I Paid Wheat Waffles to Rate My Face (And My Opinion of the Black Pill)


That was the headline figure I received after I had snapped a few selfies and sent them over to him via his Fiverr offering. I thought it would be a laugh to get a rating from someone who spends a lot of time on his YouTube channel measuring male faces and, for less than the price of beer, to send some money in the direction of another Manosphere creator. I’ve benefitted personally because even though it’s a very small piece of information, it’s encouraged me to go online to identify my face shape and make changes which are suitable for it.

The service was very quick and he responded to my messages promptly. I guess it’s quick work in and of itself and so a good earner for him. I’m quite confident in my looks so just went for the basic product but if you were new to Game then it could be worth paying more and he’ll give you a full analysis of your looks overall (not just your face) and make recommendations. Even if you don’t agree with the Black Pill – and I don’t identify as being a part of it myself – these guys are focused on looks and so I imagine they are the ones who will be able to give you the best advice there as long as you can handle criticism. 

Now, the question is “why would I promote a guy who’s Black Pill?” The answer to that question is that it’s possible to agree with someone on some things and not on others. On one hand I have seen how Game contributes to a guy’s SMV, but on the other, I’ve said the following:

Invisible: five and below; it doesn’t make sense for a girl who is at least a five to go anywhere near a guy who’s also a five when she can get fast sex from a six or better.

That’s from my post on Realistic Expectations and Male Quality.

I’ve only watched a few of Wheat Waffles’ videos so can’t/won’t give a full breakdown of his theories. If you want me to respond to specific points then leave them in the comments below, preferably with a video to back up that he did actually say it. I did watch his livestream with Troy Francis and James Tusk, though, and I tweeted my thoughts as it went along, which you can find here:

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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13 thoughts on “I Paid Wheat Waffles to Rate My Face (And My Opinion of the Black Pill)

  1. paying another man to rate your face, who has no credentials, no proven track record of banging girls (could be a virgin for all we know), might be colourblind, might have a hidden agenda just seems pointless. male looks matter, as you correctly identified – she needs to see you as a 5 or 6 and above to have a chance. but male looks are very subjective to women, some women will be repulsed by models or famous celebrities that other women list after (for example Christino Ronaldo is very divisive among women). it’s probably an evolutionary adaptation – unlike women who’s looks directly signal fertility and social status. the other red flag is wheat waffles has not revealed his face. it shouldn’t matter, but it kind of does. it’s a good hustle though, make money on men’s insecurities/curiosities about their appearance – because most men have no true confidence in that realm due to a) the lack of compliments we receive compared to women and b) the aforementioned disparity in female preference.

    i do think that unless a man is austistic/suffers some mental disorder – if you are an ugly man, 5/10 male, or above average man by the age of 25 you should have enough experiences to know it on a subconscious level.
    like there are certain experiences a 5/10 man will never be able to recall (eg a woman giving him the ‘eyes’ for no reason whatsoever) or an ugly man will never relate to (eg a cold approach set lead to an instant date, being aggressively hit on by gay dudes etc)


  2. so guys are really in 4 camps
    above average

    the final camp are the guys on instagram that have like 20k followers but nothing remarkable about them personality wise…basically professional models or aspiring models. these guys thrive online or in nightclubs, or working as promoters, and don’t need game to bang hotties…they need to just be not weird and have friends

    for the other camps, the little details really don’t make a difference. if ur a 6 or a 6.5 because you change ur beard, it won’t change whether a girl likes you or not based on appearance. ur either her type or not. the only thing that can make a practical difference in category is weight loss/gain. so stressing over ur exact number is not something men should be worried about


  3. as for black pill…
    my thoughts are as follows
    the ‘extraordinary’ men category (‘chads’) are obviously only 5% of men. if women only had a preference for that kind of men, the human species would have died along time ago. women want to bang different kinds of archetypal alphas. they go through stages and get bored easily. some want pretty boy/chad. some want the artist/kanye west type. some want the rugged thug/criminal. some want the doctor/fireman/pilot. the athlete. the rich guy etc and most girls want to try each type once, then move onto another. its all an experiment, they dont know what they want and can get bored with a ‘hot guy’ or ‘rich guy’ quickly. as i previously mentioned, being rich and being above average is the only universal archetype.

    so, for chads, dating is generally easy, they just need to be right place right time (hence nightclub, online, beach party etc). mainly drunk girls looking for a quick hookup. but these guys will get the most ‘free/easy attention’ – ie online matches, online orbiters, attractive female friends (but this just means women want their validation/want to be seen with them…doesn’t necessarily mean attraction/sex)

    above average men, can also find dating easy if they fulfil an archetype. money, status and game. they can outperform chads because a lot of women aren’t into drunk hookups. so these guys should definitely learn game and red pill.

    average men have always found dating hard. in fact, average people in general – men and women, find dating hard. this is the demographic where things like marriage, love songs etc thrive: this used to be the main demographic for online dating (before apps). these people find dating hard because they are by definition unremarkable, so therefore easily replaced. and also, average people always want to mate with people who are above them (even if slightly). so average women are frustrated at average men and vice versa. but average people also have the best and longest lasting relationships, because they are less likely to be promiscuous and will be more appreciative when they find a partner. NO MATTER WHAT ANY DATING COACH SAYS, DATING WILL ALWAYS BE HARD FOR AVERAGE PEOPLE. There’s no way around it. average people tend to find eligible partners at a young age (early 20s) because they don’t play around, and tend to get married quick. And that’s the smartest thing for them to do. The issues for average people are way beyond just ‘confidence’ or just learning how to approach, there’s layers to it. the only way out of it is becoming very rich (a millionaire…but by definition you are no longer average then).


  4. to clarify, dating being hard for average people doesn’t mean impossible and doesn’t cause nihlistic outlooks in average people. most of them just focus on other things until the right person comes. they almost always find partners at a young age as I said…usually through university/mutual hobbies.
    these people just will never experience the ‘abundance’ which makes dating an actual game for the above average and chad types


    1. Why don’t you just start your own blog? You’ve got enough words there for a post. Start a Twitter and promote it. It would probably be a good place for you to flesh out your ideas 👍🏻


      1. a blog may come when i feel my ideas are solid enough to practically help enough men. i’m not exactly ‘rationale male’ level.

        there’s also a massive contradiction in wheat waffles theory. he asserts that women now have access to validation and attention from hundreds of ‘chads’ at their fingertips on tinder. this is correct (for a certain demographic of women that care about tinder….20%?) but implies that ‘chads’ are actually more disposable than ever and their validation means less than ever. the power of being extraordinary looking is drastically weakened now since you’re no longer rare, can be replaced in a swipe and can even be outperfomed by average looking guys using filters, angles and photoshop…

        wheat waffles probably has never had a good date in his life and wrongly thinks a dating apps represent reality. willing to bet dude probably has a massive congenital facial defect or scar.
        women aren’t turned on by sexy mannequins, or male strippers, everyone knows this


  5. i think because he has a congenital defect, he feels nihlistic about dating and wants other men to feel the same, as it would give him comfort.


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