#65: Pole Position

I’ve got a backlog of lay reports to get through, and it all begins with this non-Daygame lay which happened over a month ago.

I had been winging all day with Mr White and had rattled off a hefty 14 sets. Of those 14 two came on dates and both ended in failed bouncebacks; I’d count one of them as a proper near miss as her friends called and cockblocked me as were getting undressed. The other faked a call from her friends and left my flat, then blocked me on WhatsApp. Silly girl, should have just refused to come up in the first place and promised “next time.”

Anyway, back to the story. We were standing outside the Shakespeare’s Head pub in Carnaby Street and I was nursing a belly full of O’Neil’s new mega mixed grill; it’s two sausages, rump steak, chicken breast, gammon steak, chips, peas and a grilled tomato. Fantastic. As we were winding down two girls came and asked us for directions. Well, they said they wanted directions, but in reality it’s quite obvious that the London community has developed a new level of Game where the girls approach them.

I began talking to one of them, Magda, while Mr White chatted to his. She looked alright for her age – I’d later find out she was 31 – with long dark hair and a sizeable rack. Ironically she was Polish, and looked very Polish, and I was heading to Warsaw the following weekend.

We spoke for about 10 minutes and having spent the whole day chatting up girls, and now with some alcohol in my system, I easily found some extra gears and racheted up my teasing. I threw in a few touches and a sexual spike and she responded in a manner which suggested she fully understood my intentions: that I was only interested in sex.

I didn’t put much by it though and went for a cursory close as they were about to head off, initially asking for her Instagram considering her friend was right there. Magda couldn’t remember her handle and so offered her number instead. Yes that’ll do fine, I thought to myself.

She actually ended up drunk-texting me later that night but was already on the way home and so I couldn’t get her out then. Instead she kept up the texting, always responding even when I wasn’t asking any questions, and we agreed to meet for a drink later that week.

Magda showed up to the meeting point wearing a kind of blue shirt with gold coloured tassles on it, a bit like a cowboy.

“This is nice,” I told her, indicating the tassles.

“You won’t get distracted this time,” she replied, calling back to how I’d said her boobs were distracting me.

This was the first of a few green lights she showed me over the next couple of hours over two bars and two drinks:

  • If a girl draws attention to herself in a covert yet sexual way it’s a pretty good sign. Later on I’d ask her what her favourite part of her body was – she said her legs, which is also a good sign because it’s a body part which draws sexual attention compared to if she said something like her eyes – and so I followed that up by touching the ends of her legs which poked out from her trousers. I could feel that they were shaved and so she had at least prepared for the possibility of sex.
  • When we looked at some pictures on her phone I gestured for her to sit closer and she slid over right next to me. She went back after a few minutes but it was still a good signal.
  • I kissed her between venue one and two. I had been teasing her again and offered her a conciliatory hug and kissed her lightly while doing so to which she said “you move too fast.” Later on in the second venue we made out and she ran her hand up my thigh after I brought her hand onto my knee.
  • We played the Questions Game and I asked her what the most sensitive part of her body was. I can’t remember her answer, but when she asked me the same question and I said (apart from the obvious bit) probably my hair, she reached up and touched it.
  • When we bounced from venue one to two she asked how many places we were going to and whether it was bringing us closer to my house. I agreed and amplified by saying yes, but that I had 20 places planned before that would happen. Then as we left the second place to go to mine she simply asked if we were going to mine and I said yes.

Naturally there was no LMR and she’d shaved her pussy and was wearing a thong. +1, Polish flag. I didn’t ask her much after sex apart from when she knew what I wanted, to which she responded: “straight away.”

There’s not a huge amount to learn from this lay report since she came wanting sex and all I had to do was escalate. However, this is a good example that you should always be on the lookout for opportunities; I might have let her go initially without trying to close her and would have foregone the +1 and the flag, which in the end came at a very low cost. It was an easy win and at this point in my player’s journey a throwaway experience. I got the flag, which was nice, and she was pleasant company while it lasted, but apart from that there was nothing to brag about.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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