Daygame Is Not A Grand Production

I remember reading this Krauser post a while ago and laughing at the second picture (the one of the Morris-esque dancers). It highlighted to me that – in my opinion – the stop, while incredibly powerful, can be the most contrived part of the process. It’s the only part of the process which is a “production.” After that most of the work is done by your non-verbals (posture, eye contact, etc.) and SMV.

A lot of beginners want to know what to say or do to get those really fizzy, sexual sets which are full to the brim with innuendo. The truth is that those sets are much, much less common than you think. Normally they only come along with girls who like you anyway, are in the perfect part of their cycle, and/or if you have a phenomenal vibe that day. Those sets are like the football team who attacks often and presses high up the pitch. A real gung-ho approach.

I think that part of why this mindset exists is that “fast escalation” is sold as the pinnacle of Game; fast escalation is the golden bullet which will mean changing less about yourself in order to get the girl. And oh, of course, if it doesn’t work for you, it’s because you just ‘haven’t been doing it long enough’ or ‘you don’t have enough conviction in the words you’re saying.’

Sidenote: there’s an optimal amount of escalation that each girl can take in one sitting. Sometimes you’ll escalate too fast and she’ll be scared off. Sometimes you won’t escalate hard enough and you’ll never see her again. Aim for the optimal amount not the absolute fastest.

Back to the matter at hand:

In reality, you’re often not in a great vibe or are not working the kind of set which is given to fizziness. Then you want to be more like a counter attacking football team: one who takes their chances when they are presented but who don’t concede goals (read: lose value). In Daygame terms this would mean using small teases and moments of escalation to steer the set the way you want it. To be honest, girls usually laugh at the most basic teases like “you look like a ninja” so don’t overthink it.

Keeping the football analogy alive: remember that to win the league you only need to earn more points than your competitors, not win every available point. In Game: you only need to be slightly better than your competition to get the girl. You don’t need to be perfect.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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