Third Post on Verbals, and Twitter

Okay, this is the third post on verbals which I promised last week based on Roderick’s tweet when I went out to ask for post ideas. Today I just want to go on a mini-rant, but to try and keep it as positive as possible.

So, I take note of my stats on WordPress and last week’s posts got an all-time weekly high viewership (for me). I think the reason for that is because of the focus on verbals. What to say, as well as what to text, is the thing that guys in the community are most interested in. It’s not an accident that one of my most popular posts, from back in 2018, has texting screenshots and analysis. It puts me in a bit of a pickle, because I know there’s a market for that, and I’m subject to supply and demand, but I also know that verbals and texting are only skin deep. As I said in my post on the habits of effective Daygamers, they put first things first. As far as I can see, there is a large proportion of guys in this community who are not putting first things first. Rather than focusing on their SMV, for example, they are focusing on what to say and what to text.

This isn’t a new problem, of course, and I’m not the first person (by a long-shot) to point out that guys just want to change things on the surface and use Game as a kind of “widget” like on their phone, as I believe Krauser once commented. The reason this puts me in a pickle is that I want to build a viable business and therefore part of the content I put out will need to cater to this audience. That’s why you’ll often see me put out posts which, on the surface, are going to be breezy and easy to follow, but then go in a different direction so that you end up learning about the more important stuff (the “first things”). You can see that, for example, in my post on my current opener is much more about concepts than the words themselves, e.g. that she doesn’t care what you think, only what she thinks about herself.

This brings me onto Twitter. Now, close your eyes, and ask yourself, when was the last time you retweeted someone. Okay, now open your eyes. Did that tweet read something like “if you don’t play the Game, the Game will play you?” If you want a good guide, then look up the funniest parody Twitter account: Bang-Up PUA. Have a scroll back to his first tweets and you’ll have a great time. But pay attention to the jokes and ask yourself, are these eerily similar to the stuff I engage with on Twitter? These are the kind of bromides that get bandied around day and night. When I see these sorts of tweets, and I see how much traction they get, I think about a group of men hitting a button on Twitter and then thinking “yeah! That’ll show them!” Accounts can spring up with thousands of followers who post this kind of stuff and then there’s a hefty followership who are basically just virtue signalling by liking and retweeting them. Yep, virtue signalling; there’s a tonne of that going on in the manosphere. And personally, I wouldn’t want to get thousands of followers overnight, because it doesn’t represent sustainable growth. I want a core followership who engages with me regularly who will find my products useful and keep on buying them.

My question to you, then, is what is the point? Are you simply retweeting the bromides in the hope that the guy with thousands of followers will engage with you, so you’ll get more followers? Are you engaging in the never ending Twitter circle-jerk so that you can become Manosphere-famous?

So that I make my own stance clear: at the end of each post I ask you to like, retweet and comment on the tweet announcing posts. Yes I want more followers, and more engagement, but it’s not a circular activity. I’m doing that so I can then reach more people, who like what I write, and who then buy my products or hire me for coaching. If you mention me on Twitter or send me a DM/mail, then I’m going to reply to you with something helpful. That allows me to turn this into a self-sustaining business and allows me to unplug from the 9-5. The win/win is that you get useful content which is going to put first things first.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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