“Like This But -1pt”

It makes me titter a little when I see lay reports which start with a picture of a model or famous actress, together with a caption along the lines of “but minus one point” or “with thicker hair”; as far as Daygame lay reports go it’s supposedly mandatory and is part of the banter.

It makes sense from a descriptive point of view, as a written description will only get you so far. I’m guessing that part of the motivation on from the author is to show off (one of the main reasons for writing lay reports in the first place), but as for the reader, it doesn’t give very much accuracy in assessing what the girl actually looked like.

So if it doesn’t give very much informational content to the reader, is it just the author trying to signal that the girl was indeed hot? The inner Game lesson here is: why does it matter whether your readers look at the picture and go phwoaaar or not?

You approached her, so on some level you must be attracted to her. If you’re concerned what your readers will think are you harbouring a desire to be PUA-famous? Undoubtedly, PUAs, especially successful ones, are self-selected narcissists.

Including a picture makes more sense if you’re an instructor because you can get your students salivating and imagining themselves doing the pickup. Notice that the PUA doesn’t include a picture of a male model or actor and say “I look like this minus 2 pts”. When you read a lay report you’re supposed to be transported into the writer’s body, to feel what they felt. Your heart is supposed to race at certain moments, joining the author in the “will they, won’t they?” leaps of faith.

On a less poetic note, what about the time you spend actually looking for the picture?

I’ve successfully digressed… The underlying theme I want to strike here is that you’re on a journey to becoming internally referenced. To accept what you like, and that what you like and consider your “10” will not be the same as everyone else. There’s some beginners advice which I think people forget: she turned your head for a reason, there’s something about her which you’re attracted to, and therefore you should approach. Let’s try and reduce your consideration of others’ opinions to zero.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

4 thoughts on ““Like This But -1pt”

  1. Exactly my thoughts on this topic and why I stopped doing it.
    Why would you try to impress some random guys on the internet with how awesome you are.
    It’s just childish and approval-seeking in my opinion. It makes sense for the big names, since they are selling an idea, but other than that it takes you away from being internally referenced, like you wrote.


  2. I think it’s important to give some idea of the quality of girls a guy is going after. Hot girls require a much different game than average girls, and the way a girl looks and dresses reveals a lot about her.

    I would prefer guys post actual photos (like Krauser used to do), but with how fast reverse image search is improving, that’s probably not a great idea anymore.


    1. In the end doesn’t it just come down to trust and how reliable the stories sound? The writer can describe her and give objective facts such as age and nationality, and then the reader compares that to the writer’s backstory and skill level.


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