January Ruminations

I’ve decided to write a little “ruminations” post at the end of each month to recap what went on and what made me stop and think. I’ll be including statistics for each month as well.


In January, I promised that I was going to be doing 40-50 sets a week to get the ball rolling on 2018. I wanted to get to my first lay as soon as possible… and got a SDL on the sixth approach (jelly?).

Almost instantaneously, the number of sets went out the window, which left my final figures as: 81 approaches, 16 numbers, 4 dates, and 2 lays. I had a lead come back from the dead and I fucked her too (go me). Altogether, that’s three Daygame lays out of the 24 I’m aiming for this year.

On top of that I saw my FB and the Swedish girl from last year (before she flew home), which brings the total number of girls to have my dick in them in January to five.

My stated aim for February was 35-45 sets a week which I probably won’t hit either because I’m away for a whole weekend for a family thing.


The final reason why I did a lot less sets than I promised is because I took an entire week off to complete the first draft of my book. Without that I probably would have done another 25 sets, which would probably mean another date and perhaps another lay. Once I dusted off the final chapter an amazing sense of accomplishment flooded me. It felt great just to look at the word count and see 80,000 staring back.

Time of the Month / Multiple Personalities

I’ve come to consider women who are in their ovulation window as completely separate people, with their own personalities too. It’s nuts.

For the SDL, she could count the number of times she had had sex before on her hands. When she said “this isn’t something I usually do”, she really meant it. It was out of character on an astronomical level.

For the virgin, it was her window which helped me to fuck her. She went from happy and excited pre-fuck to moody and logical post. I saw her again a week and a half after fucking her and she wouldn’t even let me kiss her, so I cut off communication and binned her (a topic for another post).

In both cases, if I didn’t act when I did, then I don’t think that I would have fucked them: the SDL would have flew home and the virgin would have been a nut too tough to crack.

Languages of Love (book) / Physical Touch / Daygame Infinite

This is a book written by a relationship counsellor for married people, trying to help them understand why their partner doesn’t appreciate them as much as they think they should. I’ve only just started reading it but can imagine it’s going to be quite blue pill, but that’s not a problem because I’m reading it for the transferable skills and ideas. I’ll write a post on the book once I’ve finished it.

The author describes “five love languages” which people use to convey their affection, and says that we have a primary and secondary language with which we communicate. The key to a happy marriage, he says, is that you need to acknowledge your partner’s primary and secondary languages and then express your affection through those channels.

I found out about this book a few years ago, and told my girlfriend about it. She immediately, and correctly, said that my primary language was physical touch. She stated it plainly: “when you like someone, you touch them”.

The context of this book isn’t on the “grab them by the pussy” line and more along the kino escalation line.

I started to think about how, in contrast, I find words quite meaningless when they’re deployed as long range missiles, and then I thought about Daygame and especially direct openers.

At the same time, I’ve been reading Daygame Infinite, and was especially drawn to the street-level playful dominance moves. Overall, for me to get my intent across I started to use a lot more of these moves and use verbal compliments as little as possible. To convey my attraction I needed to do a lot more kino.

A Growing Sense of Celebrity

Some people are actually starting to recognise me for my work when I tell them my moniker. One guy even told me “you’re famous” (if you’re reading this, then I did want to stay and talk but would have been late to meet people).

In all honesty I don’t know what to do with the compliments when they’re in regard to Game; I think that’s because I’m still looking up to the bigwigs and thinking to myself only once I have what they have will I actually believe my own hype.

Conversely, if someone compliments my writing, I lap that shit up. I have a talent for writing and I know it.


As well as the posts on the (ex) virgin and love languages, I want to write about the weekend I just had where a girl came to visit me and about how girls are staying on my radar. On top of that will be the regular date reports and (fingers crossed) lay reports.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

2 thoughts on “January Ruminations

  1. ‘Conversely, if someone compliments my writing, I lap that shit up.‘

    Well, on 16 Dec. you didn‘t seem too greedy… 😉
    But that‘s a thing you learn on the streets: slow the hell down and shut the fuck up.

    And kino.



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