#52: Looks Can Be Deceiving

“You know at first I thought you were a proper gentleman.” Aoife said. I raised an eyebrow. “Yeh, the way you took care of everything and led us to the table then got the drinks.”

“Huh, that’s interesting,” I said with a wry smile.

“I loved the way you just lead me there and sat me down. I thought you were so nice and polite. But then that changed,” she let her sentence hang as she giggled a little bit and looked up at me with her big blue eyes.

Aoife was half Irish and half Scottish; I’d found that out when I hit her with my cold read six days previously. It was a lightning fast set because she was in a rush; two minutes at the most. Now she was in my bed and we were both quite sweaty. She was laying with her head on my chest and one of her legs draped over me. Aoife had turned out to have a surprisingly good body: nice shapely legs and round butt, and big tits. To be fair though, she had “warned” me over our second drink when I’d asked her if she’d ever get plastic surgery. She said the only thing she might get is breast reduction surgery! In the moment I quickly opened her denim jacket to see whether she had a case, and then I told her that I thought that breast reduction surgery should be outlawed. Perhaps that was when she thought I was less gentlemanly…

“So when did your opinion of me begin to change?” I probed.

“Probably when we were having our first drink, you got me to sit a bit closer and then you were holding my hand. It was then.” Okay so it was earlier than that.

No matter her answer, I was certain that halfway through our second drink she had completely changed her opinion of me. That was the point just after I madeout with her, then put her hand on my hard dick (over my jeans of course, I’m not a monster!), then started dirty talking her and asking about her sexual preferences and fantasies. That was the time when my perception of her changed immensely too.

She told me that she hadn’t had sex in two months and combined with her nearly wanking me off under the table: the bounce was on. Super on.

“I’ll be honest,” I began, “I didn’t think you’d like this.” We had enjoyed a couple of hours of wild sex with me doing all of the dominating moves. I’d pulled her hair and slapped her face but she had a weird rule about not giving blowjobs the first time she had sex with someone. Weird. It meant I didn’t end up face fucking her. I tried to fuck her in the arse but just after putting my dick in she said she didn’t want to do it and was scared. Fair enough. Anyway… it had been particularly enjoyable because she kept on moaning “I’m your little slut”. Her saying that just made me cum near instantaneously.

I continued:

“I actually thought you were quite small and sweet. I knew you liked me just because of your messages, but I didn’t expect things to happen this way.”

“You’re right,” she confirmed, “most people don’t expect me to be so submissive. I thought we weren’t going to have sex until the third date though. And I certainly didn’t expect you to be this way either!”

“Third date?” I enquired. “Coming from the girl who shaved.”

“Well you’ve always got to be ready.”

“Mmm I suppose so. But going back to what I was saying before. I like that everyone thinks that you’re this sweet little girl but it’s like I said, there are two sides to everyone.” I try to work that line into all of dates these days. “I really like it when people feel that they can show their dark side to me.”

Eventually we had a shower and got dressed, then I walked Aoife to the train station.

“Safe journey home, and message me when you get in so I know you’re safe.”

“See! You’re doing it again!”


“The gentleman thing.”

I shrugged. I didn’t know what to say. So instead I just smiled warmly, kissed her, and sent her skipping off down the stairs.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown


*** #51 will be written and put up once a related story has seen itself out.

6 thoughts on “#52: Looks Can Be Deceiving

  1. I’ve had a couple of situations where acting ‘nice’ or ‘gentlemanly’ in any way after sex visibly decreases attraction to me.

    When were lying together they’ll ask a question that’s intended to bait me in to showing a little nice-guy emotion. It’s a trap that scuppers any chance of a repeat. I think some of these girls are trying to figure out if you’re really a player or are the kind of guy that could get whipped easily. I’ve learned that while it’s ok to cuddle afterwards, emotionally and verbally I have to remain stone cold.

    You didn’t experience it in this case but have you ever had something like that happen to you?


    1. Nope; what happened to you? Although I would think of walking her to the station (amongst other things) as just being of common decency. I think it’s quite obvious what the deal is after I’m pushing her face into the bed and telling her she’s “daddy’s little whore”.


      1. That’s what I’d thought. I’m vocal and dominant. But if afterwards the girl asks a personal question which I answer in a serious way the energy shifts between us.

        I wish I could remember specifically what was said in those instances.

        It can also happen when I ask a debriefing type question afterwards. I think this is somehow interpreted as me beginning to construct a ‘how I met your mother’ narrative. I happened last weekend when I hooked up with a girl and I asked when she first realised that she liked me. I should have said “when did you realise you wanted to fuck me” to keep clear what frame I was operating from.


  2. Bang. Another piece of writing and fucking of the Crown as we like it—and get used to. Nice. A seasoned Daygamer harvesting. All those big titties…

    And good discussion afterwards, instructive for the fellow who naturally falls into the LTR trap ALL the time, (unless logistics are a natural protection).


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