Guest Post: Mr MK’s Semi-Retirement Awaits

Today’s guest post is from a fellow Daygamer who wants to quit the 9-5, unplug from the matrix, escape the rat race, and get involved in all of those sayings which raise a metaphorical middle finger to the life which is expected of most western men. Mr MK’s story is really interesting to me and I hope his story will be of use to you. Not only that, but Mr MK holds the record for most steps done while on a Daygame session: 69,000 steps (in Kiev, I believe). I’m assuming he stopped at that number on purpose.


This post outlines my plan to move into semi-retirement whilst daygaming abroad: escaping the matrix for part of the year.

I have been planning this since January 2018. I spent six weeks in Kiev in 2017 and had four top-quality lays during my time there. After getting those notches I knew that I wanted to spend much more time in Eastern Europe and using annual leave was just not going to be enough. I had better results abroad and I wanted more. Also, I’m 42 and I don’t really want to date older than 27 and dating with this large age gap is more achievable in certain parts of the world.

Background/Current situation

I’m an intermediate daygamer and I live in Manchester, UK. Manchester has a decent enough population (plus a lot of students) to make daygame there acceptable but it is nowhere near as good as the popular destinations abroad. In my line of work it would be very difficult to get a fully remote role (or even something semi-remote) where they would allow me to work abroad for part of the year, as for most roles there will be the expectation to go into the office two to three days a week. So my only real option is to do contract work for around six months, save up money, and then hit the popular cities in Eastern Europe.

I have a side business renting out properties and the money I get from this will be enough to cover my basic costs for the year. That was extremely difficult to set up and it took two years of living very frugally to save up the money to get it all started. So with the rental income covering all basic costs it means the salary from contract work can go towards trips to Eastern Europe.

As I said I’m 42 though most people say I don’t look older than 32 (confirmed – TC). On the looks front I’d say I’m just average and I’m in reasonable shape. My plan is to do contract work for six months of the year in the UK and then 12 months off in Eastern Europe. I may try other regions like Colombia or south east Asia (possibly during our winter) but EE is the main focus.

Why I want to move into daygame abroad/semi-retirement

It’s easier to get into relationships with big age gaps in EE (my ultimate goal is LTR but happy to have casual flings along the way). The previous age gaps I have had in EE have been anything from 8 to 22 years (lad – TC); the biggest gap was when I was 41 and she was 19. Ladies in EE, South America and SE Asia are much more open to large age gaps than Anglo ladies.

Plus, the women are substantially hotter in EE compared to the UK. On a good day in EE I could see over 30 sets compared to Manchester when I’d be lucky to see more than 10.

Lastly, I get better results abroad. Not massively better but enough to make it worth it

It’s an adventure exploring new cities and I’d rather move into semi-retirement now and enjoy myself rather than save up my money and retire in my 60s.

The plan in more detail

For a six month contract I can save around £20,000 after tax. That is enough to live in Eastern Europe for a year as the cost of living is about half the price compared to the UK, but I will need to watch my budget very carefully. I do not have expensive tastes and try to practice minimalism so the majority of the money will go into the basics such as accommodation, flights, food, gym pass, dates, etc.. I intend to cook at home the majority of the time.

Mainly I will base myself in a big city abroad for at least 1 month at a time but will stay longer in that city if I am getting results. I will try out different destinations until I find my top 3 or 4 spots. So far I like Kiev and Warsaw. I’m most excited about trying Russia as I’ve never been.

I will still daygame when working back in the UK. If I met a great girl in Manchester then I will see how that goes.

What I am nervous about

My main concern is that I could spend a lot of time abroad not working and not getting good results from daygame. Then I will feel like I have wasted not only time but money (and earning potential). This adds extra pressure to get results. I’m also worried that I will overspend. If this happens then I will do six months working and six months off rather than 12 off…..still good though.

I will likely be spending periods abroad alone but this does not worry me at all as I have done it before. I daygame solo anyway but I do enjoy meeting fellow daygamers in the evening for something to eat. I know several lads who will be working remotely in EE so I’ll try and meet up with them.

There is also the hassle of finding work when I return to Manchester. I have done contract work before and it has not been difficult finding work but it’s still a hassle dealing with recruitment agents and doing interviews etc.

EE is not all rosey either. The language barrier can be a real pain at times. Plus some EE ladies can be real divas/high maintenance.

Areas of daygame/dating I want to improve during this new phase coming up

I think I under-escalate on first dates and normally go for it on date 2. But I want to start going for it more on first dates and gauge her reaction before deciding my next move; being more r-selected, which is what I was like in my 20s.

End game

If I do get into a LTR in EE then I would strongly consider bringing her back to the UK for marriage and children (with a prenup). If that does not happen then I’ll just continue dating and enjoying the experience abroad.

Final thoughts

I think any guy doing daygame with location independent income has a big advantage as you have freedom to move around. For guys that are unhappy in their local town and want to move somewhere else then I would say the best option is to try and do your work remotely. Passive income like property income is not easy to obtain and it is unlikely going to be enough. The other option is doing contract work, six months on / six months off or something similar, but you need to be disciplined and be able to save. I think if guys want to pull this off they may need to make tough choices. If they can’t work remotely abroad then they will have to potentially sacrifice a safe permanent job to do contract work or consider a career change. Guys also need to ask themselves if they could handle being in a country for potentially long periods on their own where they don’t speak the native language.

For me it’s not just about women. It’s about adventure and freedom as well. I fly out to a Balkan destination on 10th April and can’t wait! I’ll probably be hyper when I arrive so I’ll no doubt crank out 50k steps (and hopefully 20 sets) on day 1 there.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Mr MK’s Semi-Retirement Awaits

  1. This article mentions Colombia, which brings me to a question.

    I am presently in Medellin where it’s fairly easy to get good matches off Tinder alone. However I only speak elementary Spanish. How do you guys deal with language barriers? Seems like a nearly impossible hurdle. Too embarrassing to invite them out and hardly be able to communicate.

    ThomasCrown, I believe, retweeted someone who did game in Colombia — if I recall correctly. I can’t find the Tweet anymore.


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