Something Completely Different

Two things on my radiator: a hot coffee and a cold protein shake. I need to drink the shake and let it digest for a bit before going to the gym. The walk is 20 minutes and so by the time I’m there the shake will have digested and I’ll be into the caffeine swing. I’ve been making V60s since the beginning of the year. She turned me onto them. Really it’s just another way of making coffee but it all fits into that hobby. First you buy the cone thing either online or from a coffee shop (they’re normally the same price and so I got mine from a coffee shop so that I could start that day). Then you need to buy the filter papers (mine came with the cone). Tip: get the brown filter papers rather than the white ones because they turn darker when wet (you have to wet the paper first to get rid of any papery taste). Then order a gooseneck kettle from Amazon and start pouring with that. No point in getting an actual kettle with a gooseneck spout because you’ll pay over the top for it. Just pour from your kettle into the gooseneck kettle and then into the V60 cone. Between ordering that and it arriving you’ll use the regular kettle which has got a huge spout which generally gives no precision in pouring the water. It’s that gooseneck kettle which really turns this into a craft. Then you can control the water. Then you’re really into it. The only thing I need now is a new battery for my kitchen scales to weigh out the coffee as it’s being poured (you’re supposed to add so many milliliters of water per gram of ground coffee and that’s supposed to brew in so many minutes). I don’t know the exact numbers yet. I also need to get my electric grinder from home so I can grind beans each day. Let’s finish this shake… Cinnamon Danish flavoured: quite good. I gave it 7/10. Blueberry Cheesecake flavour: at work; 8/10. Maybe even an 8.5. Let’s see how that coffee’s doing… Drinkable temperature. It’s time to wrap this up. Do you ever wonder what all your food looks like when it’s mixed up in your stomach? I’ll have a flat white on the way to the gym from Costa. I used to look down on Costa’s coffee but I must have simply had more of it and now I think it tastes fine. A flat white from there is good before the gym just because it has so much milk; it’s like a pre-workout. Today is my chest (incline dumbbell, decline dumbbell, machine press, flyes) and triceps (close grip pushdown, wide grip pushdown, wide grip pushdown pulled back to focus on that big head of the tricep, light dumbbell tricep raise things to smoke the muscle). Should take about an hour then it’s back here to eat and watch football. Later on She’s coming and we’ll eat Korean food and drink wine. Another day.

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