#38: Last Gasp Lay

1- Location: Oxford Street

2- Story

Click, clack, crunch, crunch. My headphones dangled down my chest, aggressively competing with my Daygame accoutrements for room in an already packed environment. The five degree chill had brought along with it multiple layers, just in time for my mini Game holiday, where I had finally taken action and started to record my sets. Click, clack, crunch, crunch, is what I heard upon listening back to the first set of that session. At first rhythmic, then silent as my senses kicked in, and then frantic, as Victoria’s blonde hair strode by.

I whizzed around and became a human roadblock, put both hands in the “calm down” gesture, and opened with: “Excuse me, I wanted to say something quite cheeky. I was walking along and saw you come past. I thought to myself, you look quite nice, and I noticed that you have a very feline walk…like you’re prowling along Oxford Street looking for mice to catch”.

The topic became cats, and we vibed on how she was more of a lion due to her blonde hair, and that of course I would be a tiger. I remarked that her gait was not something you usually see in London, to which she responded by telling me that she was Swedish, and asking where I was from (hook point). Recognising it as such, I offered my hand to introduce myself and then stepped into her personal space.

I moved into investment and we chatted about her job, one which she hated. That was a green light, I thought (rebelliousness). I probed deeper with encouraging “hmm” listening noises, and threw in a couple of spikes: “we’re never going to get along” (she wanted to do something artistic, and I’m a numbers guy); “you’ve clearly been meeting the wrong men” (she complained about Englishmen’s manners! The cheek!).

She needed to get to work so I was forced to close prematurely. From open to close the set was five and a half minutes. I would have preferred to end the set myself but it would have been silly to say “one more thing before you go” only to plow for some more investment and then take her number.

In hindsight it all looks very textbook, but at the time I was recovering from (relatively) abysmal results. This was the second week of my mini Game holiday and after 64 sets in the first week all I had to show for it was a handful of very flaky numbers; what a ball ache, this was supposed to be my fortnight of glory! Altogether, I didn’t have much hope for the number, but lo and behold Victoria text back once her shift had finished that evening, and it was simple to get her out that Sunday near Crown Plaza.

While waiting for her to arrive (I always tell them to text me when they’re there, since I live five minutes away) I did for the second time my new preparation technique: watch funny videos of huskies on YouTube. Dogs make me smile in a way I imagine a father would smile at his children, and I want to bring that warmth with me.

I’ve heard Tom Torero talk about watching porn before Daygame and dates, but a) I’m trying to give up porn and masturbation, and b) I find that the fire burns intensely but fizzes out too quickly. That reminds me: my sexual performance had been suffering so I said no more to masturbation and porn. I don’t give two fucks about “No Fap” and am only aware of it by name. I’m going to use the added horniness to build up a well of fire in my eyes to unleash on the girl on the street and in the first venue.

Bing! My phone pinged into life and she had arrived, so I got my leather jacket on and strolled down to the tube station, stopping a few paces short as I always do and getting her attention so that she walked to where I was standing. That’s straight from Krauser’s Black Book, which I would recommend to intermediate Daygamers. Amongst other things, it taught me about the small physical actions, such as prods and touches, which begins the physical domination required for sex.

From the date structuring checklist, I’d ticked off age (she’d just turned 21), nationality, and transience (she was leaving that week), implying that I should push for a first date lay, but she told me she had decided to extend her stay until New Year. Hmmm…

Victoria and I took a brisk walk down the high street into my first venue, where over the next hour I ran my three verbal escalation topics: guys in London compared to home, her type, and what she likes about me. I’ve whittled it down to three, since the other two seemed superfluous (I’ve ditched the men and women can’t be friends routine and the guilty pleasure verbal escalation; the verbal escalation ladder is taken from Torero’s Daygame 3.0 Seminar which I attended in early 2017). I’ve found that I can get the date frame in place just with those three pieces of verbal escalation. At the same time, I’ll do some incidental kino by poking her or (later on) placing a hand on her shoulder while making a point, and cupping the back of her hand if we’re looking at something on her phone.

And of course, I was using my new secret weapon as well. Occasionally I would stare into her eyes and think about reaching up under her top and squeezing her tits, followed by her with her legs up around her ears, mouth agape in seductive exuberance. The cable between my brain, eyes, and dick became a super-highway of horniness, and my voice found a happy home deep in my belly.

Our pints drained, we bounced up the street to Adventure Bar and nestled into my favourite seats at the back, where I started the physical escalation. It went relatively smoothly but she seemed to shy away when I first touched her hair, so I turned away a little, gazing into the dimly lit bar, and ran a bit more comfort. Pretty soon I had my arm back on the top of sofa, gently around her upper arm, but not quite hugging her. I can’t imagine what it feel like to be a girl on a date, where you can’t really initiate anything and are just hoping that the guy “gets it”. When she meets a guy who does, it must be like being wowed by an incredible meal where each dish is exactly what you wanted, but didn’t quite know it. After a certain amount of time, you give over control of the dinner to the house, and let yourself be led to the corners of the earth. This materialised in her gradual proximity and the kiss.

Again we finished our drinks and I said “let’s go”. “To another bar?”, she asked. “Next place”, I replied, and walked her straight to my house, up the stairs, and into my living room.

3- LMR and Sex

I returned from the customary toilet break to find her still in her coat. “Hmmm”, this might be a tough ride, I thought. I also had to ask her to take off her shoes and when I sat down with a couple of drinks she sat on the other end of the sofa. I was going to have to make a clear move here, so I gestured for her to sit right next to me which she did, and when I started the makeout there was no reticence. That was all the green light I needed and after a few minutes of making out we were in my room with just our underwear on.

That was when she told me to close the door and turn the lights off. Close the door, hmmm, okay, interesting, I thought. Turn the lights off… I quickly spied some dots on her underwear. Another girl on her period! That’s two in a row now! I must be developing some sort of spidey sense as part of some grand universal blood-drenched connect the dots.

I fingered her a little (clearly I’m not squeamish), and she started to writhe with pleasure underneath me, groaning and sometimes purring like a cat. Her request to close the door started to make more sense now. Determined to get my lay I sunk my cock in ASAP causing her to start moaning in Swedish, which was only amplified when I fucked her from behind with a fistful of hair in my hand. Having built up all of my sexual pressure, I came quicker than I would have liked to, and lay down next to her. She took that as a sign for her to get on top, and I couldn’t stop her in time for some bloody goup to spatter down onto my dick. How delightful, I thought. I corrected her mistake and quickly recovered, fucking her again. And again.

I admit I took a risk in fucking her without a condom, and cumming inside her. I’ve since looked it up and it is possible to get pregnant even if the girl appears or is in fact on her period. In the moment I asked if she was “on the pill or something” and she said yes, and I pretty much immediately came afterwards. It was a stupid thing to do.

In the PSI I learned:

  • She didn’t know when she knew she would have sex with me
  • She’d had 10 previous partners

Both pieces of information were given with a slight reticence. It was late and she asked if she could sleep over, to which I agreed. I don’t normally let girls sleep over, not because of the bonding effect it has, but because I have trouble sleeping. I was dead right, but it was more than made up for by the feeling of warm, smooth skin waking me up in the morning and when she was asleep I made the sign of the plus one and giggled silently.

4- Lesson Learned

  • Build up your horniness for use in the first venue to partner the verbal escalation
  • Be willing to take an IOD and comfort detour to push the escalation

An excellent lay, if I say so myself. New flag, and a very cute girl with a cherub like face. She’ll be around for the next month so I thought that I would keep seeing her until she leaves so that we can go and enjoy some Christmas couples’ activities. This is lay 4 of the 24 I set as the objective for Sept 17-18, and meant that my holiday closed with a bang.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

4 thoughts on “#38: Last Gasp Lay

  1. I don’t agree with Tom’s watch porn/masturbate before dates advice either, I feel it decreases testosterone and makes you more likely to lose frame/act needy. A good regimen of working out and not masturbating does wonders to my daygame, like you said, focus that hornyness.


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