Guest Lay Report: Mr J’s First Daygame Lay, Freaky French Girl

I first started working with Mr J last year when he had about 75 Daygame approaches under his belt. He reached out to me and we started doing weekly calls where we would talk about his sticking points and go into detail on how to solve them. He recently got his first Daygame lay (and his second came very soon after that) and I wanted to celebrate his success by re-posting his lay report here (he originally posted it to a local Game group). Well done Mr J!


Approach: Dec 21st 2022 – Montreal

I only saw her from the back at the Eaton Centre but noticed she has big curly hair, skinny tall figure with hips moving back and forth. I was excitedly nervous about testing out my new long brown coat. I caught up to her from behind opened directly from the side with eye-contact & a smile

I believe Mr S was subtly trying to infield me with his eye-glasses. After the open. I stacked a little & started rambling nervously because of her beauty. She was dressed for the nine’s in a mall no less but she mentioned something about reading self help books which I teased her about. I went for the number close & she told me she had a boyfriend.

Typically I falter here but with my nervous smirk, I responded with something like ‘I don’t want to be your boyfriend’ & went for the close again & she agreed.

I walked away thinking that was a dead-set as I’ve had sets before with the boyfriend objection where I number close, but they never go anywhere.

I texted her that same evening to go for the date & she told me she was leaving for her family’s cottage for the holidays & that she’d text me when she got back.

The salesperson in me decided to follow up after New Years. Standard Ping, Feeler & Date Request again to which she responded positively & We agreed to meet at a cafe.

Date #1 – On a Windy & Drizzly Sunday Evening (While I Had Flu Symptoms)

She texted me before the date letting me know she had a rough day at work & preferred some alcohol as opposed to coffee (Green Light).

Nevertheless, we met up in front of the same cafe. I walked up to her, hugged & started leading to the nearest bar around the corner. It was Sunday so very quiet & we got a seat in the corner. I immediately made up some excuse to sit next to her.

For the next hour, we just built comfort with a few spikes to establish the man-to-woman dynamic. I escalated by touching her hands, arms, earrings & hair. She happily accepted the frame. I had to run to the washroom a few times to clear my nose but after an hour & a half. I could tell she felt pretty comfortable so I decided to bounce to another venue closer to my place.

We walked hand in hand to the 2nd venue. On the walk there as we were waiting for the light at the crosswalk. I decided to go for the kiss, lol. She was caught off guard a bit so not-so-smoothly I got her to kiss me on the cheek instead.

We walked into the 2nd venue & found a seat where I could sit next to her. We got comfortable & both ordered some grilled cheese sandwiches.

This is where we got into a pretty deep conversation about dating, older men dating younger women etc. The Greek waiter serving us was eavesdropping on our conversation & decided to join in, the more the merrier I guess. I think this solidified the comfort between her & I as the waiter was talking to us as a couple as opposed to individuals.

My apartment is 2 minutes away from that restaurant, but Batman already had a girl over so I couldn’t pull back there. I had gotten her logistics & figured out she lived about 20 minutes away by metro.

Thinking this was going to be a 2nd date pull, I jokingly started singing ‘Take me Home, Tonight” she wasn’t really having it but I just kept the vibe fun & light

We finished our grilled cheese sandwiches & eventually I offered to walk her to the metro station. I still hadn’t kissed her at this point although I escalated as far I could ie. my arm around her & grabbing her hand & putting it on my thigh etc.

In the dreary weather. We got to the Metro Station. I, thinking I have nothing left to lose, decided to ‘Assume Attraction” & got on the Metro with her without saying a word. She gave me some shit about it & said ‘You can come to the Metro Station near my place but that’s it’ I agreed & changed the subject lol.

At her Metro Station, I got off & started walking her. She realized what was happening & said “You can come to my place but that’s it, nothing is happening” Again, I stayed out-come independent, fun & light.

As We got to her building after a 15 min walk from the Metro, mind you, in a pretty fancy part of town. I kept the conversation going to occupy her logical mind. At this point, I felt pretty confident about the situation as we got on the elevator.

We made it into her apartment & this is where the main obstacle showed herself, her cute but annoyingly loud dog.

The dog started barking & didn’t really stop, it clearly didn’t like me encroaching on its territory. I used her washroom & had some water but It killed the whole vibe unfortunately.

I was about to call it quits here & go home but She offered to walk me back. Apparently, the dog needed a walk & there was a dog park on the way to the Metro Station.

At this point, I was just rolling with the punches so I decided to go with it. Another 15 min & We get to the Dog Park. She lets her dog run wild inside the fence. I’m about to say goodbye & leave but then I decided to go for the kiss one last time. She rejected it again but I persisted by saying “I’ll close my eyes, just give me a peck” & she did

My Memory fails me here but I just remember us passionately making out after the initial peck. It was completely dark at this point, close to midnight.

For 30 minutes plus, We made-out some more & I started biting her neck as she started to moan. She asked me to choke her, lol. Her Moans kept increasing in intensity but I was also getting cold af. I suggested we go back to her place multiple times but she denied every request.

This is a learning opportunity: When I realized she was horny, I should’ve remained cool, calm & collected & simply baby-stepped my way back into her place, instead of overtly suggesting to go back to hers.

Eventually, I pulled my arms from around her & said goodbye. I walked to the Metro station & made my way home. As I was getting off at my station, she texted me something like “I’m in fact very wet right now, I just needed a little more time …” Oh well …

Date #2 – About a Week Later

I tried setting up the second date at a bar near her place so I can easily pull into her apartment. Instead, She suggested that I should just come over to her apartment to ‘watch a scary movie’. Perfect.

This time when I showed up at her building, she brought her dog downstairs so I could build comfort with the dog as well. It was much calmer this time albeit still apprehensive.

I was still pretty sick on this date as well so she was doing the heavy lifting by carrying the conversation. Thank God for YES Girls.

After struggling with her new TV, we just put some country music on. She was sitting with legs pulled to her chest & I put my arm around her leg. She grabbed onto my arm & made her intentions pretty clear if they weren’t already. Soon thereafter, we started heavily making out.

A true gentleman doesn’t reveal what happened next but I’m not a gentleman so I’ll tell you.

I took her into her bedroom & we read the bible to each other multiple times to repent for our sins.

The End.


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