Manchester Daygame Review

I recently did some coaching in Manchester and I want to give a quick review of the city.

If you’re interested in Daygame coaching yourself then send me a message here (link). I’m available at short notice in London but can travel to other cities in the UK if you’d like me to coach you closer to home. One benefit of this is that any leads you collect you can actually pursue and you’ll learn how to Daygame in your own area.

Now on with the review!

Note 1: I went on an incredibly rainy (typical Manchester?) September day; we were unlucky with the weather but still managed to get a lot of sets done. The student was in his fifties but honestly could get away with saying he was 40 years old. He was looking to meet girls who he could turn into regulars; mostly women in their 30s who had taken care of themselves and were available.

Note 2: I recommend that if you live in a smaller city you do 15 sets a week over three (maybe four) sessions and that you’ll have to work harder to analyse yourself and improve. If you can afford to do so then take regular trips to more populous locations so you can get extra volume in.


The Daygame route starts at Manchester Piccadilly railway station (far right of the map) and then heads north west via Market Street to the Arndale Centre (a shopping mall; 1 on the map). The Arndale is a circular mall with two levels.

Then the left turn at the end of Market Street is Deansgate which has less volume but there is a House of Fraser department store. You can pop inside to see if there are any sets but because of the set-up it’s quite hard to: the escalators are all at one side of the building and so there’s no good reason to walk through each floor.

If you take a right at the end of Deansgate you reach an area which I think is called Springfields: one of those newly developed areas with lots of offices and modern restaurants and bars.

Lastly, number 3 on the map is Selfridges, which is much better for Daygame than House of Fraser. You can walk all the way to the top floor and try to pick out which sets you’d like to do – maybe try and ping for IOIs as you do so – and then pick one or two to do on the way down (though I would recommend you stick to doing one set per department store; you don’t want other girls in the shop seeing you in another set and then you possibly burning a good lead).

The Northern Quarter was also a nice place but since we were out during the day (and it was raining) it was deserted.

There’s also Manchester Univeristy just south of here but we didn’t go there


Now I guess this is the part where some people will be laughing and imagining beginner Daygamers trawling the Arndale Centre for chavs telling them they look French. But to be honest, the quality in Manchester was fine (and it was raining heavily that day!). Of course, you won’t get as many foreigners as you will in London but that’s the same for every other UK city anyway.

What you do need to succeed here, though, is good banter and a certain kind of style. The girls are ready to tease you just as hard as you could do to them and you need to be ready for that. You have to show them you have balls. And you probably shouldn’t polarise as much here as it’s a smaller city and standing out too much will start getting you odd looks. This isn’t London where it’s more acceptable (and perhaps even more expected) to look more creative. Instead focus on nailing the fundamentals: make sure you’re in the gym (a prerequisite for guys everywhere) and wear dark muted colours with harder edges and rougher materials. Get a standout watch, a nice jacket, some good (dark) shoes/boots and one piece of peacocking jewellery.

Overall Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised with Manchester. Having grown up in London I only ever heard stories about the north being a cold, wet, windy and generally unpleasant place… and it was only wet! Jokes aside, I honestly thought that it was a decent place for Daygame. If you lived in the city itself then I’d recommend living near to the Northern Quarter as there were a lot of date venues nearby. Plus you can always take trips out to Liverpool if you want to get more volume in.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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2 thoughts on “Manchester Daygame Review

  1. U really should have tried student areas of manchester…oxford rd down to campus…mon to plenty of fish imho…
    5 higher education places in compact city….says it all…why nightlife is infamous in manc 🙂


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