Guest Post: RawDogPUA Nightgame Q&A Bonanza

RawDog kindly offered to write a guest post on Nightgame for us all and he’s gone into great detail to answer all the questions that came through on Twitter. You should follow him there @RawDogPUA


Thanks to Tom for letting me write this post on his blog and thanks to everyone who submitted a question. We agreed that the best way to write this post would be to answer every question without a word limit. I roughly categorised each question so you guys can skip to whichever area you’re most curious about. Enjoy!



Opening / early game questions:

Do you rely on forcing IOI’s or go in cold primarily. Does this change when out alone?

I’m going to assume the person asking this question is a Daygamer. His definition of “forcing IOI’s” is probably just eye-fucking girls as he walks past them, in order to make some kind of (preferably prolonged) eye contact, before wheeling around to open.

If this definition is correct, then the answer is yes. I also eye-fuck girls as I meander through the club with the intention of holding someone’s gaze, before making my open. In the case where a girl does hold my eye contact, typically my open will be a physical one. Therefore, as I meander I tend to keep my hands clasped together by my chest. This way I can instantly outstretch a hand for a high 5 or a hand of God to make the open.

The underlying issue that forcing IOI’s addresses is the need for attention, pre-open. Eye-fucking is one way to get attention before opening. Another is what I call the ‘toodle-oo’. This is where I hold my hand up and wiggle my fingers. Either way, gaining attention before you open is a good way of increasing your opening success rate.

When I’m out alone, I meander through the club much more than when with wings. Standing still when out solo is a nerve wracking experience, and it feels much better to keep your feet moving. Therefore when I know I’ll be out solo, I aim to go to larger venues with bigger crowds. That way I’m not confined to a small area, and I can keep meandering around the venue, opening sets as I go.

When should you leave a set and when should you come back in?

Generally speaking you shouldn’t ever leave a set. There are exceptions to this however. If you get pushed out of set by a jealous dude or if you get told to fuck off, then I would look for greener pastures elsewhere.

You should come back when there’s a good opportunity, or when enough time has passed.

A good opportunity would be something like, you’re in another set and the previous set is behind you, and then you merge the two sets together. Merging sets has an incredible effect on the merged; It’s such a powerful tool.

And to add onto that, merging sets is extremely easy. It’s exactly the same as introducing old friends to new friends at a house party.

The other approach is to just let time pass until you re-open. People’s (especially hot girls) attention spans are short in NG, so if you give it 10 minutes, they probably won’t even remember your last open.

Best way to approach a woman when she is with a group of her friends?

There’s roughly two ways to approach group sets. You either open the girl you like directly and then address her group, or open the group and try to manoeuvre to the girl you like.

In either case, you NEED THE BALLS TO DO IT

90% of questions related to opening in NG aren’t actually to do with the technique of opening. The vast majority of the time guys are scared to open, and then they try to rationalise their fear by claiming a lack of knowledge.

Just get in there and do it. Yes, it will be scary. No, it won’t be smooth. Who cares?

Make the open. Make it strong. Stay in set.

If you want a really simple and effective verbal open, use this: “Hi, you’re a pretty girl. I wanted to say hello. My name is ” *handshake*

Best non-verbal opens on a loud dancefloor?

According to RSD Ozzie, there’s 7 main physical game moves that you do in NG:

  • Handshake
  • High 5
  • Hug
  • Spin Handshake (where you take her hand and spin her, like in a salsa class)
  • The Claw (putting your arm around her)
  • Lift
  • Kiss

I’d add an eighth one to that:

  • Hand of God

So to open on a loud dancefloor, pick one of these physical moves. Transition to the other physical moves, and then get them off the dancefloor (to the bar or smoking area). At that point, the game will become less physical and more verbal.

One further thing I would add is what I call a pre-open. You need to get her attention / eye contact before you extend your hand for a high 5 for example. A simple way to do this is just to tap her on the shoulder.

But again, in order for you to follow this advice, you need THE BALLS TO DO IT.

Don’t think too much about opening on the dancefloor. Pick your physical move beforehand and JUST FUCKING DO IT!

What are different strategies of gaming on the dancefloor vs near the bar area?

The opener will likely be different, ie on the dancefloor the opener will likely have to be physical but this isn’t necessarily true by the bar. However, the overall strategy is the same.


Pulling questions:

How do you identify if the set is not pullable vs “maybe” pullable?

There are 4 logistical questions you need to ask to determine the pullability of a set:

  • Who are you out with?
  • What is your plan tonight?
  • Where do you live?
  • What are your plans tomorrow?

An example of a not pullable set would be:

  • She’s out with her work colleagues
  • They’re celebrating some work-related thing
  • She lives an hour away and plans to drive home
  • She’s working tomorrow

Ask yourself: why is this set not pullable?

An example of a maybe pullable set would be:

  • She’s visiting her best friend
  • They’re celebrating her best friend’s flatmate’s birthday
  • She’s staying over at her best friend’s which is a 15 minute walk away
  • She has no plans tomorrow

Now ask yourself: why is this set maybe pullable?

An example of a pullable set would be:

  • Her and her friends regularly go out on this night
  • No particular plans tonight
  • She lives across the road
  • She has no plans tomorrow

Same exercise. Why is this set pullable?

Most sets you pull will have a combination of maybe-characteristics and yes-characteristics. Of course, it is still possible to pull girls with bad logistics, but the likelihood is much lower.

How long should you stay in-set in order to pull or when to move on to the next set?

Length of time is not the correct measure when it comes to pulling. A better gauge is compliance. Therefore a better question is: how compliant should a girl be, before attempting to pull?

Before answering this question though – you must determine the pullability of the set. See the question above for determining pullability.

So, assuming the set is at least ‘maybe’ pullable, we now need to determine her level of compliance.

The way to do this is what Mystery calls Compliance Testing. An example of a really simple compliance test would be to ask her if she’d hold your drink. An example of a more indicative compliance test would be to take her hand… and drop it. If she re-initiates contact, that’s a good sign of compliance.

Another important indicator of compliance is if she’ll come with you to different areas of the venue. If she’s willing to come with you to the bar, to the smoking area, to the dancefloor, etc, then it’s likely that she’ll be willing to leave the venue with you.

To answer the question directly then: a pullable girl will likely be pullable by you if she’s willing to move around the venue with you.

If you successfully isolated your target it’s easier to pull her home if the night is advanced (close to last call). Do you have strategies to pull earlier in the night, when chances for her to join back with her group are high?

If you successfully isolated your target it’s easier to pull full stop. The framework to pull is the same regardless of the time in the night. The chances for her to join back with her group are not a factor when it comes to pulling.


AMOG’s / gutter game:

What are your strategies for dealing with another guy hitting on your set?

I’m assuming the question asker is thinking of a situation where you are in-set, another guy comes into set and chats to your girl.

The first mistake was even allowing the space for another dude to come into the set. We must use preventative measures against other dudes. For example, if you can get into a situation where her back is facing the crowd, then do so. When I lift & spin girls, this is typically my goal.

Assuming preventative measures have been put in place and a dude is still able to come into set, I would say the main AMOGging strategy I use is what I call a self-blowout. I want the dude to blow himself out.

It’s a sad truth that most men are not able to speak about themselves in a high value way. Regardless, it’s something that you can take advantage of in order to get the dude to blow himself out.

The basic idea is to get him to demonstrate lower value.

A true story example is one guy who came into my set and started chatting to my girl. He spoke about work and said he’s a chef. I asked him “ahh, there’s a really good michelin star restaurant in town. You work there?” He said “nah I work at wagamama’s”. I responded with “oh, it must have taken you quite a few years to work up to head chef”. He said “I’m not the head chef”. I then looked at my girl, took her hand, and led her away.

Can you see how I lead the guy down the garden path to a demonstration of lower value? Why would my girl be interested in a guy who has a mediocre chef job in a mediocre restaurant?

The final nail in the coffin was of course taking my girl’s hand and leading her away. This has to be done at the right moment though. Starting with this could have made me seem needy and afraid.

Do you incorporate gutter game into your nightgame?

Currently I don’t do any gutter game. In the city I live in, it’s not really feasible. There’s no area like Soho in Bristol, so I just stay in the venue until closing time.


Solo NG:

Should one bother with 2-sets as a solo guy, and if so, how?

If you ‘don’t bother’ with 2-sets, what sets are you bothered about?

This is a silly question

What are the best strategies for nightgame without a wing?

The way to think about solo game is this: all game is solo game.

Are your wings doing the approaches for you? Are your wings building attraction / qualification / comfort? Are your wings pulling for you? Are your wings taking your dick and gently inserting it into the girl?


You are doing all of this. You are always solo when you are out cold approaching.

Of course your wings can help you progress the set, but the majority of the action taken is yours.

The time when you feel most alone when out solo is in between sets. The solution? Follow RSD Tyler’s advice of minimising time between interactions. When I’m out solo I spend a lot more time just chatting to whoever is around me – fat girls, people who work there, other men, etc. What’s important is to not allow yourself to be stagnant and lose momentum.

NOTE: preventing the loss of momentum is not the same as getting into state. Relying on state to do game can be fickle and unreliable. Having said that though, feeling low and unmotivated will kill your desire to socialise. I would say don’t worry about ‘being in state’, but do continue to take action to remain in a ‘good enough’ state.

Girls don’t know that you’re out solo. If questioned about the location of my friends, I tell a lie and say I’m out with one friend but he’s with a girl he met.

Another strategy is to create a wing for yourself. If you fistbump a good looking guy, befriend him for a bit and then ask him if he wants to meet some girls with you, he will almost always say yes. And just like that – you’re no longer out solo.


Meta questions:

Does it work better to pretend that you’re not sold on the girl/send mixed signals of interest compared to DG?

You shouldn’t be sold on the girl when you meet her anyways. You don’t know her. You don’t know anything about her. All you know is that she’s pretty. It never works to be sold on a girl you just met in any cold approach context (DG, NG, online, social circle, etc).

How do you change up your approach for different types of venues? (E.g. bar, club, lounge)

Currently in my game I’m pursuing SNLs so I’m only doing NG in clubs. I don’t bother with bars or lounges because the likelihood of a pull is lower.

How do you “run your night” for maximum success?

In the UK, clubs typically close at 3. I usually try to get to the venue at midnight, which gives me an hour and a half to warm up / challenge myself before Pull O’Clock. Pull O’Clock is the time of the night where the majority of your pulls will happen, and tends to be the last ~hour and a half before closing

How would you find venues with large smoking areas?

In a word: experimentation. I’ve been on so many nights out in so many different venues in my city that I have a good idea of where to go

How to raise your vibe beforehand so that it comes off as congruent?

You don’t need to raise your vibe or change how you feel at all to become congruent. In fact, doing so would be rather incongruent. If you feel scared, go in scared. If you feel sad, go in sad. It might not work as well, but that’s ok. The very action of going in will change how you feel. Voila, your vibe is raised.



Is it possible for lower energy guys to be successful at nightgame?

Look at Todd V – he’s short, old and introverted, and yet his game is unbelievably good. We’ll never get to his level, but we don’t need to in order to enjoy the fruits of game. One of my wings is an IT guy and he’s very low energy. He’s not even particularly friendly. One thing he is extremely good at though, is standing his ground and creating tension. You have to find your own strengths in game. How do you do that? Keep going out and you’ll figure it out.

What do you like about NG that keeps you going out?

Meeting and seducing new women will forever be interesting. And the better I’ve gotten, the higher the quantity + quality of women I am able to seduce.

The reason why I do NG rather than DG is in large part due to where I live. I live in a smallish city that isn’t quite good enough for consistent DG. However, nighttime venues act as aggregators of approachable women in a given area, so even in a small city, consistent NG is feasible.


Thanks again to RawDog. Make sure you follow him on Twitter and stay up to date with him. He writes great field reports for his nights out and is always putting in work to get better and better. Someone to look up to!

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  1. I have always pulled from smoking areas….high energy & crazy crowds…drain my soul….that said….NG in live music venues works for me


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