#35: Running the Train

1- Location: Trafalgar Square (by St Martin-in-the-Fields Church)

2- Story

Friday came and it brought with it another half day, along with an un-seasonally crisp, clear, and welcoming blue sky. October was much warmer than it should be, and it pleased me greatly to not require a thermal nor gloves.

Throughout the whole of 2017 I had been using my work holiday to take each Friday afternoon off. It didn’t quite stretch for the entire year so this was to be my last afternoon off of 2017… how fitting. What the managers who sanctioned this holiday plan didn’t know, was that I was using that freedom to seduce London’s unwitting inhabitants.

I’d been having a sleepy day so far and things were not clicking. I’d managed one number but it was a weak one. I didn’t hold much hope for further proceedings but as ever, the set of glory can be just around the corner. That’s part of why Daygame is so addictive: the intermittent reinforcement. You have within your power the ability to increase your skill, and hence your probability of getting the lay, to an extent. Beyond that, you’re relying on the right girl at the right time. Most of the time the Game is IOD’ing you but sometimes it IOIs you.

I had a poke around Trafalgar Square where my expectation of low quality was confirmed, before heading uphill towards St Martin-in-the-Fields Church. On my way up I spied Anna coming towards me, let her go past, counted to three, then went back and stopped her (ironically, the subject of #23 was also called Anna and I stopped her in nearly exactly the same place). I teased her for her determined walk, and after finding out that she was a recent art graduate, for their general laziness. The thing that drew my attention was her bare legs in the middle of Autumn. It turned out that she was Russian, but had been brought up for most of her childhood in Manchester, hence her surprising accent. She commented that she hated Moscow and hated social media, which appeared to me as a green light by indicating rebellion against her parents and their dating culture and societal norms.

Something simple that has occurred to me recently is that the quality of idea for your teasing and observational stack doesn’t actually need to be very good. It’s likely that she hasn’t been approached before by a competent Daygamer so she has little to compare to. In the end, it’s better to use the thing that springs to mind and stay calm, rather than to try and think of something witty.

We moved into comfort and I closed her, although I was peeved to find out that she was leaving the next day to go back to Manchester. Just my luck, I thought.

I pinged her later on to see whether she would reply, and she came back near instantaneously; that made me stop and think something could be on here. Maybe I could get her out before she went back home. It was a long shot, and I would have to run the date incredibly quickly, so I tried to get her out that night. She couldn’t sneak away from her parents that evening, but she did come out the next day. Here’s the full transcript of the texting, where I think I played it excellently (credit Mazz for “treating my neighbours…”). In particular:

  • I didn’t get butthurt about her not coming out that evening, if anything I ignored it when she apologised for not making it
  • I kept the teasing going
  • I persisted when she said she would need to stay near Westminster

So there I was, a little astounded at how things had progressed so quickly and, to be honest, a bit nervous as well. I’d done fast pulls before but not where I truly had to run the train. She was leaving London in a few hours time and if I didn’t get my dick in her now, I’d have it left in my hand.

I met Anna at the station (bare legs again), went to kiss her on the cheek but she thought it was a hug, leaving me to kiss her ear; so far so good. I recouped, addressed the elephant in the room, kissed her on the cheek, and led her down the high street towards a pub where we got two stools next to each other. Over the next thirty minutes I weaved comfort and escalation together before she said the beer had gone to her head (she had half a pint of IPA) and made her eyes a little dizzy. I took that as an excuse to get close to her, look deep into her eyes, and kiss her. As an aside, she drank her drink in the bar and at mine (spoilers!) very quickly. My theory is that she wanted to fuck and was drinking quickly to ensure that her forebrain put up less resistance later on.

I’ve heard it said by a lot of PUAs that oftentimes, you recognise the moment you should have kissed her ten minutes too late, so it’s very important to be aware of the signals she sends out. In this case it was her saying she was dizzy. On another recent date a girl pondered something by putting her finger on her lips. When you think she’s signalling for the kiss, take the chance and find out where the pieces fall. On top of that, I’m always testing the distance by coming in close to say something to her or “tell her a secret”.

As part of the physical escalation, I took a good look at her Michael Kors bracelet (£115… just looked it up). It turned out that her family was incredibly rich, and that her Dad had bought an apartment on the Strand for him to stay in while he worked in London. Anna had told her parents that she was going out for lunch and later on on our way back to the station (more spoilers!) she lied to her parents over the phone about how she was walking along the Thames now and would be back home in 30 minutes. I wasn’t surprised, but it was delivered in such a believable tone that it stuck with me.

We finished our drinks and I weaselled a bit, saying that we were going for a walk, but she questioned it again when we got to the road so I told her “to mine, for another drink”, which she immediately agreed to.

We walked up to my front door and the sound of a vacuum cleaner immediately told me that something was amiss; the cleaners were in to do their fortnightly sprucing. Urghhh!, I thought, this is almost (almost!) funny. I sprang into action, and told Anna to wait by the door while I went upstairs for a second, and thankfully got the cleaners to hide in a room in the middle of the stairs while I ushered Anna in. Praise be to the Daygame gods that she didn’t leave in the meantime.

3- LMR and Sex

I put a Sheepy Mix on YouTube on my new TV (it’s quite good to have the larger screen… very entrancing), and we sat down with a couple of beers and chatted a bit more. After a few minutes I drew her into me and let the proximity erode any remaining LMR. Kissing turned into a full makeout, turned into me running my hand up her thigh, turned into me spanking the cold skin of her ass. That drew a sharp intake of breath, and I knew it was onnnnnn…

I picked her up (literally), carried her into my bedroom, and dropped her onto the bed, undressing her to reveal soaking wet panties and a pair of tits which could be accurately described as “jubblies”.

While I think the Russian duck lips that a lot of girls sport look retarded, they’re nice to kiss and even nicer wrapped around your dick. I facefucked her a bit before giving her a right seeing to, pulling out, and cumming in her mouth.

In the post-sex interview I learned:

  • I was her seventh. She’s 21, so that’s around the her-age-minus-13 mark, indicating by my rule of thumb that she was telling the truth and factoring in the r-selected lays as well. She turned the question back to me but I deflected it correctly.
  • She fully knew what I wanted when I kissed her in the pub, but had a very strong idea when we were texting the night before
  • At first, on the street, she didn’t know what was going on and thought it might just be friendly. Although, she said my fashion gave her an inkling.
  • She thought that approaching girls in the street was “gentlemanly”.

Not long after, her parents were calling and asking where she was, so I fucked her again quickly (I always have to have seconds), took some naked pictures of her for posterity (the trick is to just walk in with the camera on), redressed, then walked her to the station with a promise that if she was in London again that we could meet for some further shenanigans.

4- Lessons Learned

  • The fact that she’s leaving the next day doesn’t mean the lay is entirely off the cards. You should still take the number because she might drunk-text you for a booty call or be available the next day before leaving. Any meetup has a higher probability of sex because of the scarcity induced by the impending separation.
  • In future, focus on building arousal on the date by directly saying that you find something about her sexy

I had my dick in her within an hour of meeting her at the station (take that seven hour rule), and the lay cost £8 plus two bottles of beer at mine. I’d say she was a seven. If she lost a little bit of weight she could be an eight. This is lay 2 of 24 this year.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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