep, there really was only one more step to make. We both knew (me more consciously than her I expect), that if we met again then we would fuck. Meeting for a coffee bridge date would muddy the message, and I think that being nonchalant would mean losing momentum; the longer she has to realise this was such an unusual experience the lower the chance I have of seeing her again. I needed to lock the second date down in her mind.

We didn’t meet the following day but did the day after (on Friday). And we met around Tottenham Court Road to “explore the area” instead. It didn’t matter. I guess she was giving herself some plausible deniability.

First we went to a pub where I went into whether she had the same personality as when she was growing up. She told me a story from her teenage years, and finished it with a line which assured me that my deep rapport had worked:

“I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

Then we bounced to a dark cocktail bar with a great tattoo parlour vibe. We finished our drinks and I said:

“Look, I want to show one more place but it’s near mine. Okay?”

She thought about it and I could tell she clearly wanted to say yes. “You’re not a murderer or anything are you?” I knew at that point I had her.

From there we took a quick cab ride, had one more drink where I did 90% of the talking and lectured her on “the sandbox” idea of male/female group dynamics, then bounced her to mine where there was no LMR apart from her pulling away from the kiss twice. We did everything we had discussed during the Questions Game: yes I did call her my dirty little bitch; yes she did confirm that verbally; yes I did suck on her tits; yes I did slap her tits and slap her face; and yes I did face fuck her. We fucked three times in about an hour and a half then she got a cab home.

After seeing her off I got a kebab.

“All the salad, boss?”

“Yeh. Got to have my five a day right?” I’m a freakin’ genius.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

4 thoughts on “#50: The Nifty Fifty

  1. 34G?
    Well that’s a really gigantic MARKET CAP. Was that your estimate based on their weight, did she say it or did you take a pic of her bra you could upload for the delight of your most loyal readers?
    Who must note that you are still a true Daygame poet, more than ever, even without trying to—I really enjoyed the post (And ‘frazzled’. What a word…)

    And of course congrats man, you’re a legend already. All that in two years, incredible.

    What were the two or three crucial factors to achieve that, are you willing to share?
    And what’s your A2L (O2C) ratio after #50 (should be easy to read from your XLSX, given that conditional formatting)?


    1. I just asked her after sex while ogling them 😀 I’ll try and get the pic, just for you

      Crucial factors would be:
      – obsession/dedication to something where the short term pain eventually becomes pleasure because you build the link between your efforts now and the payoff later.
      – intense study and analysis: I’d feel stupid if I read all of this stuff and didn’t do it, so I wasn’t in trouble of becoming an armchair PUA. Immediately as I started reading I had the bug to go and use it. Then I wrote reports of my lays in huge amounts of detail and identified which tools I was using.
      – A willingness to be wrong/ a lack of shame over being wrong or not doing something well: this links into the strategic thinking I alluded to in the first point. It was very easy for me to do bad sets because I knew (as in I really knew, not just hoped) that they would get better over time.

      Remember this is lifetime lays, not DG. I have no idea about O2C for everything but the 31 DG lays are probably 65:1.


      1. Fuck, really? YOU, Mr. Crown, 65:1? Being tall, witty, a seasoned teaser? That’s strange. I mean, if I lazy bum Nice Guy fucker am at 74:1 lifetime Daygame (cf. ATX-1000), then there is still too much randomness involved. The same question I posed to the pro on stage back in December, you remember?

        I LOVE your description under the second bullet. Now I feel stupid twice 😉

        Looking forward to da G, yo!


      2. Current average is ~1:50; 1:65 is lifetime DG average. I’ve read Krauser mentioning his best in London was 1:50 (though I am taller and better looking, though younger). Roy’s is something like 1:30-1:50 but that’s the one I know the least.

        Having even 1:100 puts you into the top 1% of people who try to become Daygamers (just look at the views on TT’s beginner’s video and compare it to people you actually see Daygaming), and of course everyone is different: the comparison with your past self is the only thing that matters.

        Lastly, increasing your number of sets has the classic problem of diminishing returns i.e. after a certain point it’s not scalable. If you’re highly industrious like me then you’ll probably push past that point of diminishing returns because your personality is built around that exact same industriousness which pushed you in the first place. So we also need to count the actual number of lays because scalability is important (who would you rather be: a guy who fucked 6 girls in a year with 50:1 or 12 girls in a year with 100:1? What about 12 girls in a year 50:1 or 24 girls 100:1? Bares thinking about right? What we have to do is hold the number of lays constant and then expend the least amount of energy to do so.)


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