How to Stalk Crown Over Christmas

Good morning chaps (I’m actually writing this the evening before, but I like to write and then schedule my posts… helps with the consistency you see). The title of this article is only partly true, I’m only revealing where I’ll be this coming Saturday: at Street Attraction and Nick Krauser’s seminar for a whopping six and a half hours.

It’s always interesting to meet people who have only ever existed on the other side of a screen or a pair of headphones. It’s very odd. You end up knowing a lot about them, but, of course, you are practically nonexistent to them.

I also wonder what the crowd will be like, because I’ve only ever been to the Daygame 3.0 seminar before. Will it be a wholly different group of people, or a set of familiar faces?

Apart from that, it’s no more Daygame until the new year. Having got my December lay in #38 (although am I holding myself back?…) I decided to go into early hibernation and do the following: see #38 until she leaves, and write.

For the former, as I mentioned in the report, she’s staying for the rest of the year and I’m happy to see her again, though making conversation is a tad grating. I just want to fuck her over and over and over again…

The interesting realisation I’ve had is that in quitting porn, two is the magic number. By seeing them each once a week I can maintain my mojo whilst getting my fill, probably entertaining them at mine every three days or so.

For the writing, there are two lines I’ll be pursuing. The first will be normal blog writing, and given that I won’t be going out after work to Daygame, you can expect posts roughly every other day.

The second pursuit is the first draft of my 2016-2017 memoir. Krauser put out a post setting the challenge, and I thought to myself “if you don’t take this opportunity, then when?”. It’s part of my current five year plan to build up savings to fund a two year mini-retirement, and this will be an excellent test of my entrepreneurial skills. Whether it’s successful or not (and mind you, I don’t expect this to take off into the stratosphere), it’ll be proof that I can go out and make my own money. That I don’t need the structure of standard employment to survive.

At the moment, I have roughly 40000 words of unedited lay reports, of which I have re-drafted 5000 words. These are the Daygame stories which happened before I started the blog, and include chapter titles such as:

  • “Virginity: The Sequel”
  • “Belligerence and Premature Ejaculation”, and
  • “How do you want to fuck me?!”

Interesting times lie ahead no doubt.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

P.S. If this Saturday you happen to spy upon a rather handsome copper-topped beanpole, it’s probably me.


One thought on “How to Stalk Crown Over Christmas

  1. I already arrived in the World Capital of LDM, carrying my luggage around (AirBnB not yet ready), did four warm-up approaches which all went nowhere.
    Indeed will be funny knowing you tomorrow.
    And sounds like a good plan – Consider one copy of your memoir sold already, as I like your style of writing and if you throw in some funny stuff even better 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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