Coaching Review By Mr S

I recently coached Mr S over the bank holiday weekend. In fact, he was one of the students I referred to in my recent post on the levels of Game (link here). Mr S has a tonne of potential and I can see him going far. If you’re interested in coaching then click the link in the header menu and we’ll get started.


After a few years of infrequent daygame I decided to start being more consistent late 2021 onwards. 500 sets and 4 daygame lays later it was obvious that I was plateauing. I was not satisfied with my approach:lay ratio, but didn’t know how to improve it meaningfully as I felt I was already doing most of the basics right by now. (spoiler: I was wrong)

I had been following Tom’s blog for a couple of years, and liked his content so it was a no-brainer to get coaching from him to help fix the flaws in my game. We scheduled two sessions over a long weekend.

When we met it was soon obvious that Tom knew daygame inside out and was a very effective teacher. Most importantly, he was also a great guy and had a very relaxed and positive vibe about him (something I wish to emulate).

Tom observed a few of my sets and was quickly able to diagnose the problems with my game. Not only did we work on fixing those, Tom also taught me how to take my game to the next level. At first I didn’t believe that everything he was talking about was possible but after a solid demo set by him, my limiting beliefs were well and truly shattered.

The most interesting realisation was that this approach to daygame (i.e. playing to win) was both more effective and more fun. Yes, more fun!

Tom was also able to pinpoint the bad habits and behaviours I had developed over the last few years and helped iron them out. The biggest takeaway for me was a mindset shift to always push my advantage, and the techniques which help achieve that in set.

Tom’s coaching was holistic. He also covered vibe, session management, pre approach, inner game, texting (real examples), dating and even fashion.

The long form notes he shared after the session were extremely useful and clearly summarised what I need to focus on going forward. I benefited hugely from his coaching; I only wish I had done it sooner.

If you want to make your daygame more enjoyable, more effective, and smash through sticking points, limiting beliefs and plateaus then Tom is the real deal. It’s a bonus that you get a lot more value out of the coaching than you pay for!

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