Prague Coaching, March 2022

Hi all,

This post is a quick heads-up that I will be in Prague from Wednesday 23rd to Sunday 27th and have spare slots for infield coaching and consultations. You can find the full details of what I offer here, but in short we’ll cover the fundamentals of Daygame:

1. Stopping

2. Attraction

3. Proximity and Kino

4. Comfort and Qualification

5. Closing

6. Sexual Market Value (incl. Vibe)

Infield coaching is £50 per hour and I require a £50 deposit per day of coaching (which is taken out of the total to be paid at the end). So for example if you wanted eight hours of coaching split over two days that would be £100 to pay as a deposit and then the remaining £300 paid afterwards.

Consultations are £25 per hour paid upfront and we can meet somewhere for a coffee or connect via Skype/Telegram and discuss your sticking points, progress, etc.

If you’re interested then please let me know by sending a message via the Daygame Coaching and Testimonials tab above.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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