Guest Lay Report: Russian Tango Bang(o)

Today’s post is a guest lay report by Kevin, a student of mine (previous lay report here). We stay in touch and he sends me quarterly reports of how he’s getting on. If you’re interested in coaching then send me a message here. Otherwise let’s enjoy Kevin’s report!


It was 30th March. One day previously I had arrived in my Eastern European home country for a week-long holiday. It was not planned as a daygame Euro jaunt. Instead, my schedule would consist of countless visits to relatives and friends. After getting over jet lag I decided to walk along the central area of my hometown. In the meantime, due to the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war and the subsequent sanctions against Russia and Belarus, my country has accommodated tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees, as well as Russian and Belorusian economic migrants, turning my hometown into a decent daygame location. I decided to try my shot, recollect my sweet memories and do one approach or two.

After a five minute walk, I spotted a slow walking girl giving me a massive IOI. In my initial +1 message to my wings, I claimed her to be 7, but then I reassessed her quality and deducted -1 point, primarily due to her age. I counted to three and then immediately approached her. I gave her my compliment and used a classic Torero stack about her “dreamy walk” which she liked. She was looking deep into my eyes and giggling during the set. During my coaching session with Thomas Crown, he was pushing me to be more physical and mark my territory as an imaginable semi-circle in front of the girl. I did that during this set and it worked.

Her name was Irian, a 32 year-old tango dancer from central Russia. She was visiting my town as a tourist. I needed to visit my friends, so I did not offer an instant date. Instead, I proposed an evening date and she agreed enthusiastically. We exchanged contact details and I walked away. She responded immediately and I set up the date.

I invited her to my classic date location. A small cafe in the city centre with very cheap homemade wine (3 quids per 1 litre). She came to the date and sat near me. Her English was on the intermediate level. After a half an hour of classic gradual escalation and switching between mundane topics (Russian literature, my country, my UK life) and light escalation (tattoos, relationships, plastic surgery, “what is the longest hair you ever had?”).

After a while, I proposed we play the questions game and she agreed. When we moved to the sexual topics, she was answering all my questions in greater detail. On my question “what is the craziest sexual thing you’ve ever done, but are interested to do” she responded “I did everything. I’m very crazy about sex.” In the middle of the questions game, I kissed her. She laughed and said, “hm, you’re very fast.”

Everything was going great and I saw that she was on. The only challenge was the lay logistics. As long as I was staying at my parents’ house, the bounceback to mine was impossible. I had two options: first, natural sulphuric spa baths. There are around 30 of these in my hometown and the typical place that you might take a girl for sex. Their prices are varying, but in the cheapest one, a tidy private room with a small pool with hot mineral water costs approximately 10 quids per hour. The downside is that not every girl would follow me to the bath. Second, the hotel. The downside is the price and the cheapest one starts from about 30 quids. I started seeding the bath to her, by telling the stories of how the greatest Russian poet Alexandr Pushkin had visited them. Then I told her: “now, let’s go to the bath. It’s private and no one would see us.” But she refused. I offered to go to the hotel instead, and after 10 seconds of silence (and an eternity in perceived time, I’m sure – TC), she said yes. I searched for the nearest budget hotel on and we walked there. We entered the room and after a quick shower, the magic happened. Zero LMR.

In the post-sex interview, she said that she realised that we would end up having sex straight from the beginning. She also named three things she liked in me: my height, my education and my sexual intent (Russian lyubveobilnost). After some pillow talk, we decided to go home and say goodbye to each other. On the way back, the owner of the hotel approached me and asked “was she Russian?”, I said “yes”. He liked it and said “Well done man. They are occupants and they should be fucked really hard! This is my number. You can bring the girls any time and I’ll give you a discount!”

Lessons learned:

  • Always approach after IOI, even if you are not on your daygame session
  • Use more physicality and try to get closer to her during the set
  • Be aware of daygame life cycle. First, you get no numbers, then you get flaky numbers, then you get sludgy numbers and finally you get slutty numbers. Before my holidays, I had a period of sludgy numbers in England which was followed by the lay I described above. Right now, I’m trying to crack the pussy code of Prague but am stuck on the sludgy numbers stage. Although, it affects the vibe, deep inside I know, that a new +1 message to my wings is a matter of time. But this is another story…

4 thoughts on “Guest Lay Report: Russian Tango Bang(o)

      1. I was once again reminded of the utility of daygame…downloaded Hinge for bants, and set my profile as a straight woman. Dude there’s so many desperate guys out there, decent looking guys, that it’s actually sad.

        Side question on height Mr Crown; You still stand by 6ft to 6ft3 being the superior general height range for guys as opposed to say 6ft6+?

        Great content as always


      2. I do, yeah. 6″6’+ is simply too tall and too intimidating for some girls. It limits how close you can get in set. The flip side is you make the tall girls feel small


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