Date Report: Greek Student

I thought I’d keep this date report succinct, and to do so going forward. I’ve been on a lot of dates and have failed to document them because I didn’t want to write a long post. So now I’ll give a brief description, then touch on one of the interesting points that happened on the date.


I met Stella near Trafalgar Square on Thursday and she was very chatty. I found out that she was studying marketing and was 20 years old; the perfect age for adventure sex: old enough to have had some experiences and not be nervous around men, but young enough to still want casual affairs. She seemed to respond well in set and agreed to have a drink readily. Then when she was very responsive on the texting I thought she was lining up to be a Yes girl.

Having been on the date, I can now connect the dots.

I decided to just do one venue, because of her good responses, and be on the lookout for the opportunity to bounce home. Throughout the date, though, I could tell that she was giving weak amber signals to my physical escalation, even though she continued to natter on. I went for the kiss multiple times and she rejected it, saying I was “very sneaky”.

I decided that the bounce home wasn’t on, so walked her back to the station after roughly an hour and fifteen minutes. I didn’t get the lay, and might not see her again, but at least I didn’t waste much time. I told her I would kiss her on the way there under the railway bridge, and she didn’t object, although it was still only a couple of pecks.

“That’s all you’re going to get”, she told me.

I went to kiss her again at the tube but she knew what I was going for and offered me the cheek. I declined, and told her to kiss mine.

“I know what you’re going to do”, she said.

“Look, it’s okay, you can even hold my face to be sure”.

She did, and kissed me on the cheek, before turning around and leaving.

It’s weird. I didn’t expect this kind of frame war to be initiated over the kiss, she’s a solid seven, but not hot enough to be so prissy. But it lines up with her amber signals to my physical escalation. I think that her chattiness and investment (asking me questions about my life, trying to find out about me) was an IOI, but that she was clearly not expecting the first date to go very far physically. I’ll have to see if she messages me when she gets home or not. If so, then I’ll proceed and look to set up a second date for the weekend.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

3 thoughts on “Date Report: Greek Student

  1. i had this bullshit with a french girl. For me she was setting the pace of the train. My pace was to fast so i didn’t get the lay. I could have if i went by her pace and rules. I get pissed off when they do shit like this. It seems immature, like teenagers at intermediate school. Complete Frame war. if she’s a 7 she can go play hide the sausage with someone else. Im ranting now.

    Good luck with this brat.


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