Is Warsaw Burned?

I’m on my way back from Warsaw right now and wanted to answer the same question every other coach is answering… and every other Daygamer is asking: is Warsaw burned?

I’ll start by defining what burned means to me and how it related to Warsaw:

(1) That there are so many Daygamers in a city that in the best areas of town you will often see beginner/uncalibrated guys.

This has a two-fold effect: first, it can drag your own vibe down if you see bad approaches and creeped out or stiff reactions from girls. Two, it raises the chance of a girl being approached enough times (badly) during a short period that she sees your (potentially good) approach through this lens and you get off on the wrong foot.

This summed up Zlote during my time there and I didn’t actually do any approaches there during my trip; I’d only pop in to use the toilet. I’d much rather be outside and in what I consider to be a much better area: Marszałkowska. Zlote is confined and so it’s much likelier that she’ll be approached multiple times whereas Marszałkowska has inflow and outflow (metro stations) at both ends of the street which keeps it fresh.

This flow of people is much better to “hide a set in” too. I remember Torero saying that a good set should be indistinguishable from a regular conversation… but let’s face it, you can spot a Daygame set from a mile off. Nobody stands facing each other in the middle of a street having a conversation. It’s a good reason to do the “mini-bounce” (another Torero-ism) to the edge of the street to make it appear more natural to onlookers, which can reduce both of your spotlight effects and is a chance to test for compliance. Getting back to the point at hand: the flow of people means that your set stands out less and makes it easier to create the bubble.

(2) That the local girls have been approached so many times in general that the negative effect of “oh this again” outweighs the positive effect of your USP and vibe.

This all comes down to how much you polarise and/or have value backing up your Game, something which beginners and lower intermediates typically don’t have. I personally don’t care about approaching girls who have been approached before because I have a USP, value and a good (great perhaps?) vibe. I also only loosely follow the LDM structure these days (will do a post on this once I’ve tested it in London more) and so don’t set off player alarm bells and the approach appears natural. However, if you’re going in with “Excuse me I just saw you… what I noticed was…” then there’s a much higher chance that she’ll know that she’s simply one of many girls you’ve applied your cookie cutter method to that day.

In terms of how many Daygamers I actually saw… I saw them now and again but it was hardly like there was a set happening on every street corner. There were a couple of Daygamers from London in town, plus a few who live there. It didn’t feel overrun in the slightest.

The only thing I didn’t like so much was that I saw a few other coaches there, two of which were running bootcamps. I had no issue with the coaches themselves but this comes down to point (1) from above: the guys being coached were beginners and so typically run awkward sets. It meant that when you saw a bootcamp/coaching session you were only ever a few minutes away from seeing a potential bad/stiff reaction.

So overall, Warsaw wasn’t burned for me because I went to the right areas and I have a USP, value, vibe, etc. And as I always say: hypergamy doesn’t care whether she’s already been approached that day (to use Rollo’s turn of phrase).

I’ll finish up with a quote from my Belgrade review:

“A note of other Daygamers / a place getting burned: I have a saying that “a girl can get approached 100 times by other guys… but she hasn’t met me yet.” I genuinely don’t care about other Daygamers unless I’ve met them already and/or can vouch for their skills vicariously. They might as well just be grey blobs in terms of competition. They might be great guys to speak to, but I don’t register them. In fact, about an hour after I got the number from the Russian girl I laid, I saw her talking to another English Daygamer. Guys need to get it out of their head that if a girl gets approached multiple times, that the cat is out of the bag and “it’s not going to work anymore.” That shows that you’re reliant on street approaching as a gimmick. Sure, some girls will get tired of it and won’t give you a shot, but just remember that this whole thing is a value exchange and hypergamy doesn’t care if she’s been approached before.”

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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P.S. One of my Twitter followers asked for clarification on what I consider “value” to be, so I thought I’d write this postscript and do so and relate it to whether a city/girl is burned.

I like the breakdown of SMV to be status plus looks plus behaviours (which includes vibe). These are things that women find attractive and so they value them, hence “Sexual Market Value.”

Girls implement hypergamy and do their best to find the best resources and genes for their children; they’re looking for the step up from what they currently have. A girl who is a seven is looking for a guy who himself is at least a seven, an eight for at least an eight, and so on. Of course, personal preference comes in too. A golddigger might consider a good looking, but poor, guy a five, whereas a girl aged 18-24 might consider him an eight. Just remember that there’s no social credit score above our heads. People work off of their gut feeling as to whether someone is below, at the same, or above their level.

When it comes to “burned” girls, she’s going to require more SMV from the guy than she usually would. This is why I said it was good to polarise aka have a USP because you might be most girls six… but one particular girl’s eight. That would mean triggering her hypergamy because you approach her and present yourself as above her league (or it might get you into her league and so she’ll give you a shot).

Similarly having a high amount of any of the SMV components is good because it gives you a higher chance of coming in above her own (inflated) SMV demands. For example I coached a guy in Warsaw who was tall and jacked: a male eight when it came to just looks. The sevens were absolutely dripping when he did some warm-up sets on them. It didn’t matter one bit whether they had been approached that day because he triggered their hypergamy.

Lastly, relating to point (1) from the article: if seeing other guys approach negatively impacts your vibe -> lower SMV -> less chance of triggering her hypergamy/having a shot with her.

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