The Plan

My long awaited Game holiday has arrived. While I’ve spent 2017 taking each Friday afternoon off, I’m forced to take two weeks off in one chunk at some point during the year. Rather than complain (I’d probably rather have two individual weeks at halfway and end points of the year) I’m seeing this as a win-win, and am going to spend the two weeks as if I was on a Euro Jaunt (minus the location).

I’m also fully aware that one of the ways to stick to plans is to make yourself accountable; making them public is a perfect way to do this.

I’ve mapped out my two weeks in a notepad and agreed to do 100 sets (10-15 a day depending on my plans and the weather) with a conservative aim of one lay. As a bonus, I might end up with some leftover leads to carry into December which could form the basis for the December Daygame lay.

Each day will start at midday at Oxford Circus with a break after the two hour mark. On the street, I’ll focus on letting a good stop do the heavy lifting, and not to try sets where the street is too cramped. I’ll use an absolute maximum of three stacks, but for most girls two. For dating, I’ll be following my date structuring plan.

Lastly, throughout the whole process, I’ll be practicing “PATIENCE”. Recently I added this to the background of my phone so that I saw the word whenever I was using it. It reminds me that when I’m not getting the success that I want, the better approach is to be patient, rather than trying any kind of PUA magic to manufacture something instantaneously.

On top of the actual Game I’ll be writing whenever the feeling takes me. In particular, look out Harem Manager 2018 and a series of posts on hormones.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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