Prague Review

There it is, my first Eurojaunt in the bag. How did I do? What did I think? Would I go back? Let’s find out.


It’s always good to start with stats because numbers don’t lie and they’re very useful to tell a story at a macro level.

Approaches: 69

Number Closes: 27

Social Media Closes: 5

Dates: 3

I-dates (including delayed): 2

D2: 1

D3: 1

Bouncebacks: 2

Lays: 1

Looks like a regular filtering of results right? Going from approaches to numbers to dates to a lay. It wasn’t.

Daygame and Dating Experience

The defining theme of this jaunt was false positives. My number closing rate was exceptionally high, nearly one in two approaches, but they only ended in one proper D2. I don’t know whether it was the weather, my style, my type of Game, my transience, bad luck or whatever it was, the locals just didn’t have enough interest to want to come out again.

I got the expected 50% flake rate to my initial ping, then another 50% didn’t send a second message, and all but one of the remaining girls wouldn’t come out to meet me, whether they were actually busy, or weren’t busy but just enjoyed the messaging experience. There was nothing different to the kind of messages I would send in London either.

What was different to London was the structure of approaching. In London I cherry pick my sets, looking for a particular reason to approach, but in Prague I was spraying my bullets far and wide, approaching girls for the sake of flipping the stone in some cases, looking for the elusive lay. Interestingly that meant I got more blowouts here in Prague than I do in London.

Nonetheless the vast, vast majority of girls were very polite and even if they were No girls they would stand there and listen to what I had to say, all the while making small steps backwards and waiting for me to excuse them. In those cases the girls would usually smile and giggle at the approach just for how unexpected it is, before realising they weren’t interested and then looking down and using one word responses. It’s something you don’t get in London unless the girl is particularly friendly or polite but I would actually rather have a girl leave the set if she wasn’t interested.

Then there were your run of the mill sets where we both had medium interest for each other. They chugged along like normal with me working out by iteration a kind of script of conversation topics. It helped the conversation forward towards the number close but I’d always consider them as more slop for the funnel.

Then there were the high interest, fun, flirty sets with great eye contact and accepted touch and proximity. I was mentally rubbing my hands together as I was running these sets thinking finally I’ve found a strong lead. These were the kind of sets where I could literally feel the strength of the hook and knew when to run more comfort, easing off on the girl, or tease and touch more, showing more intent.

What I quickly found out was that I was taking all these leads, storing them in neat little piles, laying them down inside a black box and shaking the box only for random parts to fall out. Maybe girls would reply out of politeness and (what I thought were) Yes girls wouldn’t reply to my feeler. It felt like a completely different world to what I’m used to, where a strong set leads to strong messaging and then a date in the majority of cases.

That has an impact on your vibe, as I found out, because it can make opening feel a bit like work. After the first couple of days I was lacking motivation to open, but still did of course, because I had no idea what would come of those sets (bit more on why this happened in the next section). It turned the process into a black box and I like to know that there’s a purpose to what I’m doing.

Part of this is because I was there solo. Naturally with a wing you are pushed into more sets; there’s a kind of shame in letting a pretty girl walk past without one of you opening her. It means that you quickly and consistently wash away any inhibitions and approach with a creative mindset. That added bonus might be enough to take a girl from Maybe to a strong Maybe or a strong Maybe to a Yes and onwards to a lay.

Now onto dating: I was here for 11 days and only actually got one proper D2 from the 60 sets I did for the number farm. Compare that to my running average in London for 2019 of a date for every 13 sets and you can see why I began to lose motivation. Aaaaand she was a timewaster! My first experience with one of these fabled Ukrainian timewasters I heard so much about; the interesting thing was that she insisted on paying for herself and accepted my touch. A coffee first date (she wouldn’t bounce to a bar afterwards) and then a second date with alcohol where she wouldn’t kiss. She became suddenly very busy afterwards.

The first idate was a delayed one with a German tourist who I tweeted a bit about. She seemed like such a slut but wouldn’t have sex with me after not giving up on her LMR. I dropped her off at the metro and then returned to my flat to wonder what was wrong with me.

Then on Saturday night, with only one full day of the jaunt left, I opened a Russian girl on the main shopping street at 11:30pm, went for a drink, walked her back to mine and banged her with no LMR. All under 90 minutes. It gave me a massive feeling of relief to have accomplished what I set out to achieve by coming here but it also made me look at the whole number farm and think what was the point!

It’s interesting to go back and read what I wrote during the jaunt. I kept a journal as I was here, which I’ll post soon, and you can feel the difference in my vibe between the days leading up to Saturday and then afterwards. I wrote about the two failed dates in detail as well.


This was the main promise made to me before I made the journey, something along the lines of: the girls are so much hotter and nicer, when you get back to London you’ll see how shit it is. I’m sure there was an element of schadenfreude to those comments.

Now, they weren’t lying, the girls were hotter – I’d say half a point to a point hotter on average here in Prague – and they were more polite. And without exception they put more attention into their clothing, hair and fitness regimes. But this wasn’t the land of the eights, this was seven heaven. That increase is very important, though, and allows for the number farm style of mass opening (who would want to mass open sixes?) but I didn’t have a burning desire to fuck most of the girls I opened. I was attracted but not at a high enough level. I rarely saw eights and nine times out of ten they were with their friends.

The Czech girls don’t dress very creatively either, though I must say that the weather was rather overcast while I was here, which would have had an impact. When a girl has something about her which is easy to tease or comment on then you get a little boost in vibe before you approach because you’re proud of your little creation.

These two points combined meant that a lot of my sets were lacking the sexual drive which is needed to push them forward. I’m absolutely sure girls can see this on your face too. I plan to push east in my travels and this issue will probably solve itself but for now London isn’t ‘ruined’ for me.

As well as Czechs you get a few Slovaks and quite a lot of Ukrainians and Russians. The latter two usually wear more interesting articles of clothing and were hotter.

On a final note, let’s talk about the guys (no homo). Czech guys are quite unexciting and unassuming. A couple of the girls I approached told me that it was something a Czech guy would never do. And when I saw Czech couples walking around the streets, in the majority of cases, I noticed that the girl was holding the guys hand. I didn’t see any local Daygamers or if I did then they weren’t approaching. The Daygamers I met were either travelling from outside of the Czech Republic or had moved to Prague from elsewhere. Overall I’d say that the male quality in Prague is half a point to a point lower to what it is in London.

Prague Daygame Area

Compared to London the Daygame area in Prague is tiny. Even though I stick to central London you could still go to Kensington and Chelsea, Camden, Liverpool Street, Southbank and many other areas. In Prague there’s one route and to walk it in a loop would take roughly 45 minutes to an hour, though it is pleasant enough to walk along and most of it is pedestrianised; you’re not trying to cross busy roads to open or to hear someone over the noise of cars. Although be warned that cars don’t stop at zebra crossing unless you begin to cross the street first.

It goes from the Narodni Museum at the top of Wenceslas Square, down the square to New Yorker, then right onto the main shopping street (Na Prikope I think), at the end of that street you veer left and end up at Palladium Mall. You can do a lap of the mall before going back on yourself. Palladium itself has five levels but I think the middle three are most Daygame-able because of the shops there. Be especially careful of girls you want to approach who will walk past Sephora next to the Costa as they will duck inside the shop and start talking to the shop assistants: in this case go in quickly.

There’s also the Old Town square with the clock tower but it’s a tourist trap full of groups; I opened one girl there on my entire trip. However it could be better for Gutter Game if you were to find a solo tourist wandering around.

In terms of timing I found Daygaming between midday and 2pm to be a bit of a waste. For example, on my first day I did six approaches between 12 and 3 but then 10 approaches between 4:30 and 6:30. The volume picks up around this time as girls are leaving work or their studies to go home, and there are a whole new host of girls going to work in the evening who you can catch on their way there. And in terms of days, a lot of girls go back to their villages on the weekends to spend time with their families so keep that in mind.

Gutter Game picks up when it gets dark which was around 9pm while I was there. I didn’t do enough Gutter Game I think. I wasn’t hitting it off with the natives and so I should have thrown in that extra spiciness that the nighttime brings.

Prague Itself

What about the city itself? I promised myself that I would go out and see the sights so I had something to talk about with people back home. Prague is quite a small place and really you have to entertain yourself and not have any problem with walking. A lot of “attractions” are just payments to walk inside a particular place and the museums are more like single exhibitions. For someone headed to Prague alone I’d recommend downloading a lot of podcasts or an audiobook to listen to while walking around. Quite often I would go to see something and then go and walk around a park afterwards and head to a particular coffee shop so having something to listen to was a great way to pass the time.

These are the list of things I did:

  • Narodni Muzeum plus Riegrovy park. I found a very nice coffee shop nearby called Cafe Boheme as well
  • Prague Castle
  • The two parks in Prague 7 just across the river to the north
  • Museum of Sex Machines (for the bants)
  • Museum of Communism (the best museum in my opinion for Czech history post-WW2, even though it really is just an exhibition)
  • Charles Bridge
  • Old Town Square (though you’ll check this out during your Daygame anyway)

I’d also recommend having yourself a chimney cake or two and going to the Two Cats Czech Restaurant (I don’t know the name) near Mustek for the Pork Knee, it’s absolutely gigantic, as I led a fellow Daygamer to find out! I watched a lot of football while I was there as well and always went to the Dubliners Irish Pub, just off of the Old Town Square. There were probably cheaper places but it had loads of screens and all the matches on.

Would I Go Again?

Yes, but not on my own. I’ve seen all the tourist things and going again would be a pure Daygame experience. Given that the girls there didn’t wow me I’d need a wing to push me into the churn of sets. It’s possible that I’d go there again on my own but not for another five years or other similarly long break to see how it (or I) would have changed.

I’d recommend a fellow Daygamer tries out Prague to begin with. I picked it because there’s a lot of chatter around the place in the Daygame community and I wanted my first jaunt to be a bit cliche in a way. The level of English is good and it’s very westernised. But perhaps go for a shorter time: maybe five days; you’d have to go very hard on the first three days including Gutter Game and hope for something lucky, but it reduces the pressure of the jaunt to get laid and gives you an opportunity organise a trip for the first time.

Was It All Worth It?

This is the question I keep asking myself but I didn’t give a proper ‘yes’ until the lay. It seemed that getting laid was the Chekhov’s gun of the trip and that it wouldn’t feel complete if I hadn’t got it. It’s just the nature of the beast: I did all this Daygame and dating to get laid and so if I didn’t then I’d be left to rationalise why it was worth it, when deep down I’d feel that I failed in a way.

In fact I was preparing myself to list out the positives of making the trip in case I didn’t get laid. I was thinking about the achievement of simply organising the flights and AirBNB and having the guts to go and do it alone. Actually going out there, scoping out the Daygame area (though this was available online beforehand) and doing sets. Battling through some girls with poor English and monitoring my vibe and technical skill. Then working out date venues and lines of extraction back to my apartment. Small things like buying bounceback alcohol. Essentially setting up the logistics I take for granted at home in another country. I did all these things and yet if I hadn’t have got the lay I would have come back feeling a kind of shame.

There was a wing – S – who I messaged with towards the end who pushed me to keep on going. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have done the set that led to the lay if it hadn’t been for his encouragement. And as one man whiter than me and another man oranger than me once said: never ever give up.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

6 thoughts on “Prague Review

  1. Excellent report. I agree that there are far more false positives in Prague particularly with the FSU girls who are much hotter on average than the locals. It’s a beautiful city to live however I don’t like the daygame personally as I get nothing but blowouts but in Warsaw I got practically none. I think the city is horrifically burnt to the ground but you can still get laid.

    Well done on your lay. Travelling solo is tough but oh so satisfying. .

    [Cheers! I’ve heard they prefer darker skinned guys in Poland so that makes sense. TC]

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Whiter than you? Casper the friendly ghost?

    Good review. I look forward to returning there one day but I expect it’ll be more of a drinking holiday than a daygame one.

    [A certain Senor Blanco ;). Yeah the beer was excellent. 13/10 would recommend. TC]

    Liked by 1 person

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