#37: Beta Bait

“Some are tap-ins and some are 40 yard screamers.

Why do you want every one to be a 40 yard screamer?

At the end of the day they all count the same;

Sometimes you’re just a fox in the box.”

– Dr. Victor (paraphrasing)


1- Location: (social circle) N/A


2- Story

Tammy and I first crossed paths roughly a year and a half ago; the encounter left me with red lipstick smears up and down my shirt. Front and back. I remember that I quickly hurried home to destroy the evidence, burying the shirt deep into my laundry basket. The next day I frantically removed the incriminating marks like Lady Macbeth. Something about my manner aroused a slight suspicion in my girlfriend, leading her to ask whether I had been up to any shenanigans the night before. I lied and dismissed the notion.

Over the course of any relationship which progresses beyond the initial, romantic love phase, you begin to accrue a collection of missed opportunities. Girls who you could have pursued, were you single or otherwise more inclined to infidelity. IOIs snatched in nightclubs and seemingly on friend of friends. Tammy was one of these.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, and it was the Doctor’s girlfriend’s birthday. The end of a long week brought with it a yearning for some activity, and I was desperate to blow away the cobwebs I’d accumulated in the preceding five days. Who else would be attending but that missed opportunity I’d encountered 18 months prior.

From the get-go Tammy earned the title of this lay report like a champ. She was wearing a skimpy cocktail dress, push up bra (emphasis on the up), and high heels, plus full make-up, of course. Not my cup of tea, I’ll admit, I prefer natural and free flowing, but this loop was too enticing not to close.

All the attraction had been done before, so I began as in Mystery Method by largely ignoring her and waiting for female to male IOIs. Once I got them, I isolated her in the smoking area and built some sexual tension, letting her know I was interested.

At this point, the games began. Not content to have a pleasant evening herself, Tammy decided to invite her abusive ex-boyfriend out to the club we were going to to introduce a little drama. I imagine she subconsciously hoped that some sort of fight would break out between the two of us (more beta bait), but the whole thing worked in my favour. He followed her around and bought her drinks, whereas I smirked and turned my back on her. I was quite certain that she had low self-esteem, which meant that pushes broken by pulls were required rather than the opposite.

While on the dance floor, I felt her closing proximity to me; sometimes she would brush her hand up against my arm. Now was the time to pull, so when the ex-boyfriend’s back was turned I tilted her chin up and kissed her, before stepping away, pressing my index finger to my lips and giving her the “shh” signal plus a wink. I could see that it hit home, but due to the ever present ex I was unable to extract that night, settling for a secret number close by the cloakroom.

I’ll give her one thing, she sure was consistent. The real life drama was followed by game playing over texts, and after a week I had decided that she wasn’t worth it leading me to soft next her. I could understand why her previous boyfriends had been abusive, since a guy without knowledge of Game would have been mightily pissed off by her pissing about. The soft next worked wonders though, and my complete transition to the IDGAF mindset meant that she came directly to my house the Monday ten days after we met. Unfortunately, this isn’t some sort of breakthrough in texting, but the result of some messages lost in translation. I originally invited her out for drinks, but she misconstrued this as coming directly to my house. Her counter-offer involved her cooking for me at hers, which I was on board with, until I found out she lived with her parents. Flipping it back again, I told her to come to mine and I would cook something.

Tammy told me that she would take ten minutes to get ready and 50 more to get to mine. Now, I never believed that for a second, but still thought I was justified in thinking that her turning up three hours later with no warning was cuntish behaviour. We ate some risotto and had some drinks and I kissed her, but she put up resistance when I pushed further. I was consciously aware of two issues: 1) inviting her straight to mine and then pushing for sex was certain to raise her ASD, and 2) I knew she enjoyed games and trying to bait men, so thought it would be best to put myself in a position to fail, so that I proved myself as non-slobbering.

The beta bait didn’t end there, though. She also tried to draw me into conversations about sexual adventures, favourite positions, the weird traits of her ex-boyfriends, and the sex toys she owned. I deflected with the classic “good Christian boy” routine, to which replied stating that she too was a “good Christian girl”. Unfortunately, her delivery lacked my tongue in cheek humour.

Eventually I took her to the station where she practically invited herself back out for the Saturday night after she finished work. It looked like the lay was in the bag… if she showed up of course.

Of course, she didn’t skip a beat and restarted the game playing via text. I had learned my lesson though, and knew it was a ruse. All I had to do was stick it out to the day then give her explicit instructions to meet me. No pretense of it being an option and no use of false choices.

She finished work at 7pm, and got to mine for 11pm…

I knew that I had to keep the whole thing sexual, and that taking her on a long or even standard length date would send out all the wrong signals, making her think that she could milk me for more attention. We sat down in a nearby cocktail bar and I started with some comfort, dropping in some soft dominance trivia about my childhood, before ramping up the conversational pressure on her by turning the conversation towards sex. This time was different to before, because I kept the spotlight firmly on her preferences and experiences, and offered no judgement on the content. She tried to turn the pressure back onto me by asking me about how I would pick up girls, but I responded with a deeply generic answer rather than falling for the trap of trying to explain the red pill.

It was at this point that she needed to use the bathroom, and out of nowhere my table was encroached on by a Polish guy, two Polish girls and an American girl. I struck up a conversation with them and could sense that the American girl was into me. This provided a shock for Tammy when she returned, who was met by the American girl and her blustered inaudible apology. I leaned back and smirked, while Tammy sat back down, hands in her lap, lost for words. Not only that, but the group of friends had “spare drinks”, and I was the happy beneficient of one.

This raised some interesting extra information: she adopted a pouty face, and told me that normally she wouldn’t care, but “her cycle” was making her care more. Great, I thought, she’s on her period which might mean waiting for a third date. I ran some more comfort, and we returned to my flat.


3- LMR and Sex

I put some music on and went about trying to break down her LMR, but whenever I tried to remove her clothing she pushed back and reminded me of her period. It was ironic, then, that I didn’t push for sex the previous Monday where she would have been in her horniness window.

Eventually I got tired out. It was late, and I thought I’d try and let the comfort of lying in bed together, possibly overnight, break the LMR. I got into bed in just my underwear and she followed wearing just hers, and a borrowed t-shirt. That made access to her pussy much easier, and as we made out I inched my dick closer and closer, eventually pushing aside her underwear and penetrating her.

In my Game career, I’ve only fucked one girl while she was on her period, and I think she was near the end of it, which meant a slightly red coloured vaginal aura. This time I experienced a wholly different beast, and looked down to see my dick literally covered in blood; the soaked knife plunging in and out. I came, then cleaned myself off in the bathroom and made the sign of the +1.

I didn’t do a post-sex interview because honestly, I didn’t want to know. There was no Daygame skillset to analyse and I wouldn’t trust her stated lay count for one second.

A little while later we had sex again, slept, then again twice the next morning/afternoon. She had a bath and took something like an hour and a half to get ready, using enough deodorant to make me cough and splutter, before I shipped her off to the station.


4- Lessons Learned

  • Identify girls who are teases; should you pretend to next them to give them a taste of the unexpected? However, this will only work if she is sufficiently invested. Girls who you meet via social circle are already invested because it is a socially accepted method of meeting people.
  • If you think they are, then lead with decisive messages and maximise r-selected traits

I’ve re-read the above and am fairly sure that my disgust is clear as daylight. Whether that’s for me, or her, I don’t know. Throughout the whole experience I was just pushing for the lay so that I could mentally let go. I knew it was on the table in a reasonable timeframe if I pushed correctly, so all I had to do was stick out the games and hiccups. As I mentioned in my previous lay report, girls who show more attraction for r-selected traits tend to be a hurricane which you simply need to endure, before she tires herself out.

Lessons learned, and it all counts. Sometimes you just have to be a fox in the box.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

3 thoughts on “#37: Beta Bait

  1. Don’t get it. I don’t know about all pushes, but I think that you have to do more teases and challenges if they have high self-esteem. As low self-esteem ones would be butthurted.


    1. I see it the other way. If you yourself are high value, then you have the right to tease and, especially, challenge (the ultimate frame: “prove yourself to me” or “impress me”).

      If she has high self-esteem, then by teasing and challenging too much, beyond building attraction, you are violating her expectations. There’s only so much of that she can handle. She can cope with you being higher value than her from the offset, but will begrudge you tearing her down to your level over a protracted period. Hence, the standard of pulls mixed with pushes. On the other hand, a low self-esteem person (man or woman) expects the world to abuse them and relates love to abuse. Hence, pushes mixed with pulls. Someone who truly expects to lose doesn’t get butthurt when they do lose.

      – TC


  2. I commented on this:
    “I was quite certain that she had low self-esteem, which meant that pushes broken by pulls were required rather than the opposite.”


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