Should You Approach From The Left Or The Right?

This is perhaps the most serious question you should ask yourself this year: should I approach from the left or the right? “Perhaps” being the operative word there, because it absolutely should. Do not doubt yourself. Ever. Even if what you are saying makes negative-sense. Conviction is the cornerstone of both pick-up and the legal system. Without it, we are Australia.

Are you right or left handed? You want to create a strong first impression. It’s important that she sees your dominant hand first. Dominance is key. Dominance and leading. Here is an easy way to remember: lead, lead, lead… Leading hand (tell your son this). Do some extra reps at the gym to make sure your hand is swole. This is The Black Pill in action. Live The Black Pill. That’s anti-racism. Unless you are black. But don’t hide your weak hand. Peacock your vulnerabilities. It will show her that you have a two-handed personality. If you know what I mean. Women love innuendo. And soon, they will love you. Almost too much. Almost.

And geometrically? If she’s walking down the left hand side of the street, you must approach on the right hand side. Must. Approaching from the left will mean facing oncoming traffic. Getting hit by a car is a huge DLV: a big no-no in our books. If you live outside the UK, the risk is reduced. Unless you live in Japan. Be real. Or in the southern hemisphere, where things are upside down. Always be aware of your surroundings. Be present. Be mindful. Meditate. Twice a day. Everyday. All day. Women can tell when your mind is elsewhere. You want your mind to be somewhere. Somewhere close. For ease of access. Know which country you are in and you know half the secret.

If she’s walking down the right hand side of the street, you must approach on the left hand side. Unless you are the juggernaut. You are not the juggernaut. Bitch. Unless you are. Well done. Brick walls are nothing compared to the power of your daily affirmations. Play the Game. Or the Game will play you. You didn’t get played. Today. But tomorrow is a new day. Keep playing young kings.

What if there is no space to approach in the next five seconds? But there is in the next two. And there might be in the next ten? The answer is a connection to your deep masculine core. You should always have your mind on where you are. What your balls are thinking. Where the girl is. What she is feeling. Where she is walking. Music is the silence between the notes. Think about where she’s not walking. This is the key. Patience is key. Unlock your fifth eye. Absolute mindfulness must always be observed. No excuses. It is more important than approaching. Did you know that? Probably not. Because you’re not a Daygame coach. Like me.

Like me… Please.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown


P.S. There are nine real pick-up lessons contained within this nonsense. Can you spot them all?

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